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Dick & Jane Educational Snacks -- A Mom and Dad Invented "Smart Snack" That Takes Kids' Snacks to a Whole New Level #EducationalSnacks (Product Review)

Disclosure:  I was sent samples from the vendor in order to write up an honest review.  All views shared are mine and mine alone.

Does your child have an upcoming Halloween party at school you need to bake or pick something up for them to bring?  If so, why not skip the candy route and send them to class with fun educational snacks, instead?  I know what you are thinking?  What kid wants to be singled out as bringing this type of snack to school, let alone a class holiday party?  Well, then you haven't seen the fun snacks from Dick & Jane.

While I am not one to turn away candy, especially if it is chocolate, I try to limit the amount of sweets my girls eat, as well as the number of sugary snacks I send the to school with.  Yes, I know kids would prefer to sink their teeth into a sugary treat over a snack cookie, but once they see Dick & Jane educational snacks, they may have a change of heart. :-)

So, what makes these kid-friendly snacks different from all the other types of snack options out there?  For one, Dick & Jane Baking Company, have successfully combined whole grain nutrition and education to create fun and oh so tasty educational snacks young children will enjoy snacking on, in the classroom, lunchroom or just at home. 

Delicious, all-natural and loaded with learning, these educational snacks are geared for students K-8, but are fun for kids of all ages.

Also, check out the nutritional facts for these snack cookies, and compare them to what you currently offer your kids --

As you know, I love supporting and sharing products created by moms and dads.  This is another that I love and can't stop raving about, especially to the moms in my daughter's preschool class, as well as their teachers.  Recently, I reach out to the Dick & Jane Baking Company and asked for samples, not only to review with my girls, but also to bring to Savannah's school and surprise the kids during snack time with.  Even though my daughter's class is filled with 4 and 5 years old, they all thought these all natural snack cookies were fun.  

On the day I brought the snack cookies in, a handful of moms were on hand for the kids' "Practice Your Manners" tea party that they were having with their teddy bears.  The kids and their moms had fun reading and playing with these educational snacks.  Out of the three varieties currently available (with more in the works), my daughter's class all agreed that the English/Spanish ones were their favorite.  

They loved trying to pronounce the Spanish word of common English words.  When they were done learning with these snacks, they had fun taking bites out of the objects imprinted on the vanilla snacks. 

In addition to enjoying these smart snacks with her friends at school, Savannah is also having a blast with these cookies when she and Bella sit down with my husband to learn Spanish.  

In the past, he would show them flash cards and practice reciting words with them.  The girls would grow restless and bored after a short time, and want to do something else.  But, since incorporating these snacks into the lessons, they want the learning to go on and on, and are always disappointed when the last cookie in their bag is gone. :-)

As a parent, I can see these educational snacks coming in handy when helping kids with history lessons.  As a kid, I struggled with learning all the presidents names, as well as learning states and their capitals.  These fun educational snacks sure would have come in handy when studying at home and school.

Are your kids enjoying these snacks in their schools?  The reason I ask is that this mom and dad invented educational snack is currently available at 31 states, coast to coast.  So, why not ask your kids if they have experienced these cookies.  If not, why not suggest it to your child's teacher, or do like I did and introduce them to these fun learning snack, by bringing these smart snacks into the classroom.

Instead of stressing over what you will bake for your kids' to bring to their upcoming Halloween or Holiday party, why not save yourself time (so that you can spend it with your family) and pick up Dick & Jane Baking Company's snack cookies today.  Your kids will love creating and playing fun games with the different cookies, like "Name the State and its Capital," "Which President is this?" or "How do you say this in Spanish?"  However they choose to enjoy these tasty educational snacks, they will have fun, while also learning at the same time.  Now, try saying that about other snacks available with kids in mind. :-)


Currently, you can purchase Dick & Jane Baking Company's three varieties - States & CapitalsPresidents, and their bilingual, English & Spanish.  These fun educational cookies can be purchased online at Amazon in a convenient 30 bag case, for only $19.99.  Whole Foods in certain states also carry these smart snacks, too.

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Disclosure:  I was sent samples from the vendor in order to write up an honest review.  All views shared are mine and mine alone.

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  1. Now why didn't I think of this idea. I love it especially the states and capitals that is great. I would love to get some of these snacks thanks for sharing this one I had not heard of it until I read your great review.
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