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The Best Gift Idea for Parents and Children Looking for a Good Night's Sleep - The Dohmie Serious Sleep Baby Bundle #serioussleep #Sponsored

Disclosure:  I received compensation, in addition to the sample sent, to facilitate in an honest review, as part of the Mom It Forward Dohmie Serious Sleep Baby Bundle campaign.  All views shared, however, are mine and mine alone.

I don't know what happened.  Our, first daughter was sleeping through the night a few days after we brought her home from the hospital.  But, when baby #2 arrived, we really felt what it was like to live on little to no sleep, thanks to our fussy, colicky night owl.  You name all different types of products that are supposed to aid in putting baby to bed and keeping them asleep...we tried it.  I lost count on how much money we shelled out for so-called baby whisper products, that in the end never delivered.  Feeling frustrated and sleep deprived, my husband and I could only hang onto to thing...knowing that they are only little for a short, and hopefully by the time she turned two or three, Arabella would be sleeping through the night like her big sister.  

We made a point to not co-sleep with Arabella, like we did with Savannah, as it was hard enough to break Savannah of this sleep habit.  Like I shared in previous posts, we finally got Savannah to sleep in her own room last year, when she turned two.  She went from sleeping with us, to sleeping at the foot of the bed in a toddler bed, to returning back to her shared room with her sister.  But, because we were having issues with getting Bella to sleep and stay asleep, we needed to move Savannah yet again, into her own "big girl" room, where she now sleeps.  It was a huge accomplishment to get Savannah to sleep in her own room.  But, with Arabella fussing throughout the night, waking and calling for us, Savannah would in turn wake up and need to be rocked or lulled back to sleep, along with Arabella.  If you have little ones, then you know how draining it can be to be up 1, 2 or more times in the night to tend to your child, and then have to get up early in AM to start your day with them.  My girls are not morning people, and if they wake a few times in the night, this also makes for a rough morning.  Not only am I tired from the up all night, the night before, but they also are tired from not getting the 10-14 hours of sleep a night children their age need.  So, to make sure Savannah was not woken in the night, we had to bring Arabella downstairs, and have her sleep at the foot of our bed in the toddler bed.  While we saw improvements in Savannah's behavior in the AM, as she would wake well rested, we still had to deal with Arabella waking a few times in the night -- mainly from noises she would hear.

Feeling left without options, I stopped looking for products that would help solve our problem, and just went with the flow, hoping in the time things would change.  Unfortunately, they have continued, and with bouts of teething, I think I have aged a few years in a matter of months.  I don't know how I used to be able to pull all nighters in college, as now I long for a vacation just so that I can sleep. It may sound funny, but when my parents asked what I wanted for Christmas, I looked at them and said a room in a hotel for a night.  Oh, how wonderful it would be to have a bed all to myself, and go to bed after watching some uninterrupted television, and sleep through the night without having to wake to tend to a fussy child.  Well, I didn't have to wait until Christmas to see if Santa would grant my one wish, as I received it these past few nights thanks to the Dohmie Serious Sleep Baby Bundle, which I was recently sent to try out.

Not familiar with the Dohmie Serious Sleep Baby Bundle?  Neither was I until I received a sample to review.  Here is more about the Dohm, and how it could help families with babies and young children, who have trouble falling asleep, and staying asleep, thus allowing child and parents to get a good night's sleep.


  • The Dohm creates a natural white noise to help babies fall and stay asleep, allowing the rest of the family to seep easier and/or carry on with normal household activities.
  •  The Dohm’s sound is seamless and continuous because it uses electromechanical technology to create the natural sound of rushing air, unlike other white noise machines that work on a digital loop and cut off after a set period of time. 
  • The Dohm is lightweight, easy-to-use and can travel with you where you go.

I had low expectations on the Dohm after spending countless dollars on so-called sleep aids, I didn't want to get my hopes up about this product.  So, when I tried Dohm the first night with my daughter, I was shocked and amazed at how well it worked, and that Arabella stayed asleep.  One of the reasons she usually wakes in the night is because of the outside noise. Also, we have hard wood floors throughout the house, so whenever my husband or I have to get up to use the bathroom, tend to Savannah or simply roll over in bed, the slightest squeak of the floor would wake her.  And, because we had to take her out of her room and move her to the car bed that Savannah slept in, at the foot of our bed, my husband and I had to go to bed when she did.  Television noise or simply chit chat would wake her, and then we would be up all night with a fussy child.  Not fun at all!  

But, after hooking the Dohm up and placing on the opposite side of the room, where Bella was sleeping (it says in the instructions not to place near child for best results), about 20 minutes of going through the motions with her -- singing, rubbing her head and soothing her, Arabella fell asleep.  She did look around at first to see what was making the unusual noise, but after adjusting the Dohme to be a little quieter, she forgot it was in the room.  Like I said, that night and the nights that followed were amazing.  Who knew that a white noise machine, like the Dohm could finally answer our prayers, by simply adding a soothing sound of rushing air into the room (which you can adjust the tone and volume of to create an ideal sleep environment for your little one).  Not only was Arabella a happier child, but my husband and I finally were able to catch up on well-needed sleep.  And, while it has only been a week since using the Dohm and seeing these results, I will continue to use this machine during nap times, and through the night, knowing that it will help drain out even the slightest of noises, to help our light sleeper stay asleep.  Maybe some time soon, we will be able to have Arabella return to her bedroom, and have our bedroom back.  As long as Arabella is able to fall asleep and stay asleep, thanks to the Dohm, we will take a third person in our bedroom. :-)

And, with holiday travel and staying with relatives in our near future, I can't wait to try out the Dohm. It is so compact that it will fit in either my diaper bag, or the suitcase, without taking up much room.  If it works at keeping Bella asleep, then I know that this was my gift from Santa.  It wasn't a hotel stay...instead it was even better...a quiet house, with parents and children fast asleep, and sleeping through the night, as the white noise machine blocks out unwanted noise.  I am so glad that I was able to try out this product, and can't stop raving about it with family and friends, who have been in the same boat as us, and have trouble putting and keeping their young children asleep through the night.  If it wasn't for the Dohm, my husband and I would just continue to go through the motions, knowing that our nights would be long, and that sleep as we once knew it, would not be the same for a while.  Now, we all look forward to going to bed -- even if it is at 9PM, as we know everyone will stay asleep, and wake well rested, and ready to start the day. I couldn't ask for a better holiday gift! :-)

If you are looking for the perfect gift to give new or expectant parents, or parents who have shared their struggles with restless nights with their children, then why not surprise them this holiday season with the
Dohmie Serious Sleep Baby Bundle.  It will be the best holiday gift that they could receive, as it will provide them with a must needed restful night sleep once and for all -- for baby, parents and even siblings.  For more information about Dohm and serious sleep, please visit   

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You can find the Dohmie Serious Sleep Baby Bundle at Toys "R" Us -- for only $59.99. Included in the sleep bundle is:
  • Dohm sound conditioner
  • "Buddy the Bee Finds His Zs" storybook
  • Sleep 101 publication from the NSF

Disclosure:  I received compensation, in addition to the sample sent, to facilitate in an honest review, as part of the Mom It Forward Dohmie Serious Sleep Baby Bundle campaign.  All views shared, however, are mine and mine alone.

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