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Let the New Honeywell EnergySmart® Infrared Heater Help Make Your Home Cozy -- Review and #Giveaway

Disclosure:  I was sent a sample from the vendor in order to write up an honest review.  All views shared are mine and mine alone. 

 Honeywell Heater

What is going on with the weather?  We can seem to get up past the 20's here in New England, and Atlanta and other Southern states were hit with a snowstorm that left people stranded on the roads for almost a day or even longer.  I have lived in New England all my life, but as I get older, I am starting to think why I stay.  It is not for the weather...that is for sure!  And, don't get me started on heating expenses.  We use oil heat to heat our home, and have back up electric baseboard heating, but no matter what we use, we spend a few thousand dollars each winter on oil tank refills and using the supplemental heating, just to keep the house warm and pipes from freezing.  Every time we begin to start saving, the oil truck pulls up in front of the house to refill and leave another $700+ bill for us to pay.  Ugg.  
For the past few weeks, we have started to not only start saving money again, but were able to turn down the thermostat and use less oil, and say goodbye to needing to put the baseboard heating on.  How you ask?  Thanks to the folks at Kaz, the ones who make products for brands like PUR, Vicks, Honeywell, Braun, SoftHeat, SmartTemp, they were kind enough to send along the new Honeywell HZ-980 MyEnergySmart® Infrared Heater for me to try out.  I already own the Honeywell HZ-860 EnergySmart® ThermaWave Heater, which I still use in our guest room, or bring into the basement for when the girls want to play, to warm up the room quickly.  I even ended buying my parents one of these heaters for Christmas for them to use in their bedroom, as they rely on electric baseboard heating, which if you have in your home, know it is expense to run, especially during those cold winter nights that the heaters keep clicking on.  While I love the Honeywell HZ-860 EnergySmart® ThermaWave Heater, it heats an average size bedroom.  

Honeywell HZ-860 EnergySmart<sup>®</sup> ThermaWave Heater

We have an open floor plan in our house, and spend the majority of our day in the kitchen/dining room/living room.  But, due to the large 800+ sq. foot open area, the Honeywell HZ-860 EnergySmart® ThermaWave Heater wasn't powerful enough to keep the entire space warm. I have always been pleased with the Honeywell products that we have owned, and they last a long time.  So, I was excited to hear that they had introduced a line of Honeywell MyEnergySmart® Infrared Heaters to their product line up.  

The Honeywell HZ-980 MyEnergySmart® Infrared Heater not only heats up and keeps our open space warm, but I don't have to worry about breaking the bank in electrical costs, as it uses energy wisely, saving you up to 35% on your energy bills.  Now, when have you heard of a heater of any kind saving you money like this?  We have really been putting the Honeywell HZ-980 MyEnergySmart® Infrared Heater to the test these past couple of weeks with the below 0 temps and freezing cold nights here in New England.  This heater offers 2 MyTemp settings, which allow you to pre-set two favorites temperatures.  And, you can also choose to run the heater on low, medium or high heat.  

Depending on the temperature you would like to see the room set at, the heater will adjust the low/medium/high setting accordingly.  

Unlike other heaters we have owned in the past, one of the key features that I LOVE LOVE LOVE about this new infrared heater from Honeywell is that it accurately indicates the room's temperature, along with the desired temperature you set.  Know I don't have to guess what the current temperature is at, or pull out the kids' head thermometer to check the room temperature.  The accuracy of the room temperature is always spot on, and creeps up or down depending on the settings and desired temperature you set.

Another great feature of this infrared heater is that is safe to use around children and pets.  I remember back in the day when we would visit my grandfather, who had an old fashioned infrared heater.  This heater was massive, and when in use in the winter was dangerous to be near.  It was hot to the touch, which wasn't safe for kids playing or pets walking near it.  I had hesitation at first about reviewing this new heater from Honeywell because of what I remembered from my grandfather's heater. But, I know that they have come a long way in updating and making heaters safer, and Honeywell is a tried and trusted brand that my family loves.  

As I am writing this post, I have the oil heat turned down and our trusty  Honeywell HZ-980 MyEnergySmart® Infrared Heater running here in the living room.  And, you know is really toasty warm in here. :-)  I am glad I had the opportunity to review this new infrared heater from Honeywell, and I can't stop raving about it to family and friends.  I told my husband the other night that we need to pick up another one to keep in the basement, which also has an open floor plan.  That way we can heat the entire living space and utilize these play areas room.  Right now, when the winter season is upon us, we rarely let the kids play downstairs because of the need to heat the space.  But, by using the Honeywell HZ-980 MyEnergySmart® Infrared Heater in this area, we will heat the space, while not seeing crazy electricity hikes in our monthly bills.  What is not to love about this?!

So, if you live in a cold part of the US, and find yourself scratching your head as to alternatives to high rising oil costs and electrical bills that leave you feeling like you will never save $$$, why not give the new Honeywell HZ-980 MyEnergySmart® Infrared Heater a try.  This quiet infrared heater is great for large rooms, and really does work well.  In a matter of minutes, I can turn a room that was sitting at 65 degrees into a cozy comfy 68-69 degree room. Just look at the other benefits of the Honeywell HZ-980 MyEnergySmart® Infrared Heater, and worth considering for an alternative heating source in your home:

The Honeywell MyEnergySmart Infrared Heater provides quick, safe heating for extra large spaces. Six long-lasting quartz elements provide invisible heat, which is evenly distributed throughout the room. The HZ-980's EnergySmart® Thermostat uses energy wisely, saving you up to 35% on your energy bills.* This electric heater also features an automatic shut-off timer and 2 MyTemp settings, which let you pre-set two favorite temperatures.


  • 2 MyTemp settings let you pre-set two favorites temperatures
  • EnergySmart® technology helps regulate power consumption, saving you up to 35% on energy bills vs. conventional heaters
  • Energy Usage Indicator clearly displays the amount of energy used at a specific time
  • Digital LED lights accurately indicate the room's temperature and desired temperature
  • 1-8 hour automatic shut-off timer
  • Remote control
  • Top located digital touch screen controls
  • Color: Black
  • 3 Year Limited Warranty
Safety Features

  • Cool Touch housing and handle
  • 4 Way Tip Over Switch
  • Overheat protection
  • Grounded 3 prong plug

See the entire line of Honeywell Infrared Heaters here.

*Compared to a standard 1500W heater



Recently, Honeywell set out to determine the formula for comfort and name the nation’s coziest cities. The awards were evaluated by scientists at the leading environmental consulting firm Environmental Health & Engineering and determined based on specific criteria used to judge overall comfort, ambiance and accessibility of the different locations. And, the results are in....

So where is the coziest place to live?  “Defining coziness is a relatively abstract task, but we were up for the challenge.  We believe coziness is defined by a city’s overall comfort, ambiance and accessibility,” said Dr. Ted Myatt, ScD, Environmental Health & Engineering. “We synthesized a variety of city data across major metropolitan areas in the United States to calculate an overall ‘coziness’ score.  We looked at criteria ranging from fireplace and portable heaters usage, access to parks, and overall walkability to restaurants and coffee shops per capita, stressful lifestyle scores and historical ambiance.”

Based on this profile, below is a list of the top ten coziest U.S. cities:


1.     Boston/Cambridge, Mass.

2.     San Francisco, Calif.

3.     Santa Fe, N.M.

4.     Washington, D.C.

5.     Portland, Ore.

6.     Seattle, Wash.

7.     Baltimore, Md.

8.     Providence, R.I.

9.     New Orleans, La.

10.  Savannah, Ga.


Another recent survey of Americans from the makers of Honeywell Infrared Heaters found that 97 percent of respondents deemed their homes “cozy” due to comfortable furniture, inviting décor, warm colors and comfortable temperature. 


So as temperatures dip this winter, anyone can create their own warm, cozy space with a new Honeywell EnergySmart® Infrared Heater, which features whole-room energy efficient heating. These elegantly designed portable heaters utilize infrared heating technology to provide a heat output of 5,200 BTUs without burning oxygen or humidity, which can cause rooms to feel dry.  Long lasting, premium quartz heating elements begin working instantly, providing a soft glow and warmth that users can immediately see and feel.


For tips to keep your home its coziest this fall and winter—wherever you live —visit For more information on Honeywell heaters, visit



Thanks to the kind folks at Kaz, one lucky reader will win a new Honeywell MyEnergySmart Infrared Heater.  To enter, please complete the entries on the Rafflecopter form below.  Good luck!

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Disclosure:  I was sent a sample from the vendor in order to write up an honest review.  All views shared are mine and mine alone.


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