Wednesday, January 22, 2014

The Nûby™ No-Spill™ Insulated Cool Sipper -- Doesn't Leak and Keeps Your Child's Drink Cold - Great for On-the-Go Use (Review)

Disclosure: I was sent a sample from the vendor in order to write up an honest review.  All views shared are mine and mine alone.

Both of my girls are transitioning from the bottle to big girl sippy cups.  What is making this transition a little easier is that the girls are loving the colorful and oh so stylish cups I am swapping out their baby bottles for.  And, while Bella, our youngest, is still hesitant on giving up her bottle for good, she is loving the new spill proof sipper cup we received from Nuby recently.

"The Nûby™ No-Spill™ Insulated Cool Sipper easy to use Cool Sips spout is perfect for toddlers with newly formed sharp teeth. The Cool Sips is perfect for children on the go! Nûby™ Cool Sips fun designs make cup drinking more fun for your little one."

I knew I would be getting only one No-Spill Sipper for review, so I made a point to go online to Amazon and order another, so that each of the girls would have their own cups.  I knew that Savannah would love the purple cup we were sent, as she loves flowers and butterflies.  As for Bella, I opted to pick up the pink cup, which also had butterflies and flowers, but had a cute patchwork and button feel to it.

Prior to receiving the Nûby™ No-Spill™ Insulated Cool Sipper to review, I was having a hard time trying to teach the girls how to drink from the spout cup.  Bella would always try to nibble on the sprout, while Savannah wouldn't suck enough to get the liquid out.  They also didn't get that you had to tilt the sipper cups back to get the liquid.  With the other sipper cups we had, once they knew to tip the cups back, so came the liquid pouring out.  Not only was the floor and tables getting wet and sticky, but the girls were getting frustrated with their cups always leaking.  This made them want to go back to the bottle, and not have to worry about leaking.  

 I couldn't wait for them to try the Nûby™ No-Spill™ Insulated Cool Sipper as I have been hearing great things about these no-spill cups from other Nuby Moms and moms in my playgroups.  And, unlike most sipper cups with spouts on the market, this one was insulated, so that you could chill a drink and provide a cool, refreshing drink during warmer weather or after a dance class, etc.  

My girls are not fans of warm water, so I have to leave sippy cups in the fridge to keep chilled. I love how this insulated cup stays chilled and doesnt' spill, which is great for on-the go use.

I am so happy to have been given the opportunity to try out the Nûby™ No-Spill™ Insulated Cool Sipper with my girls.  And, I can't wait until we can finally say good-bye to the bottles for good, as they really are a pain to clean and not good for your little one's teeth.


The Nûby™ No-Spill™ Insulated Cool Sipper cups are available in a variety of colors, perfect for both boys and girls.  You'll find these sipper cups at the following retailers...

·          buybuy Baby
·          Toys R Us
·          Target
·          JC Penney
·          Baby Depot at Burlington
·          Sears
·          Blain’s Farm & Fleet
·          Tuesday Morning
·          Bealls
·          SuperValu
·          Walmart

Disclosure: I was sent a sample from the vendor in order to write up an honest review.  All views shared are mine and mine alone.

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