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Fill Your Child's Easter Basket with Fun Games from Winning Moves Games -- Games Available for Children of All Ages (including Adults) (Review)

Disclosure:  I was sent samples from the vendor in order to write up an honest review.  All views shared are mine and mine alone.

In my family, you can't go an Easter without filling the kids' baskets with fun games that they can play with siblings and friends, as well as during family game nights.  Even my girls are young, I still make a point to carry on this tradition my parents used to have with my brothers and I, and seek out fun games I know the girls will love, including some great educational ones.

So, when planning for Easter Gift Guide this year, I browsed the web and stumbled across Winning Moves Games.  I was surprised to find that this company is based out of MA, where I am originally from and my family lives.  In addition to their location, I also found myself putting together wish lists for the girls, nieces and nephew for their upcoming birthdays and even Christmas, as I loved their selection of games for kids of all ages.  I could see each of them playing and enjoying games like the classic Rubik's® CubeThe Game of LIFE® Dogs Edition and Uncle Wiggily®, to name a few.

After reaching out the folks at Winning Moves Games, I was excited when they agreed to send along Crocodile Dentist, as well samples from their new line of card games called Splash Cards, for my girls to help me review. While I knew that the girls would get a giggle out of the Crocodile Dentist game, I was more excited to see their new bath tub splash cards, as I have been homeschooling the girls for their preschool and recently started working with basic math, matching, etc. -- things that these Splash Cards teach.

Crocodile Dentist®
Poor old croc has a tooth that's bothering him; pretend to be a Dentist to help him out. Press the wrong tooth and he'll surprise you. No loose parts. A classic.
Buy now for only $12.95.

Even though this classic game is meant for children 4 yrs. old and above, my 2 1/2 yr. Bella was the one who found this game the most enjoyment.  She would run around the house with crocodile looking for an opponent to play.  And, when she couldn't find one, she would lay the cute game on the floor and slide back and forth from left to right pretending to be two different players. :-)  Each and every time the crocodile would chop his mouth down when she pushed the wrong tooth, she would let out a giggle and scream of excitement.  

Bella continues to play with this game, and the chopping bit never gets old.  She smiles ear to ear, and loves when others play with her and she wins.  :-)  My husband and I have even found ourselves playing this game after the girls go to bed, as I will oftentimes find it on the floor from the girls playing a game or two.  And, before I put it away, I will challenge my husband, who can't resist this fun game. I can see this game being a hit with kids and adults of all ages.  Adults will love having the Crocodile Dentist on their work desks and reach for as a stress reliever, or to get their daily dose of laughter.  Kids on the other hand, will find themselves getting competitive, as they will ask their opponents for one more game in hopes to win. :-)  

Besides the fun and oh so addicting Crocodile Dentist game, my girls had blast, as did I, with the new line of Splash Cards from Winning Moves Games.  We were sent the Splashimals and Splash Pals Cards to try out in the bath.  

Splash Pals™
Revolutionary cards that are waterproof, lightweight, washable and they float! Battle it out with an astronaut-Sump Wrestler with legs as delicate as a Ballerina or fight back with a Caveman-Mermaid with the brain of a Robot. Kids of all ages will enjoy making their own splash pals!

Revolutionary cards that are waterproof, lightweight, washable and they float! Splashimals help make bath-time a fun and educational experience!

These are washable, waterproof playing cards that kids ages 2+ will love mixing, matching, as they learn math and memory skills as taught with the Splash Pals cards and animal matching through 225 different possible combinations with the Splashimals cards.

In addition to these splash cards being able to stick to the sides of the bathtub, they also float in the water, making find the matches more fun as the kids search through the floating cards in the bath water.  Not only are the new line of Splash Cards fun to play with in the tub, but they can be dried out and taken on car rides, or used for quiet time activities.  Savannah loves doing puzzles and matching games while I am tending to Bella or trying to get her to nap.  I love how she uses this quiet one-on-one time to play educational games.  And, when I am done with her sister and ready to join her, we have so much fun playing these games together.  

Savannah loves the Splash Cards from Winning Moves Games and plays them both in the tub and on the go.  Just the other day when we were heading to a restaurant for dinner, Savannah snuck the two cards games in the diaper bag.  When we arrived at the restaurant she pulled them out.  These cards kept both girls busy until their food came -- which is usually a stressful time for my husband and I trying to keep them calm and entertained.  Bella ended up spilling her drink and ketchup of a few cards.  But, we didn't have to worry about the cards being ruined, as I was able to wipe the off and they were good to go again. :-)  Love it!

In addition to the Splashimals and Splash Pals Splash Card games, the folks at Winning Moves Games also have the following two Splash Cards games available for purchase --

Splash Jack™
Revolutionary cards that are waterproof, lightweight, washable and they float! Kids of all ages can play in the swimming pool, bath tub, or anywhere there is water - or not!

and, for the older kids and adults...

Splash Jack Royal™
Revolutionary cards that are waterproof, lightweight, washable and they float! Enjoy poker and other great card games in the hot tub!

Easter Sunday is only a few weeks ago. Besides the candy that they Easter Bunny will be leaving in your child's basket, why not hint to him to leave a few games that the kids will enjoy playing alone, with family and friends, for family game night or even rainy days.  Once you see the selection of games available from Winning Moves Games, I know you will be putting a list together in your head of games each of your children will enjoy and that would make great gift ideas. :-)  I have this website bookmarked and will make a point to continually check it for new product additions and order from when I am looking for just the right games for my family and friends.

Classic Trouble®Instant Insanity®5ive Straight®Uncle Wiggily®

Check out the above games and more from Winning Moves Games here --

Disclosure:  I was sent samples from the vendor in order to write up an honest review.  All views shared are mine and mine alone.

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