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Last Minute Easter Book Ideas from Albert Whitman & Company (Review)

Disclosure:  I was sent review copies from the publisher in order to write up an honest review.  All views shared are mine and mine alone.

Still looking for a few non-candy Easter basket fillers?  Why not consider these cute Easter-themed books from one of my favorite children's book publishers, Albert Whitman & Company...

What Am I? Easter

Anne Margaret Lewis 
Tom Mills 
Published 2012
Age Levels: 2-5, Grades: Preschool-Kindergarten
Pages: 24
7.50" x 9.00"

"For young children, a lift-the-page look at what makes Easter special. From Spring flowers to the Easter parade, this is a sure hit for little ones as they guess "What Am I?" and lift the page to find out!"
My Thoughts:
This ended up being my youngest daughter, Bella's, favorite book to have me share with her.  She loved saying "What Am I?" and "What Could I Be?", sentences which appear on the opposite page of the book where the clue's about each special animal are given.  And, when the clues included sounds of the animals, she couldn't help but giggle as I tried to impersonate the animals we were guessing. :-)

Like other lift-the-flap books in our house, this book has become a favorite of the girls when they are looking for a book to pull from the bookcase and flip through and enjoy on their own. :-)  But, when we do get to cuddle up and read this book, it sure does make for a fun bonding experience, as I get to introduce fun, lovable animals and Easter-themed items with the girls, including chocolate bunnies, colorful painted Easter eggs, baby chicks, sheep and so much more.

I highly recommend this "My Look and See Holiday Book" for those looking for a fun way to introduce little ones to Easter.  And, it really gets the kids excited about all things related to the holiday including the Easter bunny, decorating eggs, nibbling on chocolate bunnies and more.

Looking for Easter

Dori Chaconas 
Margie Moore 
Published 2008
Published 2011
Age Levels: 4-7, Grades: Preschool-2
Pages: 32
8.00" x 10.00"
Illustrations: Full color

"Little Bunny can sense something new in the air, and it smells like sunshine and warm breezes. “It smells like Easter!” his friends tell him. But Little Bunny wonders: what is Easter? So he sets out through the forest on an early spring day to find out…
This sweet, simple story by Dori Chaconas conveys the spirit of the season through nature, while Margie Moore’s gentle, detailed watercolors reveal the new life of springtime."
My Thoughts:
After reading the above lift-the-flap book with the girls, I followed up by sharing this sweet story which answers the question many young children ask, "What is Easter?"  In this story, a little bunny leaves his burrow in search of finding what Easter is all about. As he sets out on his journey, he comes across his friends, who try to answer his question.  Some say Easter is about a basket and things to put inside it.  But, later the little bunny will learn that they are wrong.

I couldn't get over the beautiful watercolor illustrations that make up this Easter-themed book. My girls and I found ourselves lingering on each page, taking each the fine detail of the spring scenes, as little bunny journeyed through the woods.

It is not until the little bunny comes across the wren and Robin's nest with new baby birds that this question about Easter is answered.  In the end, the little bunny learns that Easter is about new life, which is all around us, every day of the year.  

This precious book would make for the perfect holiday reading with your children, and is one book you will find yourself pulling from the bookcase year after year.  This book has become a favorite in our house, as my girls continue to ask for it each night at bedtime.  


Other great Easter and Spring books available from Albert Whitman & Company also worth checking out include the following...



"Rhyming text follows two children as they celebrate Easter with their family by decorating eggs, enjoying Easter baskets, going to church, and returning home to an egg hunt and Easter dinner."

Sweet Dreams, Little Bunny!


"Bedtime is a cozy time. Mama Bunny makes even picking up toys fun! Then there's a bath for Little Bunny and his Ducky, a snack, and Little Bunny brushes his own teeth (with some help). Now, with teddy bear and books it's time to go upstairs and cuddle into bed. Sweet dreams, Little Bunny! The youngest audience will love Maribeth Boelts's simple, warm story and Kathy Parkinson's bright pictures of familiar activities."

What's So Special about Planet Earth?


"Move to another planet?  Sounds interesting!  In our imaginary spaceship, let's check out the planets in our solar system. 
Mercury is closest, but it has no air, and it's either sizzling hot or bitterly cold.  The atmosphere on Venus is poisonous; plus, human beings would cook there.  Mars might work, but you'd always have to be in a protective shelter.  And if you got to the outer planets, you couldn't even land as they are mostly made of gas! 
Our home planet is looking good.  Why is Earth so comfortable for plants, animals, and people?  As Robert E. Wells explains, it's because of our just-right position form the sun, marvelous atmosphere, and abundant water.  Our planet is very special and perfect for us, and that's why we must do all we can to keep Earth healthy."

Tails of Spring Break


"Everyone, it seems, is going somewhere fun for spring break—everyone except Katie Jordan and her family. Even her best friend, Sierra, is going to Hawaii! But then, Katie realizes she’s not the only one being left behind—what about all those poor lonely pets? And so Katie sets out to save her spring break by starting a pet-sitting business, starting with Sierra’s cat. But Katie hadn’t bargained on having a business partner—especially not someone as awful as Claire Plummer! When Claire’s dad has to go out of town, she has to stay in Katie’s room, and before they know it, they have a moody cat, an excitable dog, and dozens of fish to look after—together. But do the two girls have more in common than they realized?"

Lulu and the Rabbit Next Door (Book 4)


"When Lulu's next-door neighbor doesn't seem to be looking after his rabbit properly, Lulu and her cousin Mellie devise a scheme to make him pay more attention to his pet."

Stone Soup with Matzoh Balls

"An old man walks into the town of Chelm asking for food. The townspeople claim they  have nothing to share, but the man explains that he can make enough food for everyone with just a stone. The townspeople are intrigued and watch the man as he creates a pot of delicious matzoh ball soup. As he begins to cook, he asks for one ingredient and then another, which the townspeople provide. In the end, they have unknowingly contributed to making a Seder feast for all to share!"


Stay tuned, as I will be sharing other great last minute Easter gift ideas this afternoon and tomorrow in case you are still finding yourself wondering what you will fill your child's basket with for Easter this Sunday. :-)

Disclosure:  I was sent review copies from the publisher in order to write up an honest review.  All views shared are mine and mine alone.

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  1. These sure are some cute Easter books and at great prices I will have to keep these in mind for next year.
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