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The Coco Jack Opens a Thai Coconut in a Matter of Seconds, So You Can Enjoy the Many Health Benefits of Coconut Water (Review) #TheCocoJack

Disclosure:  I was sent a sample from the vendor in order to write up an honest review.  All views shared are mine and mine alone.

Back when I was undergoing cancer treatment, my nutritionist told me to drink coconut water, as is was great to help boost hydration, in addition to offering up other health benefits.  I was surprised to hear this, but after trying it, was amazed at how well it worked to increase my potassium levels.  It wasn't until a few years later that I did more research to learn about the other health benefits which include reducing blood pressure, helps with digestion as it is high in fiber, reduces the occurrence of acid reflux, is a hangover helper, helps clear up acne prone skin and even aids in weight loss.  Did you know about these health benefits?

While it was great to learn about all these health benefits, I hated the struggle I would find myself having when it came to cracking open a coconut to enjoy the delicious flesh and juice right from the  source.  Yes, I could have picked up cans of coconut water, but these aren't the same as they are usually watered down, have added sugar to make them sweet, or include other preservatives of ingredients thus not making it a pure coconut water drink.

In addition to worrying time and again about chopping off a finger when trying to hack through the shell with a sharp knife, I oftentimes found myself reaching for a band aid to cover war wounds I encountered as I tried to take on a coconut shell and was defeated.  But, those few times I was successful, I reaped the health benefits while enjoying the refreshing coconut water.  If only there was a safer way to get to the inside of a coconut, so that I could enjoy a Thai coconut whenever I wanted?

Well, I am happy to report that now there is thanks to the Coco Jack Coconut Cracking Tools.  I first read about Coco Jack when I saw its Kickstarter campaign.  But, I was too late to show my support and score a tool set to try out.  If I wasn't for a recent craving for coconut water followed up by an email asking if I wanted to review the Coco Jack Coconut Cracking Tools, I would still be wondering if there was an easier way to get inside a coconut without losing a finger.

If you have ever struggled trying to open a Thai coconut, then you will want to sit up and take notice of the Coco Jack tools, which make cracking opening a coconut a breeze -- usually in under 30 seconds.  Yes, you read that right...under 30 seconds.  Just watch this quick video which demonstrates how to use the Coco Jack Coconut Cracking Tools.

I had made a video to show how easy it was to crack open a Thai Coconut, but I have to say that the above video demonstrates it much better. :-)  No matter your age or size, with a few simple Coco Jack cracking tools, you will be popping a straw into the opening you have in a coconut in a matter of seconds, or scooping up the flesh to enjoy.

After cracking open a few coconuts, I satisfied my coconut water craving.  But, I found myself wanting to pick up more Thai coconuts just so that I could play with the Coco Jack cracking tools,  Friends and family who stopped by would get a demonstration of these tools, as they sipped away on the coconuts I cracked open.  Even those who usually don't drink coconut water from the actual coconut as it is a pain to get to, loved seeing how easy it was to make a hole.  Everyone thought the Coco Jack cracking tools were cool, and wanted a set for themselves.

With the holidays fast approaching, the Coco Jack Coconut Cracking tool set would make for the perfect gift idea for the person who has everything, fitness buffs who like to drink coconut water, or those that love coconuts like my family does.  Now you don't have to pass a Thai coconut by in the market, as you don't want to struggle trying to crack it open, or cut yourself.  With a few taps of the Coco Jack mallet, you will find yourself making a hole to drop your straw in or to scoop of the flesh of the coconut to enjoy.  I am so happy to have had a chance to try out this amazing product, and it definitely ranks up there with must have kitchen tools that you can't live without. :-)

To learn more about the Coco Jack Coconut Cracking tools, which you can buy as a set or individually, visit today.  Pick up your Coco Jack tools and join me in reaping the benefits of pure coconut water, without risking life or limb. :-)

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Disclosure:  I was sent a sample from the vendor in order to write up an honest review.  All views shared are mine and mine alone.

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  1. I have not had a coconut in so many years and I love them but they are impossible to open. I would love to have this item what a wonderful product thanks for sharing I have never heard of this until I read it on your blog.
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