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Celebrate National Cat Day Today with Your Very Own Cat Paw - The Friendly, Yet Feisty Toy from Wicked Cool Toys #NationalCatDay @mycatpaw #CatPaw (Review)

Disclosure:  I was sent samples from the vendor in order to write up an honest review.  All views shared are mine and mine alone.

The day has finally arrived!!! Woo hoo!!! My girls and I have been waiting and counting down until October 29th.  Why is this day so special?  It is none other than National Cat Day!  While we are not cat owners due to several family members having allergies to these cute hairballs, my girls and I can't resist a little snuggle time when we visit with friends who have cats or see them at local adopt-a-pet days.  

Do you have a cat?  Or, do you only admire them from afar due to your own cat allergies, or living with someone who does?  Well, if you are a cat lover, you will want to get a fun toy new from Wicked Cool Toys called the Cat Paw?  

Just like the name says, this toy is a cat's paw.  But, it is more than just that! 

By pulling the trigger on the gripper, you can activate either a friendly or feisty cat sound.  In addition to making these two realistic cat sounds, the Cat Paw also moves to resemble a cat's clawing.  :-)

Cat Paws (#CatPaw) from Wicked Cool Toys are wildly fun and purrrfect for everyone! Creep out co-workers, amuse cat lovers and STUPEFY cats themselves with the amazing, bizarre, wonderful and super fun CAT PAW! 

My girls have been having fun sneaking up on family and friends who come to visit and letting out a friendly meow.  Then, they take a double take as they know we don't have cats.  But, where is that meow sound coming from?  This is when the girls pull the trigger a little harder and scare everyone with the fierce cat sound.  It gets them every time! :-)

Oh yeah, and the cat clawing feature also makes this a 2-in-1, as it is a fun toy as well as a cat back scratcher. :-)  My husband was the one who found this out, and now loves to reach for his Cat Paw when he has an itch he can scratch. 

And, just last week, Savannah introduced her preschool class to the Cat Paw when she brought it in for show and tell.  I stayed around to see the class's reaction.  Boy, I have never seen a group of 20 kids giggling so loud, or smile so hard, as they watched Savannah demonstrate the two cat sounds and cat clawing action.  After her demo, she passed around the two Cat Paws we were sent for the kids to try out.  I know what most of these kids (if not all) will be asking for this upcoming holiday season.  I don't blame them, as I am hooked too on these fun toys from Wicked Cool Toys.

Check out the Catchy Cat Paw Jingle - It's Pawesome 

Once you see one, you have to have them all! Cat Paws are fur sure to be the life of any party, fill an ordinary with extraordinary moments, strike up conversations with just about anyone, and bring endless joy to everyone, even your beloved four-legged family members!

Look at these two cuties getting cozy with their Cat Paws (Thanks, Janis for letting me share your two cuties with the world!) 

 Meow...these cat toys are purrrfect!!!
Jet (the black and white cat) and Jinx

Now that you want a Cat Paw for yourself, or someone you know who loves cats or could use a fun gag toy -- it is decision time.  Cat Paw are currently available in four cat styles including a Orange Short hair Cat Paw, a White Persian Cat Paw, a Maine Coon Cat Paw and a Black Cat Paw.  Which one will you choose? Decision, decisions? 

 Heck, why not get all four? :-)  You can never have too many Cat Paws laying around, right?

So, join me in celebrating National Cat Day today by picking up Cat Paws from Wicked Cool Toys, as well as sharing about this fun toy with friends and family.  Meow! :-)

-- BUY NOW --

With the holidays fast approaching, you will want to stock up now the assorted Cat Paws to add to stocking stuffers, give to that hard to shop for person on your list, or just play around with at the office party or holiday dinner.  Everyone will love the Cat Paw and want one. :-)

Cat Paws are available at Kmart, Toys "R" Us, and Amazon. Perfect for ages 2-100.  And, each Cat Paw is only $9.99. A real steal!!!


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Disclosure:  I was sent samples from the vendor in order to write up an honest review.  All views shared are mine and mine alone.

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  1. We celebrate National Cat Day with extra treats and toys. This paw is super cute and I must get one thanks for sharing.
    heather [email protected]