Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Up to 55% Off on Beauty Products at Beauty Encounter's Perfume Sale!

From women’s favorite one-stop beauty store comes Beauty Encounter perfume sale with products on discount up to 55% off. Everybody loves getting a bargain, especially if these are high quality items which are also presentable enough to be wrapped as gifts.

Whether you’re looking for a new perfume for yourself, a new makeup for mom or you simply want to look around and decide later, we’re giving you a glimpse of the thousands of products available at Beauty Encounter. 

1. M Luscious Pink by Mariah Carey - 3-Piece Set. With the help of Elizabeth Arden, Mariah Carey created a scent with a romantic fragrance packaged in a sweet pink bottle of M Luscious Pink. It’s reminiscent of Italy’s ocean breeze and sparkling Bellini combined in this true, elegant scent. The set comes with a perfume spray, body lotion and cosmetic pouch ($57.13).

2. Creed Love In Black for Women Hair and Body Wash. From the makers of perfumes for royalty, Creed Love in Black was created for warm, summer days. Love in Black is a sensual fragrance that captures the essence of seduction in its mixture of violets, roses and blackcurrant. Start with this hair and body wash to make the fragrance long lasting prior application of the same scented perfume ($90).

3. Clearasil Oil Control Acne Wash. If you want clearer skin and less oil on your face, use this trusted Clearasil Oil Control Acne wash regularly. It removes oil without drying your skin and does this three-step magic: unclog pores, remove makeup residue and dirt, and fight pimple-causing bacteria ($5.70).

4. Givenchy SwissCare Universal Eye Make-Up Remover. Removing eye makeup can be really tough, especially when you applied waterproof mascara during your night out with friends. Don’t forget to remove your makeup before sleeping with this eye make-up remover from Givenchy. It’s gentle and has moisturizing properties that’s safe to use even for contact lens users ($20).

5. Guerlain KissKiss Pure Comfort Lipstick SPF SPF 10 - 131 Prune Velours. French makeup truly does great wonders on women’s beauty and when it’s Guerlain, you know you’re getting your money’s worth. Try it’s KissKiss lipstick in 131 Prune Velours which is a shade that’s perfect for fall ($28).

6. Shiseido The Makeup Eye Shadow Duo - 2 Pearl Orange. Perfect for women with hazel eyes, the pearl orange shade from Shiseido gives you lasting color the whole day. It has smooth coverage and rich texture, which makes the two colors easy to blend. This makeup duo comes with a mirror and an applicator ($28.50).

7. Qtica Smart Spa Cherry Bing Shower Gel. If you’re looking for a spa experience in your own bath, give this Cherry Bing shower gel a shot. You’ll be surprised that even a tiny drop on your bare hands can turn into a rich, fragrant, and moisturizing lather. Cherries have Vitamins C and E which are good sources of antioxidants ($12).

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  1. Wow this is a great sale I love 55% off thanks for sharing. I sure need some new perfume.
    heather [email protected]

  2. My oldest girls are just getting at the age of wanting perfumes and items for their face breaking out. This is a great deal and something I could put away for Christmas