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I Finally Said Goodbye to my Landline Phone Thanks to Scratch Wireless #MC #Sponsored

Disclosure:  I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting (#MC) for Scratch Wireless. I received a product sample to facilitate my review.

Last month I introduced you all to the new wireless company, Scratch Wireless, which offers free text, data and voice services when connected to Wi-Fi (Click here to read my previous post about Scratch Wireless).  My 10 yr. old niece has been using the phone I was sent for review, while I ended up purchasing another Motorola Photon Q Android device from Scratch Wireless.  You want to know how much I love this phone and it wireless service?  I liked it so much that I ended up cancelling my other cell phone plan, which was $50 a month, and even transferred my residential landline phone number to the Motorola Photon Q Android phone and got rid of our landline phone service altogether.  

Because I am a stay-at-home/work-at-home mom with Wi-Fi service, I am able to take advantage of free text, voice and data services by tapping into my home Internet service.  And, when I am on the go, if I am not in an area that offers free Wi-Fi, I have the option of buying a daily data or voice pass to have full data and voice access for only $1.99 per pass (you need to buy a separate pass for voice and another pass for data access)/day, or purchase a monthly date or voice plan, which gives me 30 days of access -- texting is always FREE.  

While I like the option of only buying a data or voice pass when needed for only $1.99/day, because I am using this phone as my home, work and on-the-go phone, I have been purchasing the monthly data and voice passes, which are only $15/30 day for either the data pass or voice that works out to only $30 plus taxes for carrying both the data and voice plans each month.  That way, I don't have to worry about buying daily passes and going above the flat monthly rate for these passes.

As for my niece, because we gave her this phone as a way to show her that we think is growing up and can take on more responsibility, she can access the free data and voice services by tapping into our Wi-Fi at home.  And, on the occasions where she is in area where there is no Wi-Fi and we are not responding to her texts, then we allow her to buy a daily pass.  She loves having a phone like most of her friends, which is new and full of fun features (which I will discuss in a minute), and can even use the data and voice services while at school as they have free Wi-Fi.  So, when she is ready to be picked from an after school activity, she can call us and let us know.  Or, if she forgets her homework, a book, gym clothes, etc., she can call us and we can get the stuff to her.  

Like I have shared in the past, with all the school shootings and kidnappings that we keep reading about in the news, I wanted to have peace of mind when it comes to my kids in school, and having them have access to a mobile phone in case they ever had to get in touch with us when in trouble.  It is a far cry from when I was a child, and used to bring a few quarters in a Ziploc bag in case I had to use the school's payphone outside the main office.  Nowadays, everyone has a phone and is connected practically 24/7.

Besides not needing a contract or having to pay as you go like other non-contract wireless services (where you have to keep a phone current with minutes or with service even if you don't use it all the time), the Motorola Photon Q Android device that you get when signing up with Scratch Wireless is filled with great features that kids and adults will like.  Like I said in my previous post, besides the peace of mind that Scratch Wireless offers parents, the Motorola Photon Q Android device has all the bells and whistles that tweens/teens are looking for in a cell phone.

I sat down this weekend to talk with my niece about the Motorola Photon Q Android device and ask her what her favorite features and apps were.  While we agreed on our love for certain features, I noticed that she was more into the free games available through the Google Play store, as well as texting with her friend, which was free and not a pay per text service like our other phone plan was.

In order to sign up for a Scratch Wireless plan, you have to purchase a Motorola Photon Q Android device from their website for $269.00.

With an amazing touch screen, dual high-resolution cameras, fast networking capabilities, and access to the entire Google Play Store, our smartphone does everything you want and more. It's even got a keyboard for texting addicts.

Here are the specs on this phone:

We have been putting the new Motorola Photon Q Android phone to the test, along with the pay as you go Scratch Wireless voice and date plans.  And, so far, the only negative comment we have is that the picture taking quality is not that good compared to our other cell phones.  But, other than that -- we are loving the features of this Android phone, including the slide out keyboard for easy texting and game playing.  

My husband has been using the phone to watch a lot of YouTube and streaming videos to try out the phone.  He was impressed with the overall sound and picture quality of the phone.  The videos were crisp and clear, making this a great phone for Skype calls with the grandparents, gaming online or simply watching movies or streaming shows from your mobile device, like my husband and I like to do.

I am not usually one for slide out keyboards, but I have to say after a few days of using the keyboard, I was hooked and have not gone back to tapping at the on-screen keyboard.  I was always frustrated when typing on my mobile phones, as it wouldn't capture what I was typing and I would spend more time going back to edit emails or text messages.  But, by using the slide-out keyboard, I have not had to go back and edit things, as I am hitting each key specifically and the phone recognizes this, which I love.

Because I blog, I am always reaching for my Motorola Photon Q Android phone to check my Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and other social media sites through the apps I have downloaded to the phone.  And, when the girls want face time with the grandparents, I have Skype installed on the phone, so we can call and have a video chat.

My previous phone was an Android phone, so I am very familiar with the Google Play store and the apps they offer.  I was able to download all the apps for work and play that I had on my other phone onto the Motorola Photon Q Android phone, and didn't have to worry about not being able to use apps I was used to or found useful for work.

While the ability to use the data and voice services free with Wi-Fi is not really a phone feature, my family can't stop raving about this.  Gone are the days I hesitate to open the cell phone bills as I don't want to be hit with a crazy high priced bill.  With Scratch Wireless, I know what the monthly costs will be if I choose to buy a monthly pass.  Or, in the case of my niece, we only pay $1.99/day when she finds herself in a non free Wi-Fi area and needs to reach us outside of the free texting.  

If you are looking to cut costs when it comes to your family's cell phone bills, or are on the fence about getting your child(ren) a cell phone of their own, you will want to check out Scratch Wireless.  We have been using the service and phone for almost two months now, and have noticed that the Motorola Photon Q Android and Scratch Wireless service has already made a world of difference in regards to staying in touch with our on-the-go family, and has shown us that our kids are responsible when it comes to having their own cell phones.

To learn more about this Motorola Photon Q Android phone or Scratch Wireless and their pay as you go access, click here now -

--Win a Motorola Photon Q Android device from Scratch Wireless--

Each month, Scratch Wireless gives away a Motorola Photon Q Android device through its ‘Fan of the Month’ contest. To enter, all you have to do is comment with what your monthly wireless bill costs on the contest hosted on the Scratch Wireless Facebook page

Disclosure:  I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting (#MC) for Scratch Wireless. I received a product sample to facilitate my review.

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