Tuesday, December 17, 2013

New StoriesAlive Subscription-Based App Offers ‘Go-To Digital Library’ for Children


Families can experience stories from beloved children’s authors in a highly-interactive way with leading-edge levels of personalization     

Do you kids love storybook apps?  If you were to look at our iPad, you will find a whole folder filled with interactive storybooks that we have downloaded for the girls to enjoy. Not only do they love the easy to follow along and understand stories, but they love the interactive features, in which the stories come alive right before their eyes.  Well, if you said "Yes" to your kids loving storybook apps, then you will want to check out StoriesAlive, a subscription-based library app for children ages 3 to 8, from Auryn, Inc., the most award-winning digital publisher of children’s apps.

"StoriesAlive offers families an easy and affordable way to enjoy Auryn’s award-winning collection of hundreds of stories that engage, entertain and encourage learning among young readers. Kids can delight in a thoughtfully procured collection of stories from treasured classics and favorite fairytales to modern day bestsellers from renowned children’s book authors. This includes critically-acclaimed stories such as What Does My Teddy Bear Do All Day? and Alphabet Animals, winners of Parent’s Choice and Appy awards and “Best of” Kirkus Reviews

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All story titles are visually enchanting, highly-interactive apps—not e-books. The interactive features in premium and standard story apps included in StoriesAlive take interactivity in digital books to a whole new level. Some of the interactive features included to encourage reading engagement and improve comprehension skills among young readers are:  

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          Personalization of text and voice: Each StoriesAlive title has an option for the text and voice of each story to be changed, making for a completely unique experience and allowing children to connect with the story to read it again and again.
          Create your own Hot Spots: A whole new level of personalization, Hot Spots allow readers to create their own spots in the story by selecting areas to add any sound effect. Readers can select a character and add his/her voice to it and play it back for fun and learning.
          Vocabulary Builder: In addition to a dictionary for readers, titles for young readers include Pictionary to help clarify the meaning of a word for improved comprehension.
          Read To Me/Read It Myself: Each story comes with the standard interactive feature of Read to Me, a read aloud functionality with the word highlights. Users have the option to turn off Read To Me, allowing readers to read the story at their own pace.

Premium titles come with additional individualized interactive features such as animation, games and music in addition to standard interactive features.

The StoriesAlive subscription also encourages young readers to become storytellers through MyStory, a series of creative workbooks available in the digital library. MyStory workbooks are downloadable and allow children to add text, voice and pictures to create their own stories."

For more information, visit www.stories-alive.com


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StoriesAlive is FREE to download on iPad and Android tablets and comes with six FREE-trial stories. For $7.99 per month, children can access hundreds of interactive stories; new stories are added on a weekly basis, including premium story apps, for an ever-expanding library. Once a story is downloaded, an Internet connection is not needed, making StoriesAlive perfect for on-the-go families or for cuddling and reading at bedtime.       

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About Auryn, Inc.:
Founded by Academy award-winning visual effects experts from Hollywood’s top movie studios, Auryn, Inc. is the most award-winning digital publisher of children’s storybook and creative apps for the iPad, iPhone, Android and other tablet devices. Recognized by the Producers Guild of America and Variety magazine as the Digital 25 top innovator in Emerging Media and winner of more app awards than any other digital publisher, Auryn is paving the way in digital publishing and fast-becoming the leader in children’s apps. For more on Auryn and StoriesAlive, visit www.auryn.com and www.stories-alive.com

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  1. I had no idea about this app library until I read your post. Wow it's amazing what technology can offer kids these days. Thanks for sharing.
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