Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Effortless Meals from Walmart and Coca Cola Are Saving Dinner Time for Busy Families on the Go #EffortlessMeals #Sponsored

Disclosure:  This is a sponsored post in which I was compensated by the vendor in exchange for an honest review.  All views shared are mine and mine alone.

Stop Stressing Over What's For Dinner Tonight -- 
Let Walmart and Coca Cola Help with their Effortless Meals!

With the school season in full swing, families everywhere are settling into a routine when it comes to getting ready for school, after school activities, sports, etc.  But, boy can juggling everything be stressful.  It wasn't until Savannah started school this year that I was able to see how crazy juggling and moving around everyone's schedules to meet pick up and drop offs, sports, music and more really is.  Hats off to the moms and dads out there have more than one child in school, as it really makes for a busy schedule for everyone.

So, what is for dinner?  Ha, funny you should ask... -- which seems like common phrase in our house lately, as we are still work to adjust to the new school year and create a routine.  For a person who always prided herself on great time management and organizational skills, I seemed to have lost these when I gave birth to my two girls.  Now, I am lucky if I remember to put deodorant on in the AM or brush my hair or teeth.  And, with all the craziness that happens in our house with the girls and school, I oftentimes forget to take something out for dinner, or am just too tired to cook.  What to do on these nights?  For my family, we head to Walmart and take advantage of their take ‘n bake pizzas, fried chicken and sides meals, cold cut subs and more, which make up the "Effortless Meals" available from Coca Cola and Walmart Deli.

It has only been a year since our local Walmart (which is only 5 minutes from our house) upgraded to the Super Walmart where they offer a  grocery section.  When I first heard the news of this transition a few years back, I was so excited and couldn't wait.  Prior to this expansion, we would have to drive about 40 minutes away to shop at a Super Walmart, for deals and savings on home goods, food and more.  And, each and every time we would shop here, my husband I would grab a rotisserie chicken and potato wedges to bring home for dinner.  Unfortunately, the potato wedges usually never make it to the table, as we would snack on them on the way home. :-)

Now whenever I shop for groceries or or are looking for an alternative to drive thru takeout, I know I can count on our local Walmart to offer great family friendly meals at reasonable prices.  On those nights I forget to take something out, or need a quick meal on the table, I know I can run to our Walmart and grab freshly baked bread, chicken (fried or a rotisserie) and a couple of sides or delicious sandwiches and freshly made salads, and be back home and have the table set before my husband gets home. 

So, there is no delay in pondering what to order out or having to eat late -- which throws off the whole bedtime routine with the girls.

Has getting a meal on the table been a struggle for you this school year?  Don't feel bad, as you are not alone.  In addition to me, I was not surprised to hear from my girlfriends and many of the moms who attend the weekly mommy and me meet up, that they too struggle with their weekly meal planning.  From unexpected games or after school activities to the kids not feeling well and needing to see the doctor, meal time, which should be a great bonding experience with the family, to talk about the day's happenings, has become another stressful activity to get through on some days.  But, it doesn't have to be...that is, if you know what is available when you are in a pinch or pressed for time. 

I know what you are thinking?  Serving Walmart food for dinner?  Well, if you haven't tried their food lately, or at all, you really are missing out.  I love to grab their take ‘n bake pizzas, which cook up in under 30 minutes, and taste better than delivery pizza -- fresher ingredients and not greasy.

I have also found that the cost of a rotisserie chicken is cheaper than other local grocery stores -- and, the birds are much bigger and juicier.  

Depending on your family's food preferences, Walmart, along with Coca Cola have you covered when it comes to getting a delicious hot meal on the table for the whole family to enjoy, while talking about their day.

Take back dinner time and truly enjoy time with the family around the table, by picking up an Effortless Meal at Walmart today.  These tasty meals really are a lifesaver! :-)  And, depending on your location, most family sized meals are $10 or less.  

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So, if you find yourself dreading dinner time due to lack of planning or just being stressed from those crazy days we all have, why not let Walmart and their Effortless Meals save the day, and give you a little breather.  

Your family, like mine, will love the quality of the food and the selection.

Disclosure:  This is a sponsored post in which I was compensated by the vendor in exchange for an honest review.  All views shared are mine and mine alone.

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  1. I haven't tried their chicken yet but it sure looks good and I love fast and easy dinners thanks for sharing and have a nice day.
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