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TruGreen Kicks off Springtime in America With Backyard Makeover Sweepstakes and Great Lawn Tips #Sponsored #MC #TruGreen

Disclosure: I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for TruGreen. I received a promotional item as a thank you for participating.

Finally, the snow here in CT is finally gone.  It is so nice to look out our windows and see the grass coming back and the flowers sprouting from the thawing ground.  And, with the warmer weather comes spring cleaning the house, as well as tending to the grass.  But, where to start?

"According to TruGreen’s Lawn Lifestyles National Survey.* The majority (69 percent) of Americans surveyed report that “seeing a green lawn in springtime makes me feel hopeful.”

If you had asked me years ago what needed to be done to keep your lawn looking full and green, I wouldn't be able to answer you.  Prior to buying our house, my husband and I had lived in an apartment and then a condo, where the grounds at both places were taken care of.  And, while growing up, I always thought that the grass would take care of itself, never knowing my father was out there putting down grass seed, weed killer and the 4-step plan.  I just thought he mowed and raked when needed.  So, it wasn't until I had a house of my own that I really saw firsthand what it takes to take care of and maintain a lawn, without having the weeds and moss overtake it.

Like most realtors and others tell you, curb appeal is #1 when buyers are looking to purchase a home, so you should always take care of your lawn.  
Lawn Pride Boosts Neighborhood Value

"The vibrant green of a healthy lawn and pop of color from blooming flowers and ornamentals tend to trigger the need to don gardening gloves. The majority (61 percent) of homeowners surveyed share that “springtime makes me excited to work in my yard.” Female homeowners (69 percent) are especially enthusiastic to get started, and they (58 percent) are optimistic in spring that “this will be the year my lawn will look its best.”

In fact, the majority (63 percent) of homeowners say that in springtime their neighborhood’s curb appeal improves and with it the neighborhood’s value. And they cite the lawn as a key. Most (78 percent) homeowners share that “healthy, green lawns specifically add value to my neighborhood.”"
Even if you aren't selling in the near future, it is better to keep it looking good now, than have to spend thousands of dollars to have new grass laid down or professional landscaping to be done.  But, when we were looking for our house, it was in the winter, so we didn't see the grass as it was covered in snow.  It wasn't until the spring came that we saw the front and back yards were just moss patches, with weeds everywhere.  The previous owners hadn't taken care of the lawn and you could tell.  

We were in for some real work to get it back to what it once looked like.  Because my husband and I were not familiar with what goes into fixing problems like the ones we saw, we called in the professionals -- the folks at TruGreen to be exact. Their customer service was excellent and after a few initial visits and then maintenance visits, our lawn was back to its healthy self, lush and vibrant green.  We were without kids at the times, but my husband and I pretended to be kids and took our shoes off and ran through our newly tended lawn.  I was amazed at how the grass felt and how it sprung back.  After the folks at TruGreen did what they had to do to bring back our lawn, they spent time with my husband and I to let us know what to do to maintain and make sure it never went back to what we saw after the thaw.  

While it seems like work and does take time, we love reaping the benefits of having a beautiful lawn.  We have curb appeal and the girls love running through the backyard barefoot (and, shhh, so do I) :-)

Here is a great video from the folks at TruGreen that shares for helpful tips to help you tackle your lawn problems this spring.  

To learn more about TruGreen services like the ones we had down to bring our grass back to life, or for more useful lawn care tips, visit the TruGreen website today.

So, as you prepare to spring clean the house, don't forget to take time and prep your lawn for the many wonderful backyard BBQs, parties and gatherings you have planned this summer.  I love seeing the green grass, and find myself wanting to spend more time outside enjoying our backyard and dining patio, as the view is so pretty. :-)

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Disclosure: I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for TruGreen. I received a promotional item as a thank you for participating.

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