Wednesday, June 11, 2014

New from Putumayo Kids -- Australian Playground (Digital Download or CD Version Available)

"A musical adventure to the fascinating "land down under," with engaging songs about didgeridoos, kangaroos and so much more."

"Putumayo Kids is pleased to announce the release of Australian Playground, a collection of songs that will transport listeners to the magical landscapes of the land down under (available from various retailers on May 27th; $14.98 SRP). Featuring music from some of Australia’s most compelling children’s musicians, Aboriginal groups and singer-songwriters, Australian Playground exemplifies the diversity of Australia’s peoples, cultures, animals and environments.

Australian Playground features a regional recipe for Damper Bread, a food staple for Australian stockmen and drovers (Australian cowboys) in their long treks through the remote Outback.

Australian Playground will be available at select book, gift, health food, children’s and other specialty shops. 1% of Putumayo’s sales will be contributed to theAustralian Children’s Music Foundation in support of their initiatives to provide music programs and instruments to disadvantaged children in schools and juvenile detention centers in Australia.

In addition to the colorful, gift-ready CD edition with a booklet with cultural and artist information, Australian Playground will be available digitally; Putumayo Kids is pleased to announce a digital launch on iTunes May 27th featuring eight children’s releases: four Playground and Sing Along titles along with four Dreamland lullaby collections ($9.99).
Also on May 27th, Putumayo World Music will also release Australia, a curated collection of music by a variety of artists (including Men at Work's Colin Hay), reflecting the cultural songlines connecting the people of Australia with the rest of the world."

The 10 songs on Australian Playground reflect the rich musical traditions and modern styles of the nation's artists.
The NEO and Garrangali: Marrtjina (Let's Go)
Seaman Dan: Mango Rain
Joe Hall and the Treehouse Band: Loose Change
Garrangali: Mirri
Bob Brown: Give Me a  Home among the Gumtrees
Don Spencer: Kangaroo (the Super Marsupial)
Rosie Burgess: Random Acts
The Band of the South Australian Police: The Road to Gundagai
Kamerunga: Seisia
Lazy Harry: Waltzing Mathilda

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  1. This sounds great for the kids I love musicals and this one looks super cute.
    heather [email protected]