Friday, August 29, 2014

New Dinosaur Train "BUDDY'S HALLOWEEN ADVENTURE" Arrives on DVD, September 2nd! (Review)

Disclosure:  I was sent a review copy from the vendor in order to write up an honest review.  All views shared are mine and mine alone.

I know, I know..."Don't rush Halloween."  Well in just a few short days September will be here, and in 17 weeks it will be Christmas.  Just the other day when I went shopping with the girls, they were already putting out Halloween candy and costumes.  When my girls saw this, they started talking about what they plan to dress up as, and how excited they are to go trick or treating again this year, as last year was the first year we took them.  So, as they think about what they will be, they are enjoying watching some new Halloween DVDs that are releasing in the coming weeks, which have been arriving at our doorstep, including the upcoming Sept. 2nd release of "Buddy's Halloween Adventure" from the hit animated series Dinosaur Train, airing daily on PBS Kids.

If you follow my blog regularly, then you know that my girls just love Dinosaur Train -- so much so that Savannah even dressed up as Tiny last year for Halloween. :-)

So, when they saw this DVD come in the mail, they were super excited to watch it.  And, for the past few days, this DVD has been playing over and over again, as Savannah parades around the house in her costume from last Halloween. :-)

BUDDY’S HALLOWEEN ADVENTURE” has a run time of approximately 50 minutes and an SRP of $7.99, and includes the following full-length episodes:

Haunted Roundhouse
Dad takes the kids on a special Night Train to Troodon Town, where the Troodons have decorated their Roundhouse into a “haunted house” for a spooky party. The kids end up meeting a strange new nocturnal creature – a mammal named Vlad Volaticotherium, who was hiding in the roundhouse trying to get some sleep.

Big Pond Pumpkin Patch
The Pteranodon family learns more about the customs of their neighbors, the Lambeosaurus family, when they are invited for the first time to accompany them to the Big Pond to celebrate “Gourd Day” – a kind of Mesozoic Halloween. The kids see their first pumpkins, and Larry Lambeosaurus even shows our family how to hollow them out and carve faces into them.

Night Train
Dad, Buddy and Tiny take a special ride on the Dinosaur Train at night, learning about animals that are active after dark, culminating at the Big Pond for a nature walk under the full moon.

Fossil Fred
Buddy, Tiny and Don play “detective” and search around the Big Pond for fossils. The kids end up finding an entire skeleton of a Jurassic dinosaur.

There are also special features you will want to check out including a fun interactive game, coloring pages, activities, Dr. Scott segments, and even information for parents.

If you are not familiar with Dinosaur Train, it is geared towards children ages 3-6 years old, and introduces them to life science and natural history in a fun way.  They learn about dinosaurs and how they lived back in the day, and have a great time trying to pronounce their names, while listening to Dr. Scott shares interesting facts about these prehistoric animals.  

While I enjoy this show, it has become a "Daddy/Daughter" show that my girls look forward to sharing with my husband.  Shh, don't tell him, but they usually watch the episode when it airs in the AM, but will watch it and pretend like it is brand new when he comes home from work.  This show really peeks their curiosity and has them asking about how the dinosaurs lived, why they aren't around today, and so many other great questions.  As a parent, I love having educational shows like this available to share with them, to help them learn and grow.

If you have a Dinosaur Train fan in your life, why not consider picking up a copy of this upcoming "Halloween" themed DVD.  My girls especially loved the gourd episodes and can't wait to carve their own pumpkins this year...or at least decorate them. :-)

Disclosure:  I was sent a review copy from the vendor in order to write up an honest review.  All views shared are mine and mine alone.


  1. This looks super cute for Halloween we love dinos.
    heather [email protected]

  2. We've never watched any Dinosaur train before, but it looks like something my son would really like.

  3. My son is just getting out of watching this but one many will enjoy

  4. My girls love watching dinosaur train. I think this would be great for them to watch for Halloween.