Monday, June 30, 2014

#Win a Trip to Wisconsin Dells By Entering the Pirate's Booty Cheesiest Joke -- Review + #Giveaway #MacAndCheesyJoke

Disclosure: I participated in this event on behalf of Wendy's Bloggers for Pirate's Booty. I received Pirate's Booty products to facilitate my review.

I love when I am selected for campaigns that include fun swag and promotional material that the girls will enjoy.  And, recently a fun campaign came our way that had the girls acting like pirates and trying to tell funny pirates jokes, while dressed up in Pirate's Booty swag. :-)

I was sent a cute Pirate's Booty Treasure Chest which contained the following:

All four varieties of Pirate's Booty Mac & Cheese Dinners
One 4 oz. bag of Pirate's Booty Aged White Cheddar
One adult apron
One kid apron
Two foam swords
Two eye patches
Four temporary tattoos

The girls were already fans of this mac & cheese, so they were excited to add more boxes to the pantry, as we were running low. :-)  While the mac & cheese boxes were a bonus, the focus of the campaign was to share about the Pirate's Booty Cheesiest Joke Contest, where one lucky entrant will win a family vacation for four to Wisconsin Dells (includes round-trip coach flights, ground transport, hotel (4 days, 3 nights), and four amusement park tickets (Note: No purchase is necessary to enter the Pirate's Booty Mac & Cheese Cheesiest Joke contest.) 

What a cool grand prize, huh?  I have never been to Wisconsin Dells, but have had friends go and come up with photos and raving about the indoor and outdoor water parks, and other family attractions worth checking out.  I asked my girls if they had a pirates joke that they knew or could make up, but due to them only being 2 1/2 and almost 4 yrs. old, they just looked at me and said, "Yo ho ho" and "walk the plank," which are popular lines from some of their favorite pirate shows and movies. :-)  

I was asked to come up with a pirate joke and have the girls tell it on video.  Who knew that getting the girls to repeat a joke would be so hard. They love copying each other every day.  We also have to watch what we say around them, as they are also repeating what we are saying.  But, after countless takes, which could make a blooper reel, I ended up telling the joke, and having Savannah give the punch line.  

What do you think?  Do you think this pirate joke has a chance of winning the grand prize?  Or, do you have a better joke that you are willing to share (after you upload the video to the Pirate's Booty Cheesiest Joke Contest)?  I can't wait to hear them, so be sure to share them below.

Like I said, I had so many blooper takes, I couldn't not share one that makes me crack up.  In the video you will see Bella playing with the plastic eye patch that was included in the Pirate's Booty Treasure Chest.  She was making herself crack up every time it would flip back on her.  If her belly laugh doesn't make you smile, I don't know what will! :-)

So, what are you waiting for?  You have until July 14th to record your family's best pirates joke and upload up for your chance to win the amazing grand prize family vacation. To learn more about the Pirate's Booty Cheesiest Joke Contest, you can read the official rules here -- Pirates Booty Cheesy Joke Website.

Want to learn more about Pirate's Booty Mac & Cheese, which comes in the following varieties? 

Then, visit the Pirate's Booty website today.  I grew up loving Mac & Cheese and love whipping up a box for the girls and I to enjoy.  

Out of all the mac & cheese brands out there, this is by far my family's favorite, as it's healthier and full of cheesy flavor -- just what you'd expect in a comfort food like Mac & Cheese.  

And, don't forget to follow Pirate's Booty Facebook page to hear pirates jokes told by fellow Facebook users, and see who makes it into the final round, which will be judged, and a grand prize winner will be chosen from.  

If you do enter, I wish you the best of luck.  And, if you have extra room in your suitcase, let me know.  I will try and squeeze in! :-)


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Disclosure: I participated in this event on behalf of Wendy's Bloggers for Pirate's Booty. I received Pirate's Booty products to facilitate my review.


  1. Q - What kind of socks do pirates wear?
    A - Arrrr-gyle!

  2. Q: What happened after an explosion at a French cheese factory? A: All that was left was de brie

  3. Why do pirates walk the plank? They want to get across.

  4. Q: Why did Johnny throw the clock out of the window?
    A: Because he wanted to see time fly!

  5. Ask me if I'm a peanut.
    Are you a peanut?
    Yes, I am a peanut
    Ask me if I'm an orange
    Are you an orange?
    No, I'm a peanut

    The kids think this one is so funny because they just told me they were a peanut :) I know silly!

  6. Q. What do u call cheese that’s not yours?

  7. What's a pirates favorite kind of fish?
    A GOLDfish!

  8. What kind of shorts do clouds wear?