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Gift Ideas for Fans of Nickelodeon's Hit Animated Series -- Bubble Guppies (Review)

Disclosure: I was sent samples from the vendor in order to write up an honest review.  All views shared are mine and mine alone.

Just saying the words, "Bubble Guppies," I can' t help but start singing the catchy theme song of this popular Nickelodeon show in my head.  My girls can't get enough of this show, and tune in daily to watch it, or ask to bring along one of the DVDs in our growing "Bubble Guppies" DVD collection.  So, you can only imagine how over the moon the girls got when they saw me taking out a handful of "Bubble Guppies" toys from the samples I was sent from Nickelodeon to review.  You would have thought we were at a teeny bopper concert, as the girls were screaming like crazy with excitement.  Never would I have expected this reaction from just seeing toys -- but, this carried on for a few minutes, as they looked over each of the "Bubble Guppies" toys sent, which included:

Have fin-tastic fun watching Molly and her rock lobster drummer perform two of their greatest hits with the Bubble Guppies Rock & Roll Concert Stage playset. Kids can help Molly get ready for the big rock show in her dressing room, then roll her down the ramp past Mr. Grouper as she bursts through the star-shaped door into center stage amidst the flashing lights and music. Molly’s the star of the show with her fellow Bubble Guppies rocking along with her!  Requires 3 “AA” batteries.

SRP $22.99
AGE 18m+

These rolling friends are dressed and ready for a rock & roll show! Each play pack comes with two rolling figures and an accessory! Figures can be used with the Rock & Roll Stage (sold separately)

SRP $9.99

It’s time for Bubble Guppies! You can pretend to be swimming along with these fin-tastic friends as you roll them across the floor! Each play pack comes with a rolling figure and a ramp they can “swim” down!  Each sold separately.

SRP $5.99

Here are a handful of the photos I took of the girls playing together with the Bubble Guppies Rock & Roll Concert Stage Playset:

This ended up being their favorite toy from the Bubble Guppies toy line that we own to date -- minus the cute "Bubble Guppies" Fin-tastic Guitar (available at Amazon right now for only $14.96.) I held aside and surprised Bella with for her 2nd birthday. :-)  

Play along with the Bubble Guppies! Features over 20 phrases and songs that kids can play by strumming the guitar strings to hear a song, or to step through the song at their own pace. They can press the Gil, Bubble Puppy or Molly buttons to overlay the music with sound effects and phrases.  Includes 3 “AA” batteries.

SRP $19.99
AGE 18m+

Out of my two daughters, Savannah is the singer, while Bella loves playing with different musical instruments.  I guess she will be the backup singer and musician for Savannah's band. :-)  


Here is a cute photo I snapped of Bella playing with her new Fin-tastic Guitar.  I had asked her if "Bubble Guppies" was #1, and this is how she responded:

Too cute, huh?  :-)

In addition to the "Bubble Guppies" Rock & Roll Concert Stage Playset, Rock & Roll figures that can be purchased separately to go with the playset, and the fin-tastic guitar, the following are just some of the many "Bubble Guppies" toys available, that would put a smile on that special "Bubble Guppies" fan in your life:


Sing along with the Bubble Guppies! This microphone features voice amplification, underwater bubble sounds, over 15 songs and phrases—and the Rockin’ Micro-fin™ tail flips back and forth! Includes 3 “AAA” batteries.

SRP $14.99
AGE 18m+

Get ready for school with the Bubble Guppies Schoolhouse Playset! Start your Bubble Guppies figure at the top, ring the bell and send them rolling into class where they will be greeted by Mr.Grouper, just like on the TV show.  Press down on Mr.Grouper to hear the “Lunchtime” song as your figures roll into the lunchroom area.  Open the lunchboxes for different silly phrases from the show. Press down on the lunch table to hear the “Line-Up Everybody” song and send your characters outside for recess as they glide down the ramp.  Lastly, press down on the bubble boombox to hear music and start dance time with your figure!

SRP $39.99

The Bubble Guppies Bathtime Buddies Plush are soft and squeezable with a loop on the back for drying. Each plush buddy is 10 inches long and made of fast drying Taffeta bath material.

Kids will love to jump into bed with their favorite friends from the aquarium-inspired world of Bubble Guppies with this Bubble Guppies Girls 4-Piece Toddler Bedding Set - Molly and Friends. The comforter features the adorable, singing Molly with her friends Oona and Deema by her side on the pillowcase. The bed set will delight little girls with its purple, pink and blue heart, bubble and musical note motif.

Bring the playful, boisterous puppy with a fish tail into your home with the Bubble Guppies Bubble Puppy Cuddle Pillow. Perfect for bedtime, nap time, play time or cuddle time, the Bubble Puppy Pillow makes a soft and cozy friend for any Bubble Guppies fan.

The Bubble Guppies are going on fin-tastic field trips to lots of places! Join them as they discover different destinations (the city, a farm museum, a supermarket, a concert stage and other locations) as they collect tokens to win. Four swim-sational games of sorting, mixing, memory and matching, four different games to play with the 4 double-sided game boards! Collect tokens from each area and be the first home to win.  Promotes social skills, cognitive thinking, and visual discrimination. Includes 2 finger puppet pawns for added fun and play!

SRP $14.99
AGE 3+

Snuggle up in this pretty pink Bubble Guppies pajama set!  Complete with ruffled blue trim and matching pants, this pajama set makes for the sweetest Bubble Guppy dreams!

Also available for "Bubble Guppies" fans are the following DVDs and books, which would make great stocking stuffer ideas:

The above gift ideas can be found at your favorite local retailer, as well as through online stores like

Disclosure: I was sent samples from the vendor in order to write up an honest review.  All views shared are mine and mine alone.

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