Thursday, January 16, 2014

Now Available on DVD - Dinosaur Train from PBS Kids -- "Dinosaur Train: I Love Dinosaurs (Review)

Disclosure:  I was sent a copy from the vendor in order to write up an honest review.  All views shared are mine and mine alone.


"Featuring four outstanding adventures and two Be My Valentine Cards,“Dinosaur Train: I Love Dinosaurs” makes for an outstanding Valentine’s Day treat! Two of the stories included on this DVD are “King Meets Crystal” and “Erma and the Conductor.” In “King Meets Crystal,” King Cryolophosaurus is interested in becoming friends with Crystal, but he gets nervous when trying to talk to her. Tiny and Buddy help King overcome his nervousness. In “Erma and the Conductor,” the Pteranodon family is on the Dinosaur Train headed to the Big Pond to watch a meteor shower! Mr. Conductor stops to pick up Erma Eoraptor, his best friend. At the Big Pond, the Conductor and Erma are interrupted a few times while trying to be alone, but soon find the perfect spot back on the Train.  More than 10.8M households tune in to watch “DINOSAUR TRAIN” on PBS Kids each month!* “DINOSAUR TRAIN” is produced by The Jim Henson Company."


My Thoughts:

Since receiving this DVD the other day in the mail, it has been on full rotation.  I lost count on how many times the girls have watched these four adventure-filled episodes.  Is your child or grandchild a fan of the hit animated series, Dinosaur Train, which airs daily on PBS Kids?  I never thought my girls would be fans of a dinosaur show, but I was wrong.  And, you know what?  After watching for the first time with them, I was also hooked and fell in love with the Pteranodon family.  Now, whenever the girls see a Dinosaur Train DVD arrive in the mail, they have to stop what they are doing and want to watch it -- even if they have already seen the episodes before.  And, this DVD was no exception. :-)

As soon as I opened the DVD case to remove the DVD, Savannah was quick to point out the two bonus full-color Valentines that are included with this DVD purchase, as shown below:

Savannah called "Tiny," which she dressed up as for Halloween, while Bella wanted "Buddy."  I was thankful that they each wanted a different character card, as it prevented fighting. :-)  I asked who they wanted to send their Valentine's to, and in unison they said "Nana and Papa." So, as I prepped the DVD player, they took out their crayons and began scribbling a message to my parents.  Then, as they watched all four episodes that make up this love-themed DVD, I mailed off their Valentine's Day cards (which are now on display on my parents refrigerator).

Out of the four episodes, Savannah's favorite was "King Meets Crystal," which was about King Crylophosaurus meeting a fellow singer and Crylophosaurus named Crystal, at the Troodon Music Festival.  Fans of the show will remember how King is always shy when it comes to singing and usually needs to be talked into singing.  Well, in this episode, with the help of Tiny and Buddy and the talk with Crystal, the King is able to overcome is nervousness and fear, and sing.  I love watching Savananah pretend to sing like the King, or have her tell me how funny he sound (the King is voiced by Phil Hayes).  I keep trying to tell her that he is supposed to be like Elvis Presley, the King -- but, she just fluffs it off and doesn't pay attention. :-)  Kids!

As for Bella, she is content watching all four episodes and doesn't seem to have a favorite. As long as it has Buddy in it, she is happy. She is easy to please. :-)  Overall, I have to say the four episodes that make up this recent DVD release are truly entertaining and make for a great segway into Valentine's Day with the kids.  While my girls still watching Christmas movies, they are starting to ask for Valentine's Day and Easter movies -- so this new release fits the bill.

If you have a Dinosaur Train fan in your family, this would make for a great gift idea or surprise.  I am guessing that tomorrow during our weekly Friday Night Flicks night with the girls, that they will be asking to watch this DVD again. :-)  I wouldn't object as it really is fun to watch, and the theme song is addicting.

Disclosure:  I was sent a copy from the vendor in order to write up an honest review.  All views shared are mine and mine alone.

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