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Get a FREE Variety Pack of Crio Brü's 100% Premium Cocoa Blend Drinks Which Brews Up Like Coffee -- Just Pay $4.97 S/H (Review)

Disclosure:  I was sent samples from the vendor in order to write up an honest review.  All views shared are mine and mine alone.

Crio Brü

When it comes to beverages like beer, mixed drink and coffee, you have to have an acquired taste for each. For me, I never liked the taste of beer, no matter the brew.  And, I only started to like coffee when flavored coffees became popular.  And, go figure, my love of dark coffee only came about when I would work 60+ hours in my previous job and then again when I welcomed the girls and found myself up throughout the night and dragging in the AM. So, when it comes to sampling new coffees, blends, etc., I know that you have to an acquired taste for it, and that I may not like it.  Well, this was the case when I was recently sent two of Crio Brü's varieties -- Maya and Cavalla -- both brewed cocoa drinks made from 100% pure premium cocoa beans.  

"Crio Brü is a brewed drink made from 100% premium cocoa beans, roasted to perfection. Named after the most prized of cacao beans, the Criollo, Crio Brü will astound your taste buds with its complex flavors and subtle aromas which come right from the cocoa bean itself! It is 100% natural and 100% pure.
Crio Brü
Each cup of Crio Brü is rich in health benefits, such as antioxidants and minerals, has low calories and carbs, and no fat, sugar, sodium or gluten. Made from one of the best superfoods on earth, this delicious drink is by far one of the healthiest you can incorporate into your diet.
And brewing Crio Brü is easy! Any way that you can make coffee, you can make Crio.

Crio Brü is a single ingredient product which means the unique flavors in each Crio Brü varietal are found naturally in the cocoa bean itself! "

But, go figure, when I don't like something, my husband can't get enough of it.  Maybe it is because he read on the label how this cocoa drink was healthy with the following features:

*Sugar Free
*Gluten Free
*Antioxidant Rich
*Cholesterol Free
*Fat Free
*Sodium Free
*Reduces Hunger
*Increases Energy

Like I said, we were sent the Maya and Cavalla varieties to sample.  Each had their own flavors that you could pick out and taste with each sip.  For the Maya blend, this brewed cocoa's flavors included fiery cayenne pepper with warm vibrant cinnamon and soothing ground vanilla beans, blended with premium chocolaty cocoa grounds.  The Cavalla drink had flavor notes of coconut and cinnamon, which is found naturally in premium cocoa beans from the Ivory Coast.

Flavor Notes Found Naturally in the Cocoa Bean

Being a chocolate and cocoa lover, I was really excited to try Crio Brü seeing that it was made from 100% roasted and ground cocoa beans.  And, just like the label said, this drink brewed up just like coffee either with a coffee maker or french press.  My husband and tried both brewing ways, and found that it brewed up better and with more flavor when we used our french press.

My mom will be coming to visit the girls this weekend, and is eager to try out the two Crio Brü blends, as I have been talking to her about it, and sharing how this is a great superfood drink that is full of antioxidants, low in calorie and cholesterol free making it a great heart healthy drink to brew up and enjoy.  

If you are looking for a unique tasting brewed drink to replace your current coffee in the AM, why not give Crio Brü's varieties a try.  Out of the two sent, my husband's favorite is the Cavalla blend, as it is a full bodied chocolate drink, with hints of coconut and cinnamon.  To learn more about Crio Brü, including ordering online visit their website at  And, if you do get a chance to try out this chocolaty drink, I would love to hear what you thought of it.  I so wish that I loved this drink being a chocolate lover and all.  But, all least my husband found a new drink to brew up in the AM.  And, I have to admit as it brews, it smells amazing with the hints of vanilla, cinnamon and chocolate. 


Experience cocoa the way it was meant to be! You'll enjoy the healthy and delicious chocolaty flavors of Crio's best selling Crio Brü varietals - Cavalla and Coca River. 

Get Both the Cavalla and Cocoa River varietals FREE -- Just pay $4.97 shipping and handling.  Click here to order your FREE variety pack from Crio Brü now -

 Disclosure:  I was sent samples from the vendor in order to write up an honest review.  All views shared are mine and mine alone.

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  1. I would really love to try this product. I love that it is fat free and sugar free and gives you energy. Thanks for sharing as I had never heard of them before I read your post.
    heather [email protected]