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Forgot to Take Something Out for Dinner Tonight? Let KFC and Their 20-Piece Dip'Ems Bucket Save the Day - Review and #Giveaway

Disclosure:  I was given a gift certificate from the vendor in order to purchase and sample their food.  However, all views shared are mine and mine alone.

Giveaway closed...Congrats to Jamie S.

Colonel Sanders

Usually I am good when it comes to having a weekly menu planned out, and food ready to cook up each day.  But, when I find myself stressed about because the girls are acting up, not napping, etc., when it comes time to get into the kitchen to prep food, it is just not happening.  And, last night was one of those days.  The girls woke up a few times in the night, and then were ready to start their day at 5AM.  I had gone to bed around 2AM after blogging, and then from getting up with them, I found myself dragging all morning.  Hoping for a nap mid morning, the girls must have sensed my request as they fought a nap tooth and nail, and ultimately didn't take one.  Just the process of trying to get them to nap was tiring.  As the day went on, I couldn't gain energy needed to get in the kitchen and cook.  Nor were the girl cooperating, allowing me to cook without keep both eyes on them at all times.  If I looked away, Bella was climbing over the baby gate and making a mad dash upstairs, or she would pop open the hall gate and rush into the bathroom to play with the water in the sink.  Good times. :-)  

If you are a mom of children, then you know the type of day I was having yesterday, and cooking and the thought of washing all those pots and dishes was the last thing I wanted to do.  Thankfully, the folks at KFC had recently sent me KFC gift checks to use and try out their 20-piece Dip'Ems bucket with 6 dipping sauces.  I had planned to pick up KFC over the weekend, but with the day that I was having yesterday, KFC came to the rescue.

The KFC favorite Dip'ems® Bucket contains 20 Extra Crispy™ Tenders accompanied by six sauces. KFC Dip'ems Tenders are all-breast meat, freshly-prepared and hand-breaded- and with signature sauces like Honey BBQ, Creamy Ranch, Creamy Buffalo and Honey Mustard, along with the return of Orange Ginger and Bacon Ranch sauces for a limited time. (Photo: Business Wire)

Dip 'Ems are back at KFC for a limited time -- Pick up either a 20-chicken tenders bucket or a $5 combo meal today.

Have you seen the commercial airing on television about the 20-piece Dip'ems bucket?  If not, here it is for your viewing pleasure... :-)  

Even thought the Dip'ems bucket and 6 dipping sauces is not something new at KFC, as they have offered it in years back, they are running a promotion right now where they are asking how you and your family do KFC and ask you to share your responses along with photos using the hashtag #HowDoYouKFC.


Dipping is not just for kids anymore when you pick up the KFC 20-piece Dip'ems bucket, with 6 dipping sauces.  I have shared in the past how my girls are picky eaters, especially Savannah.  But, they can never turn way chicken tenders.  So, knowing the type of day I was having, I didn't want to worry about having to run all over creation picking up food that I knew the girls would eat without a fuss.  I knew this bucket filled with these tasty chicken tenders from KFC would make them happy and fill their tummies.

KFC's chicken tenders are made from juicy, 100 percent premium all-white meat chicken, marinated and double-breaded in special seasonings. While they are tasty enough on their own, there is also the option to dip them in six fun and flavorful Dip'ems sauces. Dipping sauces included with the Dip'Ems bucket are Creamy Buffalo, Orange Ginger and Bacon Ranch, along with KFC's popular line-up of Honey BBQ, Honey Mustard and Creamy Ranch.

What do moms really think of fast food chicken? A new survey commissioned by KFC confirms that quality is the big question.

Even after a crazy day with the girls, it was nice to have everyone gather around the table for a family meal.  My girls love to dip things, so they had a blast trying out each of the six dipping sauces to find out which was their favorite.  Savannah found herself reaching for the Honey Mustard dipping sauce, while Bella was a fan of Creamy Ranch.  As for my husband and I, were can't get enough of creamy buffalo, which has just the right amount of zing and heat, that makes you keep dipping. :-)

If the girls were a little older maybe we could have finished the whole bucket of chicken tenders.  But, they were only have to eat two chicken tenders each, and my husband and I had four and were fill.  In addition to the 20-piece chicken tenders, this family meal also came with 4 biscuits and two large sides.  We ended up getting their potato wedges with the girls, and mashed potatoes and gravy for husband and I.  My husband wasn't sure if we would have enough food...I secretly think he just wanted lunch for the next day -- so we ended up adding a Kentucky Grilled Chicken combo meal with a  breast/wing, biscuit and an individual side of cole slaw and medium soft drink to the order.  

KFC KY Grilled Chicken

We had no room at the inn, and so he ended up taking this for lunch today. 

Thankfully, the girls were full after dinner and tired from not sleeping all day, so they went down relatively easy when it came time for bedtime.  Even though they woke up early this AM because of going to bed a little early, I will take it, as I was able to catch up on some work last night and still manage to go to bed at a decent hour.  And, for lunch today, while my husband enjoys the leftover KFC grilled chicken combo, the girls and I will eat the leftover chicken tenders. :-)

Extra Crispy Tenders

So, if you are finding yourself wondering what to make for dinner tonight, or are having one of those days like I  had yesterday, why not let KFC make dinner time a breeze by picking up their 20-piece chicken tender bucket with 6 dipping sauces.  Here in CT, the 20-piece Dip'ems buckets cost $25.99 plus tax (prices vary per location), and came with the 20 chicken tenders, 4 biscuits and 2 large sides -- enough food to feed 4-6 people.  There is also a special plastic lid  that comes with the bucket to hold all six sauce together for convenient dipping (in case you don't want to, you know, place them on the table or something).

If a 20-piece bucket is too much for your family, or you are just looking for a great tasting meal on-the-go, you can also enjoy KFC's chicken tenders with their Dip'Ems Combo, which is only $5.00 for a limited time.

The new KFC Dipems Combo - $5.00

Don't forget to sign up for the KFC Colonel's Club to received special offers and coupons via email.  Click here to visit the KFC wesbite to browse their menu and to find a KFC location near you today --  And, make sure you join in the fun and make sure you share photos of your family showing how you do KFC by using the hashtag #HowDoYouKFC.


Thanks to the kind folks at KFC, one lucky reader will win $25 in KFC gift checks, so that they can enjoy a stress-free dinner at KFC soon.  The first person to email me at rmccoy1234 at gmail dot com and tells me which of the 6 dipping sauces from KFC they love or are most excited about trying, will win the $25 gift checks, which I will mail out today. Good luck!

Disclosure:  I was given a gift certificate from the vendor in order to purchase and sample their food.  However, all views shared are mine and mine alone.

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