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Spring Clean Your House and Diet + Helpful Tips from Sharon Richter, R.D. and #Giveaway #SpringIntoBalance

Disclosure:  I was sent samples from the vendor in order to write up an honest review.  All views shared are mine and mine alone.

"While people traditionally consider Spring Cleaning to mean window washing, shower scrubbing and more, Balance Bar is celebrating the change in season by setting the refresh button and “cleaning up” some of our bad eating habits and introducing some healthier habits – including healthy snacking!"

While many of you are celebrating St. Patrick's Day today, I am gearing up for major spring cleaning at our house.  I am so done with the snow, and was happy to see the grass and tulip bulbs peaking out of the ground this weekend, when we were finally able to take the girls to the local playground to play.  It was hard to see who was more happier about spring being right around the corner, March 20th to be exact.  The park was filled with family who were itching just like we were to finally get outside and enjoy time together.  But, with the spring and warmer weather means cleaning in our house.  How about you?  

Right now, I have trash bags full of clothes that the girls no longer fit into, along with toys that they have outgrown, that I have to bring to Goodwill. Once I can move these things, which are taking up space in our basement, I can finally roll up my sleeves and give the house a good cleaning, which is needs.  Usually when spring arrives, I will have my husband take the girls out for the day, while I clean the house.  I can get so much done if the house is empty.

Now that the parks and playgrounds are free of snow (crossing fingers that we don't get any more snow), I told myself to plan to take the girls out this upcoming Sunday, so that I can clean from top to bottom.  He will drop off the donations, and spend quality Daddy and Me time with the girls, which he doesn't get working all week long.  As for me, I will start my day of cleaning by having a healthy balanced breakfast to give me energy to get moving.  Then, when I find myself needing to recharge, I will reach for a Balance Bar.  

Recently, I was sent a sampling of gluten-free Balance Bars to sample in Dark Chocolate PeanutDark Chocolate Crunch and Dark Chocolate Coconut flavors.  I am no stranger to Balance Bars, and have shared reviews and news about new flavor additions over the years.  But, of the flavors recently sent, I had never tried their dark chocolate coconut, which I was eager to try.  Being a chocolate lover, I know that chocolate paired with sweet coconut is a great combination.  And, after taking the first bite of the Dark Chocolate Coconut Balance Bar, I was in heavy.  This 40-30-30 ( 40% of total calories, 30% from protein and 30% from dietary fat) nutrition energy bar, which has 139 grams of protein and is gluten free, was full of flavor and really boosted my energy levels.  I was hoping to stash a few bars for my upcoming spring cleaning, but these nutrition bars were so delicious, that I kept reaching for them, when I was in need for an energy boost, on the go and needing a healthy snack, or just to satisfy my sweet tooth.  My husband, who is also a fan of Balance Bars, also kept reaching for one, to bring to work with me.  And, when we went out this weekend, I found a stash of them in the glove box, that he said he had in case he was stuck in traffic and needed a snack/treat, or was hungry after the gym.  I just smiled, as I knew that I had done the same thing in my car. :-)

If you have never tried Balance Bars, and love healthy snacks or nutritional bars, then you will want to try the assortment of flavors now available.  Each bar has 4 grams of fiber, is Kosher, packed with 13 grams of protein and is an excellent source of antioxidants (vitamins A, C and E) and Vitamin D.  Chocolate lovers like myself will go crazy for flavors like dark chocolate crunch and dark chocolate peanut.  Each and every bite you take is full of flavor.  And, if you have gluten allergies, you will be happy to find that these nutritional bars are gluten free.  Click here to learn more about Balance Bars, including flavors available and to locate a store near you who sells these nutritional bars --

In addition to being sent samples of Balance Bars, I was also sent White Tea & Bamboo All Purpose Cleaner and Hand Soap from JR Watkins to sample.  I think this is what got me excited about spring cleaning.  Yes, you read that right, "excited about spring cleaning."  :-)  Have you ever tried JR Watkins products?  Their quality is what you would expect from high end products, while being very affordable, which I love.  I especially loved the smell of the all purpose cleaner.  It was not overpowering and left the house smelling amazing.  I ended up putting the hand soap in the guest bath for family and friends to enjoy.  Can't wait to hear what they think of it.  :-)

Need a little push to get ready for spring cleaning your house and your diet?  Here are some great tips from registered dietitian Sharon Richter that will help with your "spring cleaning":

·         Step 1: Empty everything from your food pantry. It’s okay to start with a mess and you’ll be surprised what’s hiding in there!
·         Step 2: Throw away anything that has expired, has been open for more than a couple weeks or you know you’re just not going to use.
·         Step 3: Organize everything by category – snacks, meal starters, nuts and dried fruits, oils/dressings, cereal and carbs, etc.
·         Step 4: Check the labels. Here are a couple ingredients you simply shouldn’t have in any foods: hydrogenated oil, HFCS, MSG
·         Step 5: Make sure you have plenty of portion controlled snacks readily available and at the front of the pantry. You tend to eat more of what is eye-level or easily accessible. I always stock up on Balance Dark Bars.

And, don't forget to follow Balance Bar and JR Watkins on their social media pages to stay up-to-date on special offers, news, promotions/giveaways and so much more....

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Love Twitter parties?  Then join me for the upcoming Balance Bar Twitter Chat this Thursday, March 20th at 3 PM EST. @BalanceBar and @TheRichterReco will be hosting a live, one-hour Twitter chat using the hashtag #SpringIntoBalance.  Hope to see you there! :-)


I am so excited to offer this giveaway to my readers. Thanks to the kind folks at Balance Bar and JR Watkins, one lucky reader will win the same a Spring Into Balance Spring Cleaning sampler package that I was sent.  The winner will receive a sampling of Balance Bars and  J.R. Watkins White Tea & Bamboo Hand Soap and J.R. Watkins White Tea & Bamboo All-Purpose Cleaner (A retail value of $30 Value).  To enter, please complete the entries on the Rafflecopter form below.  Good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway Disclosure:  I was sent samples from the vendor in order to write up an honest review.  All views shared are mine and mine alone.

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