Friday, July 18, 2014

The HOT WHEELS® Track Builder 5-Lane Tower Starter Set Offers Hours of Action Packed Racing Fun for Boys and Girls (Review)

Disclosure:  I was sent a sample from the vendor in order to write up an honest review.  All views shared are mine and mine alone.

Just because I have two girls doesn't mean we dont' have train sets and race tracks up throughout the house? How about you?  Do you find your girls are just as much into Hot Wheels cars, planes, trains and other so-called boy toys, than your sons are?  So,when I asked recently if I wanted to review the HOT WHEELS® Track Builder 5-Lane Tower Starter Set, I knew my girls...and husband would be all for helping me out -- and, that they were!  

They haven't stopped playing with the track builder since we received it a short time ago.  And, for Savannah's upcoming 4th birthday, my husband is surprising her with add-ons for their track, which they has since added to, along with a dozen new flashy Hot Wheels cars. :-)

Even though my husband didn't get that boy he wanted so that they could play cars like he did with his brothers growing up, he still gets to live his dream with our daughters, and they are all for it, thanks to hit Disney movies like Cars and Planes, as well as toys like the Hot Wheels Track Builder being "so cool."  What kid, both boys and girls, would want to resist racing cars down the tracks they build?  

If you are not familiar with the Hot Wheels Track Builder sets, including the HOT WHEELS® Track Builder 5-Lane Tower Starter Set, which my family was sent to review, here is more about this amazing track that will have your kids cheering on their favorite cars, as they race them down the different tracks they set up...

For super action racing fun at high speeds and exciting heights!

HOT WHEELS® Track Builder 5-Lane Tower Starter Set

"The Hot Wheels Track Builder 5-Lane Tower Starter Set is ideal for exciting racing action. It offers do-it-yourself fun for a more creative and captivating experience. This Hot Wheels starter set includes one vehicle and a full play pattern. Children can imagine cool scenarios and race five cars in four different directions. Kids will enjoy watching the vehicles zoom through brave sky-high ramps, jump through pretend flames and compete in furious side-by-side action to the finish line. Your child can even send a toy plane through the radar tower stunt for some high flying entertainment. There are multiple places where kids can connect more tracks (sold separately) to make more patterns and add to the fun. This Hot Wheels track set is a cool display of steep hills, action and an entire system unto itself."

Hot Wheels Track Builder 5-Lane Tower Starter Set:
  • Hot Wheels starter set offers do-it-yourself fun
  • Includes a full play pattern
  • Race 5 cars in 4 different directions
  • Brave sky-high ramps
  • Race a plane with the radar tower stunt
  • Jump through flames
  • Compete in a furious side-by-side race
  • Multiple places for even more tracks to connect (sold separately)
  • Visual spectacle of steep hills, diverse action and an entire Hot Wheels system unto itself
  • Hot Wheels track set includes 1 car (others sold separately)

HOT WHEELS® Track Builder 5-Lane Tower Starter Set

  • Brave sky-high ramps, race a plane from the radar tower, jump through flames and compete side by side from the top of the course

HOT WHEELS® Track Builder 5-Lane Tower Starter Set

The HOT WHEELS® Track Builder 5-Lane Tower Starter Set is only $24.99 and offers enough track so that your child can create different layouts.  It does only come with one car, so if you don't have other Hot Wheels cars laying around the house, you will want to pick up a few more for siblings, so that they don't find.  

My girls have since added to their growing Hot Wheels car collection and added more tracks and track building stunts and accessories, to make their time spent racing their cars with Daddy around this easy to put together and store away track, that much more exciting. 

Hot Wheels Track Builder Rocket LauncherHot Wheels Track Essentials Launch PackHot Wheels Speed Junction Play Set

I have been having a blast snapping photos of the girls and my husband playing on the floor, as they see whose car is faster on the newly created track they create.  

With so many different layouts you can create, I don't think I have seen the same track stay in place for long.

And, my nephew who is 7 years old, is also loving the HOT WHEELS® Track Builder set, and has been the go-to house for the neighborhood kids to come and play at.  The boys will bring over their favorite Hot Wheels cars and spend a whole afternoon racing and making fun car noises. :-)

So, as you can see the HOT WHEELS® Track Builder sets are loved by boys, but also enjoyed by girls, and dads alike.  This is one toy I don't see my kids growing out of anytime soon, as they continue to play with it daily. And, when we go to the the store, they are always looking for accessories and add-ons for it, to make playing with their track set that much more fun.

Do you have a Hot Wheels fan in your house with a birthday coming up?  Or, do you want to surprise them with a special gift for completing their summer reading or helping out around the house this summer?  The HOT WHEELS® Track Builder sets would make for the perfect gift.  

To learn more about the HOT WHEELS® Track Builder sets and other toys from Hot Wheels visit  You will also find cool videos, games and more at this site, including a virtual track your child can create and race cars online with.  My nephew thinks this is the coolest thing, as always asks to visit this site when we give the kids computer time.

Disclosure:  I was sent a sample from the vendor in order to write up an honest review.  All views shared are mine and mine alone.


  1. This does look like fun! It's nice that there are many configurations, so it can be 'new' and exciting for a long time.

  2. This is huge! My son loves his hot wheels, he would play with his for hours! Cool you can race 5 cars in different directions at the same time.

  3. Boy my friend's two little boys would love to have this one. I would have loved to have this as a child too.
    heather [email protected]

  4. Looks so much fun! My son would love this

  5. this would make a great bday present for a boy