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Bring Family Together by Having a "Game Night" w/ Board Games from Late for the Sky (Review)

Disclosure:  I was sent samples from the vendor in order to write up an honest review.  The views shared are mine and mine alone.


Looking for some fun board games to add to your family's "Game Night" collection?  Why not consider picking up FUNSHINE or CANDY-OPOLY from Late for the Sky today?  I was recently sent samples of both games to play with my kids, and they were both a hit.  

Here Comes the Sun!


Late for the Sky Production Company of Cincinnati, Ohio recently released its latest Earth-friendly matching card game/puzzle called Funshine. Funshine is a happy group effort for children ages 4 and up that encourages teamwork and lots of smiles.

With Funshine creating a sunny day is a group effort. Flip over a card that shows one small piece of art taken from one of the pictures on the board. Each player has one minute to match their piece of art to the correct picture on the board and they each add a piece to the sun. There are also seven storm clouds hidden in the cards. Turn over all seven storm clouds before the sun is complete and the game is rained out and players have to start over.

Come rain or shine, Funshine is a happy group effort. As with most of the games manufactured by Late for the Sky, Funshine is made in the USA and printed on recycled paper with soy-based inks making it better for the environment.



Take a trip around the Candy-Opoly board and collect all your favorite candy. OK, yeah, it’s just pretend, but a kid can dream, right? When someone lands on your space, call out, “Give Me Something Sweet to Eat!” and collect the rent in chocolate coins.

While you’re playing, turn over the deeds and learn fun facts about candy. Choose your token and advance to “SWEET!” It’s gonna be fun and games until somebody lands on NO TREATS!

Whatever happens, it’s gonna be delicious!

Ages 5-8
2-4 players

My Thoughts:

I have shared on numerous occasions how we like have game night in our house  -- with the kids, and then just adults when friends and family come to visit.  Prior to breaking out karaoke games and card games this past holiday weekend for the adults, all 20 guests, as well as my family of four piled into the family room, where I had set up card tables with different games.  Because we had children from a few weeks old through 17 years old, I had to make sure I had games everyone could play - including group and solo player ones. 

As everyone browsed the different stations and found the games they wanted to play, I noticed  something that made me smile -- the kids and their parents were having fun either teaming up or playing against each with the different board games.  Instead of hearing the sound of the television, electronic devices, etc., I could hear families actually talking to one another, laughing and having a great time as they spent quality time together. 

I ended up playing Funshine and CANDY-OPOLY with my kids and four other families.  The parents partnered with our kids, as we took on other family families. What a great way to play these fun games from Late for the Sky.  And, while the games were fun to play, and easy to learn for even the youngest of game players, as a parent, I loved how this game and others from Late for the Sky encourage teamwork. 

My girls love matching games, so they went crazy when we first played this board game early in Nov. when I received this and CANDY-OPOLY for review and inclusion in my holiday gift guide.  Not only was the game board colorful, but the girls loved trying to find the matches for the different cards.  And, when they would turn over a storm cloud, the girls would exclaim, "Oh no...go away rain." 

I have been playing board games since a child, and loved when I could introduce game night to my kids.  And, having played countless kid-friendly games like this, I can say with certainty that these two games from Late for the Sky are my girls' favorite games.  When we first played Funshine, Savannah thought the game was made especially for and Bella, as they loved matching games, and love the sun. I had to break it to them that this game was created and offered to all children all over the world to enjoy and play with small or large groups.  Who knew a board game could make children both young and old smile?  Well, Funshine does, as does CANDY-OLOPY.   All the preschoolers and elementary aged children we had over couldn't get enough of these board games.  They all loved the whimsical board game illustrations, and said the bright playful colors made the game that much more enjoyable to play.  I found the littlest ones pointing to the different spaces on the board games and telling their parents what things were.  What a great way to work on word-building skills and matching skills with your little ones.

After receiving rave reviews from parents and kids this past weekend, I know a handful of family's who will be picking up other "-OPOLY" games from Late for the Sky, to surprise their children with under the tree.  At only $15.95 per game, you can't go wrong for the hours of enjoyment both you and your child will get playing these games.


Why not make a new year's resolution to spend more quality time together with your family, without distractions from mobile devices, television, etc., and pull out a game like FUNSHINE or CANDY-OPOLY to play together.  Times like these will make for memories to be cherished for years to come.



Head on over to Late for the Sky to browse their selection of games for both kids and adults.  Late for the Sky is known for their college and city-OPOLY style games, so you will want to make a point to check these out for fun gift ideas for that hard to shop for person, or person who has everything, on your holiday list, as they would love a board game from Late for the Sky. Click here to start browsing the games now --

Disclosure:  I was sent samples from the vendor in order to write up an honest review.  The views shared are mine and mine alone.

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