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Let THE PILLOW from SmartSilk Help You Achieve A Restful Night's Sleep You and Your Body Deserve (Review)


With the kids returning back to school soon, you are probably starting to get them back on a sleep schedule, so that when the first day of school rolls around, you are not fighting for them to get up, or dealing with a overtired child.  But, don't forget yourself in regards to getting back to a normal sleep schedule.

During the summer months, many adults find themselves changing their sleep habits to accommodate kids who are home all day, or change in work schedules to cover time taken off for summer vacations or shortened work weeks to be home with the kids.  Even stay-at-home parents find themselves sleeping in, or getting up earlier than usually to get ready before the kids rise. Or, if you are like me, my kids were getting up at the crack of down, when they saw the light shine into their rooms.  Even with room darkening curtains, they still were able to see daylight and think it was time to get up, even if it was only 5:00AM. Ugh.  Getting up early after staying up late, to tend to active toddlers and preschoolers can be draining, not only on your mental state, but also your health.  I found myself picking up and having trouble shaking different summer colds and viruses that came through the house due to lack of sleep and not letting my body rest and recharge.

While a restful night's sleep may be difficult to achieve, especially if you have little ones, parents really need to make a point to get at least 6-7 hours of uninterrupted sleep a night. Not only will sleep prepare you for the day ahead, but there are so many health benefits that sleep offers.

Did you know that sleep helps you maintain your weight?  Research has found that poor sleep or lack there of plays games with your hormones, including your appetite-regulating ones.  If these hormones are off, you may find yourself craving sweets or other non-healthy foods for a quick pick me up.  Or, if you are really overtired, you may find yourself overeating due to lack of sleep and your hormones being off. 

A good night's sleep also boosts your brainpower.  Have you tried computing even basic things after being up all night, or only having a few hours of sleep?  It is difficult, right?  I know from experience that after staying up a few nights in a row late into the night working, that the next day, my mind is not as sharp.  And, things like adding or computing things are difficult.

Tips for Achieving a Good Night's Sleep --

1) Turn off all electronic devices, televisions, etc. at least 1 hour prior to bedtime, and never watch or use these gadgets in bed.  You want to create a peaceful area that will have your mind thinking it is time to unwind and rest, without distraction.

2) Power Naps don't work -- Find yourself wanting to take a nap halfway through the day?  Don't!  Unlike your youthful days, naps taken during the day time, even for 20-30 minutes, will throw off your sleep schedule and make it difficult to sleep at night time.  I remember back in the day, I used to be able to take a 10-15 minute power nap and be recharged and rearing to go.  Now, if I nap for this long, I wake up groggy and unable to function right, and bedtime is a struggle, as my mind thinks I already slept, even though it was only a quick nap.

3) Choose the right pillow for you and your sleep style -- Do you find yourself waking in the night adjust your pillows, or having a stiff or sore neck in the AM.  Take a look at the pillow(s) you are using, as these are probably the problem.  You need to choose a pillow that is right for you, depending on if you are a side sleeper, back sleeper, ect.  Proper alignment of your head, neck and body will result in a better night's sleep.

4) Stick to a schedule - Make sure you are going to bed and waking at the same time each day, even on the weekends.  You need to train your body and brain for a healthy sleep=wake cycle, so that it know when to start shutting down and help you ease into a good night's sleep, without tossing and turning.

5) No caffeine or sugary sweets after lunch. Yes, you read that right.  You really shouldn't be consuming caffeinated beverages after lunch time, as it interferes with your body's REM sleeping, as it takes your body longer to break down the caffeine, thus keeping you up longer, or leaving your antsy and waiting periodically in the night.

6)  No physical exercise at least 4 hours before bed.  Exercising, no matter how strenuous will leave you with a jolt of energy that will through your body and mind sleep cycle off.  Have you ever tried to go to bed after an evening jog?  Good luck with that one, as  your body is revving to go, and not thinking about sleep.  While exercise is key for your overall health and well being, you need to make sure you schedule it just right, so It will not throw off your sleep cycle.

7) No food or drink of any kind after 7PM.  Are you like me and like to enjoy a hot cup of tea after everyone is asleep, you may also find yourself waking throughout the night to go to the bathroom. This erratic waking and moving about with through off your sleep cycle and prevent you from going through the different stages of REM sleep.  I find that if I drink a lot of liquids, including water before bedtime, I have to get up a few times to use the bathroom in the night.  Then, when I return to bed, it is hard to fall back asleep as my body is awake from the moving about.  Not having liquids in your system after 7PM will prevent you from needing to use the bathroom in the night, thus letting you enjoy a restful night's sleep without potty interruptions.

8) Use a white noise machine to drown out sides around your. If you live on a busy street with cars going by all hours of the night, or have a spouse who snore loudly, you may find a white noise machine to be beneficial.  I have ringing in my ears due to my cancer treatment, and find that a white noise machine helps to drown out the ringing or at least take my mind off of it, so that I can fall asleep easier.

I could go on and on with the many health benefits of sleep, as I spent over 12 years educating and conducting community talks and educational materials on the topic.  But, like they say, you have to practice what you preach, and after having two kids, I have to admit that my sleep schedule is off.  One thing that I have found that needed improvements was the pillows I was using, as I was waking almost daily with a stiff neck or headaches from poor support of my pillow.  Pillows don't last forever and need to be upgraded and stitched out over time.

Have you been to a bedding store lately and seen all the different pillows available?  How do you choose the one right for you?  And, how many pillows should you use for proper head support?  Also, which brand is best?  Decisions, decisions. Thanks to the folks at SmartSilk, they are here to help you get a good night's sleep, by helping you choose the pillow that is right for you.

I was recently contacted by SmartSilk and asked to review their new "The Pillow" line.  Knowing that I would need to get back onto a proper sleep schedule to accommodate the upcoming change in our daily schedules, as Savannah will be starting preschool in early Sept., I knew that one change I needed to make was to have the perfect pillow.

After visiting the SmartSilk website, I was amazed at their product offering, as well their useful tips and health information as it relates to sleep, allergies, etc.  They offered a short quiz that helps determine the type of sleeper you are and offered your suggestions on the perfect pillow.

"After years of product development, rigorous testing and focus group trials, SmartSilk™ has been scientifically proven to be beyond comparison next to down or any synthetic."

"By combining the luxurious and all-natural materials of the SmartSilk™ pillow with the science of sleep, we have developed a pillow that will provide you with the most comfortable night's sleep. With the introduction of The Pillow by SmartSilk™, you are now able to experience the health and wellness benefits that SmartSilk™ products provide, as well as have the opportunity to find the optimal pillow loft that will offer you a delightful sleeping experience. Sleeping with the right pillow is necessary to having a restful night's sleep. To find the correct comfort level, it's about taking body size and sleep position into account. A person's optimal pillow aligns the curvature of the spine and natural set of one's shoulders with a neutral neck position. There are three different sleep positions that we are focusing on: back, side and stomach sleepers."

After taking the Smart Comfort Level quiz, I found that I needed a medium to high loft pillow, as I am a side sleeper. Luckily, the two pillows I was sent for review were perfect for my sleep style. And, just after one night of sleeping on my new SmartSilk pillows I woke feeling well rested and without pain.  I can't tell you the last time I woke feeling great like this.  Who knew that a pillow could help with a good night's sleep?! 

SmartSilk™ all natural silk filled luxury bedding specialists have just launched THE PILLOW.
"Combining the luxurious and all-natural materials of the SmartSilk™ with the science of sleep, they have developed a pillow that provides the most comfortable night's sleep by taking into account positioning and body size."

Attributes of THE PILLOW by SmartSilk™ 

-All natural silk fill liner
-All natural cotton outer shell
-Moisture wicking properties help to reduce effects of night sweats
-Keeps your skin moisturized
-Breathable materials: no longer need to flip the pillow around looking for a cool spot
-Easy care: machine wash and dry
-Certified asthma & Allergy friendly

In addition to the above attributes, you will be able to shop with confidence at SmartSilk knowing that they offer the following to all customers:

-60 Day Satisfaction Money Back Guarantee
-10 Year Warranty
-3 Easy Payments Available
-Free Shipping Continental USA + Canada on orders of more than $150
-Order Shipped Within 2 Business Days

While you may think $120 is steep for a pillow, ask yourself if you could put a price tag on your health?  Or better yet, try and count up the number of sick days or lost wages you have had due to a poor night's sleep?  Having the right pillow will set you up to get your sleep cycle back in check, especially with school right around the corner. So, while you are getting the kids back into a routine, don't neglect your own sleep, as you need to take care of yourself, too, so you can be 100% for your family each and every day.

SmartSilk™ Bedding is: 
  Naturally 100% hypo-allergic - does not trigger feather-related allergic reactions
  Rich with the protein sericin - the best choice for those with skin allergies
  Inhospitable to dust mites - a great relief to allergy sufferers
  Able to wick away excessive moisture - ideal for those affected by night sweats, or mild incontinence
  fire retardant - ideal for crib bedding
  Resistant to mold & mildew and is one of the strongest natural fibers - durable, long lasting
  Light in weight and will not take on body odor - luxurious, soft, comfortable
  temperature regulator - gives you warmth when it is cold and cools you down when warm
  Certified asthma & allergy friendly™ confidence you can trust 

To learn more about SmartSilk pillows, and other bedding supplies including mattress pads, duvet covers, pillow protectors and more, visit  My husband has also tried out my pillows and is asking for me to buy him new pillows for Christmas so that he can say goodbye once and for all to the waking with a stiff neck and tension headaches due to poor sleep.  After experiencing THE PILLOW from SmartSilk, I know just were to order the pillows.  Once you try out a pillow from SmartSilk you will see why I can't stop raving about their pillows to family and friends.  So, what are you waiting for? Don't go another night tossing and turning, only to wake feeling like you haven't slept a wink. Let SmarkSilk take the guesswork out of choosing the right pillow and be on your way to catching those much needed ZZZ's your body needs.

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Disclosure:  I was sent samples from the vendor in order to write up an honest review.  All views shared are mine and mine alone.

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