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Last Minute Holiday Gift Ideas -- Surprise the Super Hero in Your Life with Their Very Own CAPEtee from Leap of Faith Clothing (Review)

Disclosure: I  was sent samples from the vendor in order to write up an honest review.  All views shared are mine and mine alone.


Leap of Faith Clothing, LLC. is a Charlotte, NC based company started in 2011. LOF clothing will inspire kids, big and small, to use their imaginations! Our signature cape tee will quickly turn the wearer into a superhero of their own making!

Leap of Faith Clothing

The one thing I learned from being a mom to two girls is that you don't have to be a boy to be a superhero. My girls love to play dress up, and more times than not pretend to have super powers that they can use to help save the day.  From rescuing dogs and cats stuck in trees (or in our case the top shelf of the toy box) to looking for the missing shoe or toy piece, I know I can call my two superhero daughters to help save the day.  :-)

When you were a child, did you pretend you were a super hero? And, if so, what did you use for a cape, if you didn't have a real cape to strap on?  My brothers and I would use pillow sheets and towels tucked into the backs of our t-shirts when we played.  But, the capes never stayed put.  And, every time we tried to tie them around our necks, our mom would yell at us because it was dangerous.  If only we had CAPEtees from Leap of Faith Clothing to wear.  After stumbling across this business on Twitter, I couldn't help fall in love with their product line, and loved reading about their charitable efforts for this handmade, US-based company.  And, when offered the opportunity to review two of their cape t-shirts with my daughters, I couldn't say, "No."  

I was asked to choose t-shirts and provide the personalization I wanted on the back of the capes.  At first, I thought that by putting a word along with each of my daughter's names would look too wordy, but after seeing examples of the personalized CAPEtees on the Leap of Faith Clothing website, I couldn't wait to receive these cute personalized t-shirts with my daughters' names on them.  And, I have to say that upon receiving and looking at how their names looked on the back of the t-shirts, they didn't look wordy at all.  In fact, I thought they were the coolest things, and wished I had a super mom cape t-shirt to wear. :-)   It would be so much fun to wear this t-shirt with detachable cape as I ran around the house playing with the girls.  Together we could fight pretend crime, and save the day. :-)  While my childhood is over, I can still live some of my memorable experiences through my daughters.  

Both of my girls loved the t-shirts I had picked out for them.  I chose the CAPEtee-Dancing and Daydreaming for Savannah, and had them put "Dancing Savannah" on the back of her shirt because she just loves to dance and spin around, as she pretends to be a ballerina. As for Arabella, I chose the CAPEtee-Fairy Princess shirt, as she is our girly girl and loves everything princessy.  I had "Princess Arabella" put on the back of her CAPEtee.  The girls were quick to take their shirts off, as they wanted to wear their new superhero cape shirts.  And, once on, it was like they were transformed into superheroes.  Well, not really, but they thought they had new special powers, and ran around the house showing me their special skills. :-)

When it came time to washing their cape tees, I was happy to see that I was able to detach the capes, as they are held onto the back of the t-shirts with Velcro.  I was afraid I might fray the tulle on the back of Bella's t-shirt. But, knowing that I could remove it was great to know.  After going through the wash and dry cycle, I was impressed to see how well the shirts held up.  The design on the front of the shirts stayed intact and didn't fade, and the personalized writing on the back of the Savannah's cape (which I threw in to wash) and the writing on the back of Bella's t-shirt was still perfect.

We have had these kid's CAPEtees for a few weeks now, and they remain a hit with the girls.  I find Savannah asks to wear them a handful of times each week.  So, I have to make a point to have them washed and ready for whenever my superheroes need to jump into action and save the day.  :-)  And, these cape shirts are real talking points.  A few people stopped me at the market the other day to ask about them and where to purchase one for their child, after they saw Savannah and Arabella in the shopping cart with them, or running up and down the aisles, with their capes blowing in the wind. :-)  I simply love these cute CAPEtee, and know your little superhero will, too.

In addition to children's CAPEtee and personalized shirts, Leap of Faith Clothing also offer personalized clothing for adults and pets, cell phone covers, computer skins, personalized pillow covers, personalized framed art and canvas, monogram jewelry, maternity clothing, and even wedding gifts. 

Hootie Cutie

The folks at Leap of Faith Clothing can work with you to design or customize any t-shirt, for that special event/occasion in your life.  And, best of all, compared to other custom t-shirt design businesses, their minimums are low, and they offer their skilled design services for a small fee, making this a great option for small business promotion, wedding and even birthday gift ideas.

So, what are you waiting for?  Head on over to Leap of Faith Clothing today and browse their selection of CAPEtees for that special superhero child in your, as well as their other products for adults and pets --  These t-shirts would not only make for great conversation starters, but kids will go crazy once they have these unique and oh-so fun cape t-shirts on.

Disclosure: I  was sent samples from the vendor in order to write up an honest review.  All views shared are mine and mine alone.

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