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Lunch Balancer, a Monthly Subscription Service That Offers You a High Protein, Low Carb Lunch Plan You'll Love (Review + $5 PROMO CODE)

Disclosure:  I was sent a sample from the vendor in order to write up an honest review.  All views shared are mine and mine alone.

Lunch Balancer
Sample Box - Less Than $7.50/Meal

With the summer usually comes slip ups with your diet, or your goal of eating healthy.  There are so many temptations to grab a bag of chips when running in the convenience store to pay for gas or grab a soda over water.  Your mind is in summer vacation mode, while your body hopes that you quickly realize that your adding more calories and fat than you are burning off.  Then, summer starts to come to an end and you find yourself looking in the mirror and not seeing the bathing suit body you thought you had worked so hard to get and had at the start of the summer?  What are you do?  And, now, the kids are returning back to school and are starting their after school sports and weekend games, so the luxury to shop and prepare healthy meals 5 nights a week, as well as make sure your whole family has lunch the next day, is a challenge to say the least.  If only there was a service available that could help you take back the body you had worked so hard to get, or at least get you back on track when it comes to eating healthier, with better meal and snack choices?  Well, there is, thanks to Lunch Balancer.

Are you familiar with Lunch Balancer?  Don't worry if you aren't, as I wasn't until I stumbled across their website last month looking for a monthly meal subscription service that I could sign up for that would help take the guessing game out of types of meals I should be eating, that met the necessary calories for the day, and was high in protein and low in carbs.  Not being able to work out daily, I try to make a point to watch the carbs, as they are only being burned while chasing the kids around the house.  You would think that I would be stick thing chasing around two active children  a 2 and 4 yrs. old, right? We'll save that for another day! :-)

What I like most about Lunch Balancer is that they prepare 5 healthy lunch options and include the full size products so you don't have to go out and shop for them.  They even go as far as to color code them so you know which ones go with each day. In addition, when you open the Lunch Balancer box you are sent, you will find a handy chart that lists out everything in the box and the number of proteins in grams and net carbs in grams, that each meal contains.  There is also a slip included in the box that breaks down all the items and shows their calories, protein, total fat, total carbs, fiber and net carbs.

"Why are net carbs so important?:

Most carbs affect your blood sugar.  Fiber and sugar alcohols, although considered a carb, generally don't.  Net carbs are the total carbs minus fiber and sugar alcohols, leaving you with a better picutre of the carbs that may actually raise your blood sugar!"

The Lunch Balancer program was created by Dr. Gabe, as a way to help people both active and not to be able to eat healthier.  Through balanced proteins and carbs, you are able to sustain energy, while just eating the right of food to fill you up, and not add extra inches to your waist, due to overeating, or not knowing when to stop.  I don't know about you, but when I am crazy busy with the girls, or find myself stressing over too many things that have to be done in a short period of time, when it comes to eating, I could eat and eat and eat, without feeling full.  I am too busy thinking about too many other things to really stop and enjoy food, and feel full.  Then, when I run out of a bag of chips or another non-healthy snack, I find myself with a stomach ache or dead weight in the mid section from overeating.  Without time to hit the gym or go for a walk to burn off the excess calories I have just consumed, it ends up turning to fat and making the numbers on the scale go up instead of down.

But, I have to say that thanks to the Lunch Balancer I was able to get back to eating healthier, with their box that can be ordered on a monthly basis, or just with one sampler box to try it out.

Here's a peek at a few meal menus that you may find (varies by month):

  • turkey stick + veggie chips + roasted almonds + organic fruit chew = PERFECTLY BALANCED MEAL and gluten free!
  • protein pretzels + almond butter & whole grain crackers + roasted chickpeas + chocolate macaroons =PERFECTLY BALANCED MEAL and vegan/kosher/gluten free!
  • hummus & lentil chips + edamame crunchers + sweet almond/cashew/pecan mix = PERFECTLY BALANCED MEAL and gluten free!
Voted one of best subscription boxes for Fit Foodies!
I know what you are thinking?  "I am supposed to get full off of these samples (even though they are full-size)?"  Surprising, "YES!."  I was thinking the same thing, and was reluctant to start the week of meals, as I thought it would just lead me to reaching for unhealthy snacks to fill me up, when the Lunch Balancer meals wouldn't.  My husband, who is more active and runs 3-5 miles a day at work, also wondered how good these meals  were, especially for active people like himself looking to fuel up or replenish calories lost when exercising.  So, we each took a day's worth of products, which included things like sesame crackers, pumpkin seeds, lentil chips, fruit snacks and other healthy and all-natural snacks, soup, turkey sticks and even cheese, and put the Lunch Balancer to the test.

After the first day of having our Lunch Balancer meal, we talked about how it went.  We both found that we were left satisfied, even though not having a "full" feeling.  All of the full-size product samples we were sent that made up the 5 healthy meals were things we had never tried before.  This gave us the opportunity to try new things and find things we like and would buy again and ones we would pass on.  Also included in each Lunch Balancer box are extra samples including powdered flavor mixes to add to water to flavor it up, coffee and tea samples that contain antioxidants and help with trimming your waist line, and other goodies, as well as money saving coupons so that you can buy the items found in the box, and try others, too!

3 Month Subscription - $30/month ($6/Meal)

For only $32.00 (less than $6.50/meal) or $30/month for a 3 month subscription (only $6/meal), I have to say that this is a great price for what you get.  If I was to pay for a nutritionist or personal assistant to help plan my daily meals, their services would be more expensive and wouldn't include the cost of food.  With Lunch Balancer, I am sent the food, shown how many grams of protein and net carbs are in each meal, and can choose my meals.  You don't have to stick with a M-F schedule, which I like.  

After trying out the two days with my husband and then having him sneak off and take the extra day, I can say that we are sold on this box and love its benefits.  It really is a wonderful service to help you eat healthier, while also introducing you to great snacks and meal choices that, even if you don't stick with the service, can pick up at a store near you or online and continue to enjoy for on-the-go snacking, or for lunch.  My girls also became fans of the lentil chips and sesame crackers, which I fell in love with after sampling through the Lunch Balancer, and stock the pantry with.  Now, the whole family can enjoy healthier snacks whenever and wherever we are. 

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Disclosure:  I was sent a sample from the vendor in order to write up an honest review.  All views shared are mine and mine alone.

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