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Tic Tac® Mints Captures Spirit of Summer with New Limited Edition Summer Ice Pop Flavor #SummerIcePop (Review)

Disclosure:  I was sent samples from the vendor in order to write up an honest review.  All views shared are mine and mine alone.

"Today Tic Tac® mints, known for its iconic shape and unique packaging, is shaking things up with the launch of limited edition Summer Ice Pop Tic Tac® mints, the coolest flavor to heat up summer. These artificially flavored mints feature a delicious combination of blue Berry pills, red Cherry pills and white Lime pills. They offer a nostalgic nod to summertime memories and a patriotic treat for the season’s pool parties, barbecues and other gatherings this year."


You can't help but get excited for summer, which is right around the corner.  Here in New England, while the weather is unpredictable, we have been able to enjoy a few 70+ degree days.  And, this evening after my husband got home from work, he put the sprinkler on for the girls, who had a blast running around getting wet.  It didn't phase them that the water was cold...gotta love being a kid. :-)  When the weather gets warm like this, it is also the welcoming of the ice cream trucks visiting the kids in the neighborhood and stopping by the baseball fields, to cool down the kids (and adults) with frozen treats. 

Did you have a favorite frozen treat from the ice cream truck?  For me, it was a toss up between a screwball (the sherbet with a gumball in the bottom of the cup, a snow cone or an atomic bomb pop.  While it is hard to find snow cones and screwballs on ice cream trucks nowadays, it is nice to see that bomb pops are still popular, even with today's youth.  So, when the ice cream comes through out neighborhood, I can resist asking for a bomb pop, to satisfy my frozen treat craving. :-)  

But, when the weather is not ice cream preferable, I can still still enjoy an similar flavors thanks to the limited edition Summer Ice Pop Tic Tac® mints, which are available now through the end of summer.  When I was sent a few samples last week in the mail, I couldn't help but think that the red, white and blue Tic Tac® mints, while patriotic and the colors of the American flag, also resembled the atomic bomb pop frozen treat I love getting when the ice cream truck circles the neighborhood. :-)

And, unlike other Tic Tac® mints, these new limited edition ones also come with their own unique flavors -- cherry, lime and berry flavors.  Usually, I am not a fan of minty favorite Tic Tac® mints have always been the orange, I was happy to see that these new Tic Tac® mints didn't have a minty taste to them.  Instead, they were fruity in flavor, while not being too sweet.  I tried each flavor Tic Tac® mints individually, and then paired them, before putting the three different Tic Tac® mints in my mouth to enjoy.  However you choose to enjoy the new limited edition Summer Ice Pop Tic Tac® mints, you will find these to be a refreshing candy that will not only freshen your breath, but have you craving an atomic bomb pop,  or at least thinking back to your childhood and how you loved to order one off the ice cream truck when it drove through the neighborhood 

In celebration of the latest flavor, the brand will surprise and delight fans and followers on the Tic Tac USA Facebook Fan Page and Twitter (@TicTacUSA) with free samples, giving them an opportunity to taste the limited edition flavor. The Tic Tac® brand will also hit the streets of a few major cities this summer to share samples of the new flavor in a unique way. 

“We’re excited to launch this new, unexpected flavor that brings back a lot of great memories for our fans,” said Todd Midura, Marketing Director for Tic Tac® mints at Ferrero U.S.A., Inc. “The new Summer Ice Pop Tic Tac® mints capture the refreshing taste of a classic summer treat and give us a chance to create new memories.”

Now through the summer months, Summer Ice Pop Tic Tac® mints have been available for purchase at select convenience and grocery stores nationwide for a limited time only.  So, get them while they last! :-)

Share where you spot the red, white and blue packs of Tic Tac® mints with #SummerIcePop

The Tic Tac® brand is challenging its most loyal fans to be the first to find the new flavor in their hometowns. Those who spot it first are encouraged to share the wealth by revealing the location using the hashtag #SummerIcePop on social media properties.

To learn more about the Summer Ice Pop Tic Tac® mints or upcoming events, “Like” Tic Tac USA on Facebook ( and follow Tic Tac USA on Twitter (

And, if you are picking up the new Summer Ice Pop Tic Tac® mints, why not look for the new Strawberry Fields mints, too?  I found them the other day at Rite Aid and can't get enough of them.

The Tic Tac® brand was launched in the U.S. in 1969 by the Italian confection manufacturer Ferrero and has been a leading mint brand for over 40 years. Tic Tac® is sold worldwide. The Ferrero Company was established in 1946 in Alba, Italy. The company’s first product was made with hazelnuts and cocoa, resulting in the base ingredients for the world’s #1 selling sweet spread on the market today – Nutella® hazelnut spread. Since then the company has grown to become one of the world’s largest confectionery companies with a vast global portfolio that includes high-quality products such as Ferrero Rocher® chocolates, Raffaello® confections and Tic Tac® mints. Ferrero products are distributed globally throughout Europe, North America, Australia, Asia and South America. For more information, visit or

Disclosure:  I was sent samples from the vendor in order to write up an honest review.  All views shared are mine and mine alone.

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