Monday, March 3, 2014

Fun to Eat Fruit™ Will Make You Smile All Day Long! -- And, Get Picky Eaters to Eat Fruit :-) (Review)

Disclosure:  I was sent samples from the vendor in order to write up an honest review.  All views shared are mine and mine alone.

Fun to Eat Fruit™—apples, pears, nectarines, and plums—will make you smile all day long!

Are your children picky eaters?  I used to only have one picky eater, Savannah.  But, now that Bella is copying everything her big sister does, whenever she sees Savannah turn away food, she will do the same --even if she likes it.  This has made mealtimes difficult, as I have to find foods or sneak in foods to dishes, so that the girls will eat a well-balanced meal.  While they turn away most meals I make, when it comes to snacking throughout the day, they are always asking for seconds. Go figure!  

Knowing that the girls love their snacks, I try to find an assortment of snack foods that are not only great tasting for picky eaters, but are also healthy options.  Luckily, the girls love their fruit.  From strawberries and blueberries to bananas and peaches, I can fill the girls' plates with a fruit cup and they will devour it.  :-)  With Savannah going through her "no try" phase I have to find fun ways to get her to try new things.  So, I took to the Internet to find healthy snack foods, products and even bento box cookbooks and molds to make meal times a little easier.

My search led me to the Fun to Eat Fruit™ Company, based out of NH.  The Fun to Eat Fruit™ Company's mission is dedicated to encouraging healthy eating habits for children and adults. When I stumbled across this website, I knew that their product offering would not only be great for parents, but companies, including small business owners and mom and dad entrepreneurs would also find this unique offering a great marketing tool.

·         For Kids: Fun to Eat Fruit™ helps you help your children eat healthier…it’s kid-tested, Eco-friendly (pre-washed with no stickers) and U.S. grown & produced.

·         For Biz Professionals: Are you looking for a healthy way to stand out? Fun to Eat Fruit™ provides a unique and healthy marketing medium for your custom message or logo—it’s good for you and your business! Fun to Eat Fruit™ makes great business gifts, trade show giveaways or employee snacks. Visit! Let us put your custom image on fresh fruit today

I was sent two tubes of fruit, with 4 apples in each.  One tube had red apples with smiley faces on them, while the other had green apples with four leaf clovers -- perfect for St. Patrick's Day. 

So, how do they get the images on the apples and it is safe to eat?

"Fun to Eat Fruit™ is a creative way to help your children eat healthier. It’s kid-tested, Eco-friendly (pre-washed with no stickers) and American-made.

Our customers receive only the freshest, highest-quality U.S. fruit, including apples, pears, nectarines and plums. The safe-to-eat ink used to create the images is approved by the FDA and is certified kosher (similar to the ink you find on M&M candy)."

I have been trying to get Savannah to eat apples again -- she loved them this past fall when we went apple picking.  But, since them, she says yuck or will take a bite and spit out the skin before walking away.  I hoped that with the fun images on the apple, that this would entice her and Bella to eat apples again. worked.  :-)  

Savannah thought that it was the coolest thing and kept asking for the smiley face apples.  It was so nice to see both girls sitting down and enjoying an entire apple, without spitting out skin or pieces for me to pick up.  Bella was the only one who took to the green apples of the two, as Savannah through they were too sour for her.  Hey, I will take her liking red apples any day.  

Since sampling these two apple tubes from the Fun to Eat Fruit™ Company, I have been able to get the girls to eat apples -- even without the images on them.  They now go with me each week to pick up fresh fruits to snack on during the week.  And, when it comes to having lunch and dinner, I make a point to offer an assortment of fruit slices for them to enjoy...after they eat their lunch.  While it takes longer for them to eat lunch, they eventually eat it, just so that they can have their fruit slices. :-)

If you find yourself struggling to get your picky eaters to eat, why not try offering them apples with fun images on them from the Fun to Eat Fruit™ Company?  Even if my girls don't eat a meal during the day, I know that they are getting nutrients from the fruit and other healthy snack options I provide them.  And, I am always reminded by friends and family not to stress about them going hungry as they will not.  They will also eventually come around when they are hungry and eat.  I just have to be patient -- and not run a kitchen. :-)

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"After trying nature’s freshest fruits enhanced with our safe-to-eat custom images and personalized messages, you’ll wonder why Mother Nature didn’t think of this herself!"

To learn more about these fruit tubes with fun images on them from the Fun to Eat Fruit™ Company for your family, or for a promotional campaign for your business, organization or school event, click here now --  Fun to Eat Fruit™ comes in a bruise-proof package: it’s totally tubular! Purchase fruit in multiples of 4’s (one tube, Tube 1x, contains 4 pieces of fresh, delicious Fun to Eat Fruit™.) Our minimum order is two tubes, Tube 2x, which supplies your child with fruit snacks for the entire week. It’s the fruit basket of the future! Fun to Eat Fruit™ is also available in bulk.

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Disclosure:  I was sent samples from the vendor in order to write up an honest review.  All views shared are mine and mine alone.


  1. This is such a wonderful idea and I really like that all of the fruit is grown in the U.S. that is super important to me. I will keep this company in mind. The fruit looks so cute what a clever idea thanks for sharing this one.
    heather [email protected]

  2. I just checked their site out. I have the same problem with Anthony. He used to love apples and now I can't seem to get him to eat one. What a great idea - he would dive right into these apples!