Thursday, July 17, 2014

Relieve Stress and Relax Tight Muscles with Mandala Massage Balls (Review)

While I am so thankful to have won my battle with cancer, the long term side effects caused by the chemo and radiation treatments, I could really do without.  When I am not dealing with constant migraine headaches, I have to deal with daily pain in my shoulders and neck area.  For a short time, I was able to get Botox to get about a month's relief from constant twitching and spasms, but thanks to health insurance I now have to pay $700 per visit every 3 months, with a 50/50 chance that the oncologist hits the right spots.  If not, then the spasms continue.  If he does get the right spots, I have some relief for about a month.  But, living on one income and raising two girls, I have found the benefit of these shots to not be worth the cost.  Because of this, I have to seek out alternative therapies, including massage, to find short term relief.  

For a while I was going to massages through a grant I was awarded for being a young cancer survivor (yeah cancer survivor perk), but after this was used up, I was back to square one, or paying $85 per visit x 2 times per week.  Again, this adds up over time, and only provides limited relief.  Creams and OTC medicines haven't worked, which left me searching the Internet for ways to find relief.  This is when I stumbled across Mandala Massage Balls, which are great for at-home relief of key trigger point areas, that cause stress throughout your whole body.  I remember having the massage therapist point out the trigger spots on my neck, shoulders and even lower back that were really tight, and how these areas were probably causing my headaches and majority of the aches and pains I experience daily.  I wondered if these massage balls would work.  Having been using tennis balls in a pair of nylons, I wasn't able to get deep in certain areas and work those "trigger points".  At only $16.99, I thought why not give the Mandala Massage Balls a try.  And, I am so glad that I did, as they are working. :-)

Unlike tennis balls, these massage balls are made of solid rubber, so they will not collapse or pop when you put your body's weight on them.  And, they are easy to clean in case you find yourself sweating after a workout and want to use these massage balls for instant relief.  They say the best time to work trigger points and aching muscles is when your body is hot and the blood is flowing more freely.  But, try getting tennis balls to stay put, or try to clean them.  I love how the Mandala Massage Balls can simply be cleaned with a little soap and water, and be put aside for another time. 

"If you are looking to relieve tension and stress at home, Mandala Massage Balls can help. Through self-myofascial release, Mandala Massage Balls target key "trigger points" of tension and stress throughout the body. Using ones own body on the "sweet spots" for 2-3 minutes can quickly and effectively reduce built up stress. They are an excellent addition to any yoga practice, for prenatal massage, as well as crossfit programs."

I have only been using these massage balls for a couple weeks now, but have definitely seen improvements in how I feel each day.  I am not waking up feeling like a middle age person in a old person's body, and the tension knots I used to have in my neck and shoulder area are fewer than before.  I love being able to get deep into the trigger points and work the tension out, without having to pay $$$ to a doctor or massage therapist.  And, not having to rely on pain medicine to find relief is also a huge plus.  You can' t go wrong for the small investment of $16.99 for the the pair of Mandala Massage Balls, which will come in handy for reducing stress, as part of your yoga practice, etc.

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  1. It definitely costs a lot of money for doctor visits for pain relief. This sounds like a great alternative to try. I would like some relief also.
    twinkle at optonline dot net

  2. I would love to try these on my feet and my back. I had no idea about these until I read your review thanks so much for sharing this one.
    heather [email protected]

  3. This would be awesome for my feet and my back, especially after a hard days work or a good workout, as sometimes I ache. Great product to try.

  4. These do look great! I use tennis balls for muscle aches, but as you mention they aren't perfect. A product designed for massaging sounds great.