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Bundoo -- Smarter Parenting Starts Here -- Introducing an Online Community Where Parents and Childcare Experts Interact and Share (Review) #Sponsored

Disclosure:  I was provided access to Bundoo and the opportunity to ask a question FREE of Charge to the childcare experts from the vendor, in order to write up an honest review.  All views shared are mine and mine alone.

Bundoo is the ultimate online parenting resource that lets you ask questions directly to pediatricians and childcare experts!

Even though I would not be considered a new parent, seeing that my girls are 2 and 3 1/2 years old, I still find myself asking friends and family with older children for advice when it comes to parenting or dealing with things like the terrible 2's and 3's, potty trainer, sleep issues, etc.  However, like me, sometimes my advice givers are too busy with their own families to lend an ear or offer up advice or tips, so I need to look elsewhere...but, where?  Thanks to a site I was just introduced to called Bundoo, my search for great parental advice and resources is over.  Bundoo is an online community for parents and Bundoo pediatricians and childcare experts to come together and share information about parenting.  And, the advice given by these experts is one you can trust. 

While most of the resources found at Bundoo are free of charge with your FREE membership, you can pay to take advantage of the Ask Bundoo feaure, which gives you the opportunity to ask the childcare experts questions pertaining to your child(ren), and have them answered.  Ask Bundoo is available on a per question basis or by unlimited subscription for a monthly fee.  But, before you go and sign up to ask questions, make sure you browse the extensive community where you may find your question answered, as many other parents are in the same boat and find themselves wondering the same things as you.

Other Features of Bundoo:

·         Bundoo A-Z articles are reviewed and written by pediatricians, OB/GYNs and child development specialists in an easy-to-understand and straightforward style that is free from any confusing medical jargon.

·         Bundoo’s online community provides a friendly, positive space where parents can benefit from the support of other parents and gain access to experts in childcare, child development, pediatrics and pregnancy.

·         Bundoo members can create their own groups or join other groups that interest them in order to gather and share parenting tips in a dynamic and interactive way. Groups can be public or private.

·         Creating a profile and entering information about your family will allow to serve you information that is most relevant based on the age of your children, your interests, etc.

·         The Bundoo Marketplace offers specially selected products that support and help guide parents to make smart purchasing decisions for their families. Bundoo experts offer tips for selected products.

·         Bundoo’s Ask Bundoo connects parents directly with pediatricians, OB/GYNs and other childcare experts to answer questions privately with current and accurate information. Ask Bundoo is a way for parents to get peace of mind by asking questions without having to pay a co-pay. 

· is easy to navigate. You can even save articles to come back to later. It’s perfect for the parent with a busy lifestyle.

Even though I have only been using Bundoo for about a week now, I am amazed at the parenting resources available through this website, and had questions I would never have thought to ask, but often wondered about, like when should your child give up their binkie, be answered.  I have shared a handful of times on my blog about how I was trying to get my girls to potty train. Right before Bella arrived in 2011, Savannah was showing signs she was ready to potty train.  And, for a few days, she would sit on the potty and go.  But, then the new baby came and Savannah saw the extra attention Bella was getting when it came time to change her diaper.  Because of this, Savannah decided she didn't want to potty train anymore and went back to wearing diapers.  So, then, per the advice of family, friends and the pediatrician, I decided to wait until both girls were ready and do it all at once.  There have been a few times Bella, who is 2 yrs. old started to show signs she was ready, but when the potty came out, she wanted to play it instead of going.  So, we are still waiting until the girls are ready -- which I am hoping is soon as diapers are expensive and it is pain when you go out in public and there are no changing tables in sight.

Another topic I found talked about frequently on Bundoo was about bottles and sippy cups.  While I knew it was better to give up the bottle and move to a sippy cup with soft straw or spout, I had no idea that the longer a child used these that their palates and teeth would be affected.  I found out through reading posts on Bundoo that a child's roof of their mouth can narrow and their upper and lower jaws may become misaligned. These potential deformities can also be seen with pacifier use beyond 1 yr. of age. While my girls use a "big girl" sippy cup with a straw during the day time, they still ask for a bottle when it comes to drinking milk at nap and bed times.  I have gone as far as to throw out their bottles to break the habit, only to buy new ones, as they fuss or will not sleep, thus throwing off their sleep schedules.  I know I have to be stronger -- it is a work in progress. :-)

But, as I read other parents comments, along with the information shared by the childcare experts, I feel a sense of relief knowing that I am not alone with my concerns or issues I face when it comes to parenting two toddlers.  Have you been looking for a parenting community that you can visit and find answers to your questions, or resources that will help make parenting your child of young children a little easier?  Then, why not check out Bundoo --  I can't wait to hear what you think of it, and how this website has answered many of your parenting questions, and the resources you have found useful.  So, make sure you head back here and comment after you sign up and take time to browse the Bundoo website.  I know that you will find it an asset when it comes to helping you have a better parenting experience, as you are reminded that you are not the only one experiencing sleep issues with toddlers, potty training resistance, etc., as you read about other parents in the same boat, and tips and advice on how to overcome these obstacles from trusted childcare experts.

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Disclosure:  I was provided access to Bundoo and the opportunity to ask a question FREE of Charge to the childcare experts from the vendor, in order to write up an honest review.  All views shared are mine and mine alone.

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