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The "Wet" Brush: The Healthier Way to Brush Your Hair + No More Tangles or Tears -- Review and #Giveaway

Disclosure: I participated in this event on behalf of Wendy's Bloggers for The Wet Brush. I received Wet Brush products to facilitate my review. 

"The Wet Brush - the healthy detangling hairbrush - 
is the best selling hairbrush in the U.S.!"

When you think about having girls as children, you imagine yourself having fun brushing their hair and putting it up in ponytails, pigtails, along with frilly bows and barrettes.  Well, that is not the case with both of my girls.  Savannah on one hand doesn't like you to fuss with her or spend too much time trying to put it.  On the few rare occasions that she does sit for me to put her hair up, the ponytail only stays in for a few minutes (if that), before she pulls it out.  Bella, on the other hand, loves to play with her hair -- so much so, that when she sits and twirls it, she leaves matts that take a while to get out.  And, because of these mats, she is not a fan of having her hair brushed.

I brush the girls' hair every morning when they get, and right after their baths before bedtime.  While other moms may find pleasure in brushing their daughters' hair, I dread this time, as I know the girls will fight me tooth and nail and not want to have it done.  Like getting them dressed for the day, they run around the house in a cat and mouse type game, until I catch up and get them.  Then, I have them sit on my lap, so that I can hold them in place, quickly trying to brush their hair and make it presentable and get the mats out.  Not fun at all.

I have seen and tried many of the so-call no fuss brushes out on the market for kids, like my two girls, who don't like to get their hair brushed.  These brushes and combs are supposed to make brushing out matts and snarls with wet or dry hair easier and/or pain free.  Unfortunately, I found myself just throwing away money, as they didn't work.  Either the bristles were too hard and had my girls letting out more cries, or they were just poorly made and didn't work one bit.  

So, when I was recently asked to review the "Wet" Brush and their line of brushes for both adults and children, I was skeptical and not sure if these detangle brushes would actually work.  I have to say that I thought they would wind up in my growing pile of spare detangle brushes that didn't cut it, and could be used by family and friends who forgot a brush when spending the night.  But, after trying out the assortment of brushes on both my long hair and both of my daughters', I have to say that "The Wet Brush" delivered on their promise of "no tears, no snags, no clumps, no tangles!"  

"With its famous “IntelliFlex bristles,” it’s a product that has set a milestone in haircare. The bristles’ flexibility enables protective and pain-free detangling. They are firm enough to comb through knots, yet flexible enough to be gentle on the scalp. The tips of the bristles even massage the scalp to circulate blood flow!"

I was sent the following "Wet" Brushes, so that both my girls and I could try out the different brushes. 

  • Two Wet Brush Classics
  • Two Wet Brush Squirts
  • Two Wet Brush Pops
  • One Wet Brush Paddle

For the first time EVER both of my girls got excited about having their hair brushed -- either by my husband or I, or on their own.  I loved how these brushes came color coded, making it easier for the girls to tell their brushes apart.  Like I have talked about in earlier posts, my daughters are going through the "I am not sharing my stuff with you" phase, so whenever we buy something new, I have to buy two of each, so that the girls will each get their own and not fight.  Bella ended up choosing the purple brush as it reminded her of Disney's Sofia the First, while Savannah was quick to snatch up the blue for her favorite My Little Pony, Rainbow Dash.  :-)

I loved being able to use these brushes on both wet and dry hair.  Also, included in my assortment detangle brushes by Wet Brush was their the "Wet" pop, which reminded me of a compact collapsible brush with mirror that I used to have when I was little, and would tote in my purse.  The girls thought that the "Wet" pop brush was the coolest thing, and started to carry this in their purses and would take it in the car with them.  The first day we started using these brushes by Wet Brush, I couldn't help but smile when the whole family went for a car ride for ice cream.  I turned around from the front passenger seat to see both of my girls brushing their hair and looking at themselves in the compact mirror.  I would never have expected to see this, or to hear them talking about ponytails or how soft their long hair was. :-)

Savannah letting me brush her hair -- and even let me put it up in a ponytail. :-)

Savannah brushing her own hair; showing me she is a "big" girl. :-)

And, while the girls are not yet at the point that they will let me do pretty up-do's with their hair, I will take being able to have them sit and let me brush their hair.  If it wasn't for the "Wet" brush, I would still be chasing the girls around the house, just so that I could brush their hair.  Bella's matts from twirling her hair are no match for these detangler brushes.  Each and every time, I am able to brush her hair and within minutes have it be mat-free, without any tears or fussing.  I LOVE IT!

Just look at the photos below showing what Bella's hair looks like before and after I use the "Wet" Brush on her.  The photo in the center is her wavy, matted hair.  And, all around the center is her letting me brush her hair, and what her soft, silky hair looks like after brushing.  :-)

Do you have a child who, like my girls, hates to have their hair brushed.  Don't go and cut their hair short to make things easier, like I was thinking about doing.  Instead, why not give the "Wet" brush a try?  Even if you had bad experiences with other so-called kid-friendly detangler brushes, you will be impressed with how well this line of detangler brushes by the "Wet" Brush actually works.  I can't stop raving about them with family and friends with little ones, and love using them on my own hair.  Before I recently chopped off 14 inches of my hair to donate, I was finding it a pain to brush as my hair would get staticy or have all sorts of fly aways.  These brushes have static-resistant bristles and minimize fly aways. :-)  What more could I ask for? 

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Aren't these brushes the coolest?  Want to win a set for yourself?  Well, thanks to the kind folks at the "Wet" Brush, one lucky reader will win the following assortment of brushes to use for myself and with their children...

Winner will receive:

  • Two Wet Brush Classics ($8.98 each)
  • Two Wet Brush Squirts ($6.98 each)
  • Two Wet Brush Pops ($5.98 each)
  • One Paddle ($11.98 each)
The retail value of the above products is $56. :-)

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Disclosure: I participated in this event on behalf of Wendy's Bloggers for The Wet Brush. I received Wet Brush products to facilitate my review. 


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