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23 Blast, Based on the Travis Freeman Story, Arrives in Theaters Today -- This is One Movie Not to Be Missed! (Review)

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post in which I was compensated for my time in viewing and sharing an honest review.  However, all views shared are mine alone.

In Theaters Today!!!!

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Are you lucky enough to have found a babysitter for the kids tonight and going out for dinner and movie with your sweetie?  Or, are you looking for a great family-friendly to take your kids, ages 13+ to this weekend?  If you said "Yes" to either question, then I have the perfect movie for you to check out called "23 Blast".

Have you seen the trailer or online buzz about this movie?  I have to admit that I only found out about it yesterday after being asked to screen it and share my review with you today. But, I am so happy I now know about it, as I have been raving about it with family and friends and suggested it as a wonderful heartwarming movie that is based on a true story.

Aren't movies that are about real people great? I find that when I watch these types of movies, I find myself relating to the different characters, as well as taking a step back to look at my life and be grateful for all that I have.  Even on those days that the girls just don't want to listen or bedtime can't come fast enough, watching a movie like 23 Blast really opens your eyes to other people's real struggles and makes what you are going through seem like it is petty or not a big deal.  Well, this is the case with 23 Blast, which is about the life of Travis Freeman, who due to an eye infection in high school, loses his vision.  He was a star football player, and always loved playing the game, especially with his best fried Jeff Baker.

The movie itself moves along at a good pace and covers everything, from the highs and lows of Travis' life before and after he loses his eyesight.  You don't know if he will return to the field, but you hope that he does with a miracle.  Then, with a push from his football coach to return to football, Travis rejoins his team and does the impossible -- without his eyesight he is able to play football.

About the Movie:

"23 Blast is based on the amazing true story of Travis Freeman, who was a typical teenager growing up in a small town in Kentucky.

Travis is a local hero on and off the field. In the fall of 1997, in the prime of his youth, he is unexpectedly stricken with an infection that destroys his optic nerve. He becomes blind overnight.  Under the influence of parents who love him, a physical therapist who challenges him, a coach who inspires him, and a best friend who he cannot bear to leave behind, Travis shows us what true bravery is by competing on the gridiron, helping his team advance to the State playoffs.

We follow Travis and Jerry Baker, his closest friend, from the time they meet on the football field as kids through high school. It is only on the football field where they truly connect.

The movie is rated PG-13, so please use discretion if you show it to your children who are under the age of 13. You do not have to watch this movie with your children, you may screen it without them."

Stephen Lang – Coach Farris

Alexa Vega – Ashley
Mark Hapka – Travis Freeman

Max Adler – Cameron

Kimberly Jo Zimmer – Mary Freeman

Bram Hoover – Jerry Baker

Timothy Busfield - Duncan

Fred Thompson – Coach Powers

Becky Baker – Patty Wheatley

Dylan Baker – Larry Freeman

And, here is the official trailer from the film, which arrives in theater today --

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In addition to watching Travis overcome so much due to his handicap, we also see his best friend, Jerry Baker, pull away and struggle with drugs and alcohol.  You see him drinking throughout the film, which caused this film to get a PG-13 rating.  I am glad that they put these scenes in, as they are great talking points about teenage drinking, if you have tweens/teens, who see this movie with you.  You will find at the end of the movie that Jerry Baker passed away as they dedicate the movie to him.  This was another life taken from us too soon due to the drugs and alcohol.  I found out that he his demons were too great for him to handle and drugs and alcohol led to him falling off a roof and becoming paralyzed.  But, like Travis, Jerry defied the odds and lasted years beyond what many would have thought, giving his daughter, who was born just shortly before his accident, time to spend with her father.  You will also see his daughter at the very end of the film, smiling.

If you cry easily at movies, you will want to make sure you have enough tissues handy.  I found myself crying both happy and sad tears throughout the movie.  Even though this is considered a faith based movie and talks about God, it can still be enjoyed by those who are not religious. You will find yourself moved by Travis and all that he has accomplished in life, and how he didn't let losing his eyesight end his life or desire to pursue his dreams.  This is one movie you will walk away at the end feeling moved and taking time to appreciate what you have.  "Vision Comes From Within" and this movie shows this by sharing Travis' personal story, that will have you talking about it with family and friends for some time to come.

Want to know how the movie ends?  Don't worry as I will not give away the ending.  :-) You will just have to check out this movie for yourself, and see why and I those who have seen it so far love it.  With a minimal budget of just under $1 million dollars, this movie is powerful and one you will not want to miss.  I can't wait until it arrives on DVD, so that I can watch it again.

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Disclosure: This is a sponsored post in which I was compensated for my time in viewing and sharing an honest review.  However, all views shared are mine alone.

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