Monday, June 16, 2014

Stock the Freezer This Summer with New Fruttare Frozen Fruit Bars - Bursting with Real Fruit Taste (Review)

Disclosure:  I was sent FREE product coupons from the vendor in exchange for an honest review.  All views shared are mine and mine alone.


I first stumbled across Fruttare frozen bars last summer when looking for frozen treats to help cool the family down on those hot summer days. Savannah was quick to notice them and asked if we could get a box. And, since then, I make a point to have these tasty frozen fruit and juice bars in the freezer for when the girls have sore throats, are looking for a sweet treat and now that it is getting cold, as a way to cool them down.

What sets Fruttare Fruit and juice bars apart from the other frozen novelties available in your freezer section of your local supermarket are that these frozen treats are made with real fruit, along with either milk or juice (depending on the flavor you choose).  And, I just found out that Unilever introduced three new varieties to the already seven Fruttare varieties available.  

The new flavors are:

Black Cherry Frozen Fruit Bars

·         Fruttare Black Cherry bars are made with sweet black cherries
·         Fruttare Pineapple bars feature chunks of delicious, ripe pineapples
·         Fruttare Strawberry and Milk and Fruttare Mixed Berry and Milk bars are available in a variety pack featuring two kinds of Fruit and Milk bars: one made with creamy milk and luscious, real strawberries, and one made with creamy milk and pieces of real mixed berries, such as blueberries, raspberries and strawberries.

The three new Fruttare varieties join the line launched in the U.S. last year, which includes:

·         Fruttare Strawberry and Milk bars are made with creamy milk and luscious, real strawberries
·         Fruttare Coconut and Milk bars feature creamy milk and coconut
·         Fruttare Banana and Milk bars feature creamy milk and sweet, ripe bananas
·         Fruttare Peach and Milk bars are made with creamy milk and juicy peaches
·         Fruttare Strawberry bars feature a burst of real strawberries and juice
·         Fruttare Mango bars are made with deliciously luscious mangoes
·         Fruttare Lime bars feature the refreshing taste of tangy limes and lime juice

We couldn't wait to try them out.  So, when I went to the market tonight, I made a point to pick up a box of the new Fruttare Pineapple bars, along with our family's favorite, Coconut and Milk Fruttare Fruit and Juice bars.  

Coconut & Milk

Savannah saw me putting the boxes in the freezer and asked if she could have one.  Unfortunately it was right before we were to start the girls' bedtime routine, so I told her she would have to wait until the morning.  The girls have been hyper all day, so I was expecting a struggle to put them to bed. But, to both of our surprise, they went down on their own, leaving my husband and I to have a few extra minutes to ourselves tonight.  So, what did we do?  Looking for a sweet treat, I remembered I bought these frozen fruit bars and broke open the Fruttare Pineapple bars box to try.  

My husband is not usually one for frozen novelties, but he can't get enough of these Fruttare, partly because he can actually see the fruit flecks in the dessert, but also because they are full of flavor, and not sugar sweet like other frozen novelties.  While I am a fan of Fruttare's coconut and milk dessert bars, I have to say that I am loving the new Fruttare Pineapple bars. Like the other Fruttare bars, you can see actual chunks of pineapple in the bar, and with each and every bite, you get a piece of these chunks, and can actually taste the ripe pineapples.  Mmm, I am getting hungry just thinking about it.

Unfortunately, my local grocery store was all out of the new Fruttare Black Cherry and Fruttare Strawberry and Milk and Fruttare Mixed Berry and Milk variety pack.  I guess others got the memo, too, that Unilever had released these new flavors and ran right out to stock up. :-)  I will definitely be keeping an eye out the next time I go food shopping, so that I can pick up the two other Fruttare Fruit Bars, so that we can try.  I am eager to try the Fruttare mixed Berry and Milk one, as I grew up loving to snack on fresh fruit dropped into a cold glass of milk.  And, now I can relive a memory of my childhood, but this time through a frozen dessert bar. :-)  

If you love frozen fruit and/or novelty bars containing juice or milk, and have not yet experienced Fruttare's line of dessert bars, you will want to keep an eye, too, the next time you go food shopping, so that you can pick up a box or two and share with the family. Kids go crazy for them, and parents will love sharing these frozen with them, as they are actually made with real fruit, and taste great!  

I can't wait to share the new Pineapple Fruttare bars with the girls and see what they have to think of them.  Shh, but I will not tell them that their Dad and I already had one. :-)  That way I can enjoy another Fruttare bar, while spending quality time with the girls. 

To learn more about Fruttare Fruit and Juice bars, including stores near your which carry this product line, visit today.  I can't wait to hear what you think of these real fruit frozen bars, and see which one is your favorite.  So, don't forget to come back and share your thoughts. :-)

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Disclosure:  I was sent FREE product coupons from the vendor in exchange for an honest review.  All views shared are mine and mine alone.

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  1. Ok these I must try they look so refreshing and healthy and so much better to have on hand rather than ice cream thanks so much for sharing this one.
    heather [email protected]