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The HTC One (M8) Harman/Kardon Edition Smart Phone is in a Class Of Its Own! #MC #Sponsored

Disclosure:  I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting (#MC) for Sprint. I received a product sample to facilitate my review and to thank me for participating.

Remember last month when I shared that I was chosen to be a 2014 Sprint Mom Ambassador for the second year in a row (, and how I would be sharing my personal experiences testing various Sprint devices and service options over the course of the year?  In addition to my annoucnment, I also held a giveaway where one lucky reader had a chance to win a HTC One Max smart phone.  

This giveaway was so popular and received over 5500 entries.  Thanks to all that entered. :-)  Well, a few days after my giveaway ended, I received a package in the mail from Sprint.  Inside the box was not only a HTC One (M8) Harman/Kardon Edition for me to try out, but also a Harman Kardon Onyx Studio Bluetooth enabled portable speaker to use with my new smart phone, too.  


The all new HTC One (M8) is as beautiful to look at as it is to hold.
  • All-METAl UNiBODy: The all metal body with sleek lines and soft curves has been crafted to fit perfectly in the palm of your hand. It curves around the screen with no edges or seams to make it one of the most comfortable phones to hold. 
  • HTC SENSE 6: We’ve given the Sense 6 user experience a stylish new overhaul. It’s bolder, cleaner, and more colorful. Enhanced intuitive gesture recognition makes access to your phone faster and easier, and allows you to interact with your phone in ways you never thought possible.
  • Motion LaunchTM gestures
  • Custom themes and fonts
  • HTC Sense TVTM Sports – Real time sports scores and stats
  • HTC BlinkFeedTM – Your world at a glance
  • ZoeTM – Bring your stories to life

It felt like Christmas all over again.  I will not lie, I was a little jealous while holding the giveaway, as I wished I could have to won the phone.  After reading so many rave reviews about the new HTC One smart phones, especially how great the photo taking and overall sound quality for music lovers was, I wished it was time for me to upgrade my phone, as I would have definitely had gone with this one.

But, thanks to the folks at Sprint, they gave me the opportunity to review this amazing smart phone firsthand as part of their Sprint Mom 2014 Ambassador program.  I have been having so much fun trying out all the features of this phone, and have been filling up the memory with some great photos of the girls enjoying the nice weather.  And, when I find time myself having "me time" I can't help but grab my HTC One (M8) Harman/Kardon Edition smart phone and go for run outside now that the weather is nice, or will simply play around with it at night time when everyone is in bed.  I find listening to music both enjoyable and relaxing and the new HTC One (M8) Harman/Kardon Edition smart phone, with its 5-inch Full HD screen, makes listening to some of my current favorite songs like Passenger's "Let Her Go" or Lorde's "Team" sound amazing on such a small, sleek, and oh-so lightweight smart phone.  

Out of all the smart phones I have owned over the years, I can say without hesitation that the HTC One (M8) Harman/Kardon Edition smart phone is my favorite by far.  I love the Duo Camera with instant capture feature, the amazing picture quality of the camera itself and how you can take bigger panoramic pics, remove blurry results and add cool effects to pictures with one touch.  

Another cool feature of this smartphone which I just learned about and can't get enough of it  Sense TV, where you can say goodbye to your handheld remote

I also can't get over the sound quality that this phone offers.  The sound is none that I have ever experienced before from a smart phone.  A few times I found myself relaxing so much while listening to my tracks that when a song with major treble and base sequences came on, I thought I was dreaming as it sounded like I was listening to it live in concert.

Oh, and don't get me started on the access to Spotify’s catalogue of more than 20 million songs.  "As a part of Sprint’s new Sprint Sound Sessions, Sprint is giving customers access to Spotify’s catalogue of more than 20 million songs.Spotify allows users to play music on demand, create playlists, discover new music, share tracks with their friends, listen to songs offline, and listen to music without ads across multiple devices."

While I have satellite radio in my car, I found myself logging onto my Spotify account to listen to my favorite songs I have loaded into different playlists (kid-friendly, workout musics, easy listening, etc.) while driving in the car.  So long to the days of carrying an MP3 in my pocket while working out, or trying to find a good song on the car radio.  Now, I simply have to grab my HTC One (M8) Harman/Kardon Edition smart phone with the Harman/Kardon earbuds which comes with the new phone, and I will be ready to enjoy my favorite music on the go, while staying connected to family and friends.

The HTC One (M8) Harman/Kardon Edition offers unmatched audio quality and a complete music immersion experience that you will not find with other smart phones on the market today.  This phone is in its own class, and is sure to be a hit with mobile phone users who love phones with great features, a sleek design and stellar audio and video qualities. 

And, when I am not playing around with the phone, watching movies or music videos, I am having so much fun having impromptu dance parties in the house, and even outside with the girls, thanks to the portable bluetooth enabled Harman Kardon Onyx Studio speaker, which works with the HTC One (M8) Harman/Kardon Edition smart phone, as well as other blue-tooth enabled mobile devices.

Harman Kardon Onyx Studio front angle 3

Iconic design. Transportable sound. Connects wirelessly to your favorite Bluetooth® devices.

Harman Kardon Onyx Studio back angle 2

Harman Kardon's Onyx Studio provides the ultimate sound companion to all your smart Bluetooth® enabled devices, delivering room enriching sound through its 4 powered speakers and dual passive radiators. Onyx Studio's stunning good looks camouflage its wealth of wireless technologies inside, allowing for instant access to any of your Bluetooth® enabled devices and quality sound all around.

  • Exceptional performance from 4 powered speakers and dual passive radiators for extraordinary acoustics
  • Bluetooth® connectivity which connects wirelessly to any Bluetooth® enabled device
  • Sophisticated design and iconic styling for a highly distinctive shape
  • Available from Sprint for only $399.99.

We have a few other portable speakers, but none match up to the new Harman Kardon Onyx, exclusive to Sprint.  The other speakers are clunky or really don't blend well with the home decor in the rooms we have them in. Even the Harman Kardon Onyx is larger than the other wireless Portable Bluetooth Speakers we have, its black color and sleek style made it fit perfectly in any space.

Sound wise, I have never heard a Portable Bluetooth Speaker sound this good.  With its 4-speaker advanced acoustic platform, you feel like you are at a concert, or that this is a speaker that should be used by professional musicians to omit optimum sound to listeners.

Even if you don't have the new HTC One (M8) Harman/Kardon Edition smart phone, you can still use the Harman Kardon Onyx, as its  built-in Bluetooth, AirPlay, and DLNA, connects to all your home and mobile devices, including tablets.

The girls and I have been dancing around to our favorite songs.  And, while they just like dancing and acting goofy, I can't help but admire the crisp, clear sound that this 4-speaker portable speaker offers.  I love being able to control playback and stream songs to this speaker while in another room.  I love watching the girls' reaction when I do this, as they think it is magic. "How did the music come on? they always say, as we walk into the room and their favorite song starts playing. :-)  And, with 5 hours of portability, I see the Onyx Studio coming in handy for upcoming pool parties and summertime BBQs and firepit parties.  Music always makes parties more enjoyable, and this portable speaker with its full power sound will amaze and delight guests, just like it has been my family these past couple of weeks. :-)

If you love music, as much as I do, and love streaming it to portable Bluetooth speakers in your home, then you will want to check out the new Harman Kardon Onyx.  It will put your current portable speaker to shame, once you power it up and hear the highest quality sound, no matter what device or application you use.  This is definitely one tech gadget that will be at the top of everyone's wish list this year, including the upcoming Father's Day. And, don't forget to pair it with the HTC One (M8) Harman/Kardon Edition Smart phone -- the new Android smart phone for music lovers in mind.

Stay tuned in the coming months as I will be sharing more about Sprint and their product offering, as part of the 2014 Sprint Mom Ambassador program.  I will be sharing my personal experiences testing various Sprint devices and service options over the course of the year, and sharing them with you through posts here on my blog, as well as through my various social media channels, so be sure to keep an eye out for them. :-)

Disclosure:  I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting (#MC) for Sprint. I received a product sample to facilitate my review and to thank me for participating.

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