Friday, May 23, 2014

Don't Give Dad the "Annual Gift" This Father's Day! (Guest Post)

Are you the type of gift giver that gives “the annual gift?” Let me explain what I mean by the annual gift. Do you always get your mom an orchid on Mother’s Day, your brother a T-shirt from Express on his birthday and dad the inevitable sleeve of Titleist golf balls on Father’s Day? 

Well that’s about to change! I will admit dad isn’t the easiest to shop for, but you must also admit that a sleeve of golf balls isn’t exactly going to woo dad for the 10th year in a row. Of course a gift isn’t what Father’s Day is about, but since you’re probably going to get him a gift anyway, why don’t you let Blind Surprise help you out?  

Blind Surprise is a monthly gifting site that sends gifts based solely on our customers interests. The key to gifting is thinking outside of the box. The problem with thinking outside of the box is that you’re inside the box- you know exactly the kinds of products, tools, clothes, and toys that your dad uses every day and you’re inclined to get him something similar- BORING! I’ve always thought the best kind of gift is something that the person receiving the gift will use and love but that they wouldn’t think to buy for themselves. The challenge is finding these types of gifts at a reasonable cost....that’s what we do! We spend countless hours scouring the Internet for up and coming artists, designers and brands that are creating products that most retail stores have yet to discover. 

Blind Surprise is here to help you get something that will fit your Dad’s interests but it won’t necessarily be something that you or he would pick out. It’s simple to sign up too! All you have to do is go the Blind Surprise website and fill out a profile that will include 3 of your dad’s basic interests. Say your dad likes traveling, technology, and alcohol, you will check those 3 boxes and then based on those interests we will send your dad a gift. The cost of the monthly boxes is $31 for 1 month, $91 for 3 months, and $181 for 6 months.

Edited Gifts

Of course, Blind Surprise isn’t only for Father’s Day; it can be used anytime of the year for virtually anyone (even yourself!) and it’s a great way to guarantee that you’re not an “annual gifter” this year! 

This article was written by Ali Kitenplon, founder of Blind Surprise.

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  1. This sounds like a really cute idea and one I will keep in mind for Father's Day.
    heather [email protected]