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Create a Quick and Easy Lighting Makeover with GE Lighting’s New Reveal® Light Bulbs #GEreveal

Disclosure:  I was sent a sample from the vendor in addition to a promotional item in order to write up an honest and thorough review.  All views shared are mine and mine alone.

GE reveal<sup>®</sup> LED vs Soft White Light Bulbs
"Discover how GE reveal® light bulbs bring out colors & patterns that can go unnoticed. Use these enhanced full spectrum light bulbs for your home lighting makeover & see the clean, beautiful light transform every room."

When it comes to your house, do you have a specific room that everyone gathers in to spend time?  Back when we were looking for houses 8 years ago, my wish list of things I wanted in a house was a large common area for family gatherings.  I fell in love with an open floor plan, and when it came time to buying a house, we ended up going with a post and beam house, that had an open dining room/living room/kitchen on the main level of the house.  At the time we didn't have children, so our gatherings included our friends and family and their children for sporting events, holidays, game night, etc.

The first time we had people over for a housewarming party, my husband and I turned to each other and smiled, as we knew we picked the right house.  It was nice being able to chat with everyone, have food available on the kitchen island, and have the dining area in arms reach so that people could sit at the table and eat, or choose to sit in the living room on the coach.  Comfort was key, and we feel we achieved this with our home.

Fast forward almost four years, and we were getting ready to welcome  our first child.  And, then the next year we welcomed our second daughter.  It might sound silly, but our house finally felt like a home when we brought the girls home.  But, as we grew, our space has gotten smaller.  Who knew that our house would go from looking like a single couple's pad to a daycare. :-)  Wherever you turn in our open area space now is filed with kitchen sets, toy chests, book cases and small toys.  While the space is still function -- this time as a play area for the girls -- it still works when people come to visit, as we don't have to worry about leading people into the dining room, run to the kitchen to check on food cooking, or find ourselves going back and forth putting the girls' movies or television shows on.  The open space really does work, and is truly functional.

But, it wasn't until I was contacted by the folks at GE to do a room makeover with their new Reveal® Light Bulbs that I slowed down enough to realize which of the three rooms in our open space we use more often.  We were surprised to find that when it is just my husband and I and our girls, that we always wind up in the dining area.  When the girls started walking and climbing on things, we ended up switching up our glass dining room table and metal chairs for an old wooden table and chairs we used to use for parties when we needed more space.  And, instead of having the table in the center of the room, we ended up moving it up next to the bay window, as this had become the girls favorite thing to climb and bang on the window glass.  Moving the table gave us a wide open space in the middle of the dining room, which ended up becoming our go-to spot to do puzzles with the girls, crafting and coloring, practicing the girls tumbling moves, and our favorite spot for impromptu dance parties. :-)

You never really worry about lighting unless a light bulb goes out.  But, after being sent a 4-pack of GE Lighting’s New Reveal® Light Bulbs, I couldn't help but notice the difference.

"Target now features a new lighting section including GE reveal® premium light bulbs. The reveal® bulbs are known for transforming rooms by removing the dull yellows of standard soft whites and instead providing beautiful clean white light that help the colors (and everything else) in your home to pop. GE Lighting also just released a new LED version that you can find at Target.

You’ll be amazed at how GE reveal® bulbs replace yellow, dingy lighting with crisp, white light that makes colors and patterns pop, transforming homes from ordinary to extraordinary with just the flip of a switch. GE’s new and innovative reveal® LEDs offer the same aesthetic benefits as the rest of the GE reveal® brand plus energy-efficient technology that allows them to last over a decade, based on three hours of usage a day."

We used to have soft white bulbs in the chandelier, which we thought lit the room nicely.  Then, we made the switch to the Reveal® Light Bulbs and couldn't believe the difference.  The room was much brighter and full of life.  The way the light reflected of all the walls and wood made it feel like we were standing in a new room.  Who knew that light bulbs could dramatically make a room look different.  Even the girls noticed the difference.  Savannah, our 3 1/2 yr. old thought the room looked bigger, and demonstrated this supposed increase in size by spinning and dancing around -- with more arm room (or so she said). :-)

Not only did the Reveal® Light Bulbs leave our common area in the house with clean, beautiful light, but I was happy to learn that the bulbs themselves use 28% less energy.  By using these 4 GE Halogen technology Reveal® Light Bulbs, we would be spending an estimated $6.38 in energy costs a year.  Not bad when you see how these light bulbs offer a crisper, brighter light.

While many of us don't have the extra money to renovate our house, add on to give us more space for family and friends to meet, or just re-do a space so that it is more functional, we can revamp our favorite rooms just by switching out our light bulbs.  I know what you are thinking..."You need more than light bulbs" to turn a drab room into a brighter, more full of life room?  Well, give the Reveal® Light Bulbs from GE a try.  

At around $12.00 for a 4-pack of 75W incandescent replacement light bulbs, what do you have to lose?  You, too, will be amazed at the dramatic change these light bulbs give a room -- let it be a dining room, kitchen, living room, etc.

After seeing the difference in our living room, we have since picked up more GE Reveal® Light Bulbs to switch out the other light bulbs in the house.  What a world of difference this has made.  While our house was made a home when we brought the girls home, it is a much warmer home now that we are using these energy efficient Reveal® Light Bulbs from GE, which you can find at your local Target.  And, when it comes to impromptu dance parties, we all love the new 
lighting. :-)

So, what are you waiting for?  Head on over to your local Target store and pick up a 4-pack of GE's new Reveal® Light Bulbs to try out in your house. Need a little inspiration?  Watch this fun and stylish video featuring four hip tastemakers discussing the importance of good lighting and how quick and easy it is to do a reveal® lighting makeover.


I can't wait to hear about how you were able to do a quick and easy lighting makeover with GE Lighting’s New Reveal® Light Bulbs. :-)


GE reveal light bulbs are now available at Target where all makeover needs can be purchased in one swoop and with great savings using Target's Cartwheel savings app. With the Cartwheel app, you can browse for savings ahead of shopping or while at Target, you can scan the barcode of any product to see if there is a Cartwheel saving.  Download the Target Cartwheel app on your IOS or Android.

Disclosure:  I was sent a sample from the vendor in addition to a promotional item in order to write up an honest and thorough review.  All views shared are mine and mine alone.

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