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Are You Taking the Necessary Steps to Protect All the Things You Love and Care About? Let Master Lock Help + #Win Some Great Prizes #Sweepstakes #MasterLockProtects #Sponsored

Disclosure: I was chosen to participate in the "Master Lock Protects" campaign thanks to  Even though I was compensated for my time in sharing more about this sweepstakes and twitter party, all views shared are mine and mine alone.

This past weekend I met up with an old colleague I used to work with when I was a health educator.  As we got to talking, I found myself thinking back to when I used to work outside the house.  I couldn't believe it has been 7 years since I have worked in an office setting -- wow, time really does fly by.  She had asked if I was still in touch with the American Red Cross or knew of a contact she could reach out to, as she wanted to get CPR/First Aid certified, and have a class for a small group of friends.  Now more than ever knowing what to do when someone is injured or hurt can mean the difference between life and death.  I keep reading the newspaper how adults in their 40's-50's are having heart attacks, and children are collapsing during sporting events.  You never know when something like this will happen and your skills in first aid and CPR will pay off.  I know, as last night when I was food shopping, an older woman collapsed at the entrance.  The store workers had no idea what to do, and it would be a few minutes before the EMT's would arrive.  I rushed to the woman's side and started checking for vitals, and started to stop bleeding on a head laceration.  It was weird as I haven't had that rush of "must act" and use my first aid and CPR skills in so long.  I used to teach these classes as an instructor certified through the American Red Cross, and kept up my certification because of my girls.  As soon as the EMT's arrived, they thanked me for keeping those around the woman calm and helping to stop the bleeding, thus preventing further blood loss.  It was a great feeling to know that skills I learned through from classes I took at the American Red Cross helped another person out in their time of need.

American Red Cross

CPR and First Aid classes are not the only services that the American Red Cross offers.  The American Red Cross is most notably known for being there with open arms and big hearts when disaster strikes.  From house fires, tornadoes, car accidents and explosions, to the recent Hurricane Sandy disaster along the Eastern coast, the American Red Cross steps in to help provide food, warm blankets, lifesaving blood and other necessities that may have been lost during the disaster.  Seeing that I haven't been in contact with my local American Red Cross in a few years, I was surprised to find out that they also help military families, providing support to the Wounded Warriors and military hospitals, as well as provide resiliency training.  What doesn't the American Red Cross do?  It is great knowing that their are services like this available when the need arises.  And, with the support of volunteers and those trained in health and safety education like first aid and CPR, lives can be saved, and comfort can be brought to those in need.

My conversation with my old co-worker, along with my jump to action at the supermarket yesterday got me to thinking about how well prepared my family is in case disaster ever strikes.  This past winter, a few homes in the local area burnt down due to a candle fire, heater malfunction, etc., thus leaving the families without a home and not able to salvage personal mementos and prized possessions.  While we have a safe, we have been too busy to really make a point to store important documents like the kids' birth certificates and social security cards, as well as our insurance policies, real estate documents, etc.  I would hate to lose all these important documents just because we didn't have them stored in one central location, and could grab them if and when we had to.  What are you doing to protect all that you love and care about safe?  Thanks to Master Lock, they are here to help you protect those that you love safe.  "Master Lock is the world’s largest manufacturer of padlocks and related security products, providing innovative security solutions for home, automotive, campus, power sports, bike and storage security needs since 1921. As a recognized leader in the padlock and security industries, Master Lock is always striving to provide the best products and advice to help families live their lives safely and securely."

In addition to their padlocks and security products, Master Lock is currently running offering consumers a chance to win 1 of 28 prize packs in their Master Lock "Protecting All That You Love and Care About" Sweepstakes.  

"Master Lock is kicking off its year-long initiative by asking consumers to tweet what they most want to protect using the hashtag #MasterLockProtects in exchange for a $1 donation to the American Red Cross and entry into a sweepstakes for a chance to win one of 28 prize packs."

"Master Lock will make an initial $10,000 donation to the American Red Cross and will donate up to $10,000 in additional funds based on consumer participation in the sweepstakes.Master Lock wants to help keep the places and people consumers care about safe, which is why they chose the American Red Cross to donate to. Master Lock’s donation will support the urgent needs of the American Red Cross mission, whether it is responding to a disaster, collecting lifesaving blood, teaching skills to save a life, or assisting military members and their families during emergencies."

The Master Lock “Protecting All That You Love and Care About” Sweepstakes kicks off today and runs through February 28th.  Prizes up for grabs include the following:
o   Grand Prize Winners: 3
§  $100 Visa Gift Card
§  Master Lock 5422D Portable Key Safe
§  1547DCM Backpack Lock
§  5900D SafeSpace
o   First Prize Winners: 25
§  $50 Visa Gift Card
§  Master Lock 5422D Portable Key Safe
§  1547DCM Backpack Lock
§  5900D SafeSpace

And, if you like Twitter parties, don't forge to RSVP to Master Lock's Twitter party tomorrow (2/18), Master Lock is kicking off this great sweepstakes/promotion with a Twitter party.  To learn more about it, click here -  I hope to see you there! :-)

Why not take time out of your busy schedule to sit down with your family and make sure you have a plan in place in case disaster ever strikes.  This should include a fire safety and evacuation plan, storing all important documents in a safe that is easily accesible and can be grabbed when you have to make a quick exit.  And, don't forget about other important documents that you are storing on your computer.  Why not consider backing them up digitally?  

Stay organized and protected!

"Save passwords, user names, combination codes and other notes you need for easy access. Secure digital duplicates of passports, wills, tax returns, and other critical documents you can't afford to lose. Never forget your lock combos again! Get your backup master codes for Vault Connected Master Lock products, and store their additional combos here."

And, right now, they are offering you a chance to try out their digital safe deposit box FREE.  Click here to learn more about Master Lock Vault and to sign up, and start moving your important documents and priced photos to a secure location today.

Master Lock will continue to provide education for consumers throughout the year on staying secure and protecting what they love and care about in a variety of situations. Tip sheets will be hosted on, and will address topics such as: 

- Secure online tax tips 
- Safe family travel 
- Home safety 
- Storm preparedness 
- Identity theft protection

So, what are you waiting for?  Start taking the necessary steps to protect all things you love and care about safe, including picking up Master Lock padlocks, safes and digital vaults.  And, why not consider enrolling in a CPR or First Aid class at your local American Red Cross.  You never know when these skills will come in handy.  You may find yourself like I was yesterday helping an elderly person who has fallen and needs assistance.  Skills like these are always great to have, and will come in handy to help protect those you love and care about safe in 2014 and onward. 

Disclosure: I was chosen to participate in the "Master Lock Protects" campaign thanks to  Even though I was compensated for my time in sharing more about this sweepstakes and twitter party, all views shared are mine and mine alone.

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