Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Jaleigh Johnson's THE MARK OF THE DRAGONFLY - A Magical Adventure Story in Stores TODAY!

Disclosure:  I was sent a review copy from the publisher in order to write up an honest review.  All views shared are mine and mine alone.

Three Unlikely Friends Marked for Greatness

One is smart. One is brave. 
And one is hiding a secret that could cost them their lives.

First printing of 100,000 copies and a major marketing and publicity campaign supporting its release.

«Johnson's narrative is marked by colloquial language and blends societal decay with a sense of burgeoning technological innovation…a page-turner that defies easy categorization and ought to have broad appeal.”—Publishers Weekly, Starred

«Heart, brains and courage find a home in a steampunk fantasy worthy of a nod from Baum…
A well-imagined world of veritable adventure.”—Kirkus Reviews, Starred

«A fantastic and original tale of adventure and magic with steampunk elements and a little romance thrown in. The landscapes the girls pass through are imaginatively depicted and cinematically described (streets lit by glowing “night eye flowers”). Fierce battles are tempered with humor, and Piper is a heroine to fall in love with: smart, brave, kind, and mechanically inclined to boot!”—School Library Journal, Starred

"Jaleigh Johnson’s first book for middle-grade readers is the story of a mysterious girl, a magical world, a dangerous journey, and the true meaning of friendship and family. THE MARK OF THE DRAGONFLY(Delacorte Books for Young Readers / On Sale March 25, 2014 / Ages 10 up) is a thrilling adventure story with the feel of a timeless classic.

In the scrap towns, a day’s pay depends on what you find in the Meteor Fields. Storms rain down objects from other lands, and ever since Piper’s father died, scavenging is the only way for her to survive. Until the day she strikes gold. Unconscious, lying in the fields amid the rubble, is a girl. She’s beautiful and well-dressed . . . and has a dragonfly tattooed on her wrist. The mark of the dragonfly means the girl is from the Dragonfly Territories. If Piper can get her back there, she might get a reward and be able to start a new life.

The 401 train is the safest way to get to the Dragonfly Territories, but Piper will have to sneak aboard, and convincing the girl to join her seems unlikely—until there’s a knock on Piper’s door and she learns that the girl is more valuable than she could ever have imagined. There are people who want her back, and they won’t stop until they have her. Piper wants a new life, but running for it isn’t how she thought she’d get there. And the race to the Dragonfly Territories looks like it might be impossible to finish alive.

With a cast of characters who stand up and walk off the page, THE MARK OF THE DRAGONFLY has an action-packed plot, a page-turning pace, and a vivid, unique setting that will charm girls and boys who want to escape into another world."


My Thoughts:

Usually I am not one to sit down and read a YA book, but after books like Harry Potty and Twilight, that found adults reaching for the books after their children were done with them, I can't help but stop by the YA book section when in bookstores to see what is available. Recently, I was saved a trip to the bookstore, as the kind folks at Random House sent along a review copy of THE MARK OF THE DRAGONFLY to read.  The cover art alone with intrigue you, and as you or your child sit down to read the first few pages of this new release, you will be pulled in, and find yourself having a difficult time in putting the book down.  I ended up reading this book in an evening because it was so good, and I wanted to see how it ended.  Don't worry, I will not spoil the ending. :-)

This new release from Jaleigh Johnson is sure to be a hit among the YA audience (middle-grade and up), and even adults you like this sort of book.  You will feel like you are a fly on the wall as you watch Piper, Anna and Glee, as they take on a magical and at times dangerous journey.  Will these fearless heroes survive the journey?  With twists and turns and heart-stopping chapters, readers will find themselves hoping for the best for these three and holding their breath as they turn the page to see what happens next.  The story line and characters are well developed, making this the perfect page turner for young audiences.  I am a new fan of Jaleigh Johnson after reading this book, and will continue to keep an eye out for future releases.  I can't wait to hear what you and your children think of this book after you are done reading it...and passing it around to family and friends to enjoy.

Disclosure:  I was sent a review copy from the publisher in order to write up an honest review.  All views shared are mine and mine alone.

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