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Tiggly Helps Make the Most Out of Digital Playtime with Your Early Learner (Review)

Disclosure:  I was sent a sample from the vendor in order to write up an honest review.  All views shared are mine and mine alone.

Tiggly Shapes & Apps

Earlier this year, I shared a review of a fun new kids i-Pad-compatible, education-based tech toy called Tiggly with you.  At that time, my oldest daughter was 3 years old and right in the middle of the suggested age range for this tech toy, which is 18 months to 4 years old.  

She couldn't get enough of this toy and loved the educational apps that were available at that time that she could use the fun Tiggly shapes with. Savannah had a blast creating fun drawings and listening to all the different sound effects that are included with the Tiggly apps.  As a parent, I loved seeing how creative she was when creating scenes using the Tiggly shapes, and how she could use the 4 basic shapes to create art, play music and more, all while learning and having fun.  If you missed my initial post, you can read it here --

Since receiving the Tiggly Shapes and downloading the apps onto our iPad, Savannah would spend time daily asking for and playing with the Tiggly shapes and apps.  She learned colors and shape recognition from this, as well as added many new words to her growing vocabulary.  She loved saying, "Tiggly" and would giggle when doing so, as she thought it was a silly name.  But, when it came to using the iPad, I knew that this tech toy was just perfect for her.

But, if you have young children, you know that they eventually move onto to others things.  And, while Savannah still used Tiggly from time to time, she was more into the storybook and sing-along apps that featured her favorite animated characters.  And, as  a busy mom, I totally forgot about Tiggly when Bella, our youngest, started to show interest in the iPad. It wasn't until recently when I was asked to review Tiggly and their apps with my girls that I remembered why we loved this tech toy and its apps so much.  

Savannah is now 4 years and knows her colors and shapes, so I thought that the apps from Tiggly were a little too young for her. That didn't stop her from acting like the big sister and showing Bella the ropes from it came to navigating the Tiggly apps and how to tap the Tiggly shapes on the iPad screen.  And, just like when we introduced Tiggly to Savannah a couple of years ago, Bella's eyes lit up and she has yet to stop asking for Tiggly when I tell them it is iPad time.  She, too, is adding new words to her vocabulary, just like Savannah.  But, most importantly, with the four basic colors, blue, red, yellow and green that the 4 Tiggley shapes come in, she is finally learning to recognize and say the correct color name.  

Before Tiggly, if I was to ask her what an object's color was, she would randomly say a color.  Thanks to the Tiggly apps, she sees the shape on the screen and will call out the color as she grabs the shape.  It is wonderful to see her learning and having fun.  And, although I thought Savannah was a little advanced for the apps, she, too, is getting back into wanting to play with the Tiggly shapes and the 3 apps that are available for use with the tech toy.  

Currently Tiggly offers the following three apps available for download on iTunes, that you can use with your Tiggly Shapes...

iPad Screenshot 1

Lions and dolphins and pigs, oh my! Use your Tiggly shapes to construct friendly animals from the jungle, farm, and sea. Tiggly Safari is an excellent learning experience for your children to learn about shapes and to improve their spatial thinking.

Each level of the game is designed based on what we know about children’s spatial cognition development. In the first level, children match shapes with what they see on the screen and create simple animals out of single shapes. As the levels proceed, children are challenged to create more complex animals with combinations of shapes, recognize and match basic shapes in various orientations, and practice their hand-eye coordination by catching moving objects— all while being amazed by the cute animals they are creating!

Recommended age: 18 months - 4 years old 

iPad Screenshot 1

Tiggly Stamp is all about creativity and open-ended play. From jack-o’-lanterns to igloos, use Tiggly Shapes to build seasonally themed scenes on your iPad! Tell stories and save your work using the video recorder and camera options.

Create things
- See four basic shapes transform into 80+ funny animals, fruits, and objects 

Listen & Laugh
- Hear the names repeated for each animal, fruit, and object, helping children learn to speak new words
- Funny and friendly animal sounds and greetings that make children laugh
- Includes 7 languages: English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Russian, and Portuguese

Tell a story
- Tell a story using the video recorder option
- Make a movie by dragging things around and telling a story about them

Save a memory
- Take a picture of your work with a date to save memories

Recommended age: 18 months - 4 years old 

iPad Screenshot 4

Unleash your inner Picasso and Mozart with Tiggly Draw! Your tablet is your canvas and Tiggly Shapes your tool for creating digital works of art, music, and imaginary creatures. Use the camera to save pictures of your artwork. Mom and dad can share them over email, social networks, etc. 

Create a drawing
- Use your Shapes to create drawings on a beautifully rendered digital canvas
- Choose from 10 backgrounds 
- 50+ features (including unpredictable eyes, mouths, hats and more) allow children to design anything they can imagine

Compose a piece of music
- The square is your piano, the circle a tuba, the star a marimba, and the triangle is a violin. A symphony awaits!
- Create more than 1,000 simple compositions while playing with your shapes

Save a memory
- Take a picture of your artwork with a date to save memories

Recommended age: 18 months – 4 years old 

Out of the following three FREE Tiggly apps available for download through the iTunes store, Savannah's personal favorite is Tiggly Safari, as she is into owls and other fun jungle animals, and loves how she can use the Tiggly shapes to make the animals and then hears their name and sounds.  As for Bella, she loves all three apps, but I find her continually clicking on and playing with the Tiggly Stamp one, which I mentioned above has helped with her color recognition.

If you have little ones between the ages of 18 months and 4 years, and want to provide educational content and games for them to play with while using your iPad (compatible with all generations of the iPad, including the iPad mini), why not check out Tiggly.  It was so nice to go back to this tech toy, and see why the girls and I loved it two years ago.  And, now, I can watch Bella have fun, while learning, with her big sister lending a hand if needed. :-)

To learn more about Tiggly and the FREE apps I talked about above, visit the official Tiggly website at

Don't forget to follow Tiggly on their social media channels to stay up-to-date on special offers, new app additions, news and more...

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Tiggly also has a blog where they share other parent and blogger reviews as well as share tip and advice to help your early learning.  I have loved reading the blog posts, and have made a point to subscribe to the Tiggly Blog, as not to miss their great content and advice. :-)


Tiggly Shapes & Apps

You can purchase Tiggly shapes from Amazon, to be used with the three FREE Tiggly iPad apps available through iTunes, by clicking here.  The set of 4 shapes, which come with a handy drawstring bag to hold them costs only $29.95  -- which is a steal, once you see how often your child(ren) will be using and learning with Tiggly.

Disclosure:  I was sent a sample from the vendor in order to write up an honest review.  All views shared are mine and mine alone.

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