Monday, September 29, 2014

Explore the Mysteries of the Universe with "Through The Wormhole With Morgan Freeman, Season 4" -- Now on DVD

"The vastness of our universe lends itself to an equally vast number of mysteries, both within our everyday world and far beyond. This fourth season of Through the Wormhole continues to gather the greatest scientific minds in an attempt to answer some of the most fascinating questions of our existence. Is there really a God particle? Can our minds be hacked? And is reality even real? Researchers, biologists, computer scientists, engineers, and other experts will lend their decades of discoveries toward shedding light on these phenomena and more. With over seven hours of mind-bending information, these ten episodes take a huge scientific step toward replacing philosophical theories with cold, hard facts and real-life applications. Yet in the end, minds are enlightened, and even more questions are raised, which can only lead to another journey Through the Wormhole."

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  1. I love this show I have missed quite a few and I have to catch up. Love Morgan Freeman he has the best voice.
    heather [email protected]