Tuesday, November 19, 2013


Disclosure:  I was sent a review copy from the vendor in order to write up an honest review.  The views shared are mine and mine alone.


"This spectacular 6-disc Collector's Edition, available at retail outlets nationwide for $59.95srp, includes 12 complete and unedited Celebrity Roasts, featuring Bob Hope, Johnny Carson, Jimmy Stewart, Sammy Davis Jr., Jack Benny, Lucille Ball, Dean Martin, Kirk Douglas, Michael Landon, Jackie Gleason, Don Rickles and Joan Collins.  Appearing as roasters, throwing zingers at the men and women of the hour are: John Wayne, Dom DeLuise, Rich Little, Muhammad Ali, George Burns, Phyllis Diller, Art Carney, Bette Davis,, Florence Henderson, Bob Newhart, Don Rickles, Milton Berle, Jonathan Winters and many others.  And, adding to the mirth and merriment of this set are over two hours of specially-produced bonus features, featurettes and interviews, as well as rare Dean Martin TV specials and home movies!"


My Thoughts:

This past weekend, I was able to spend time with my dad and watch the recent DEAN MARTIN CELEBRITY ROASTS: COLLECTOR'S EDITION. Usually he doesn't get excited about the DVD's I am sent to review, but when I told him about this DVD a few weeks ago, he couldn't stop talking about how much he loved tuning in and watching these roasts.

Even though these roasts took place before my time, and then when I was very young, I grew up watching recordings and reruns of The Dean Martin show, The Johnny Carson Show, and others, as my parents loved these shows. I used to love to snuggle up next to them on the couch and watch the shows, or just enjoy the quality time spent together.  I can see where my girls getting the love snuggling up to watch a movie. :-)

This Collector's Edition contains 6 DVDs, which include 12 full roasts, and over 3 hours of Dean Martin skits, rare home videos and more.  Because we were squeezing in the roasts between the girls' naps, we only made it through 3 out of the 6 DVDs over the course of the weekend.  My father ended up taking the other DVDs home to watch, and share his thoughts with me.

If you grew up back in the day and saw these roasts when they first aired, then you probably remember how the famous celebrities took digs at one another.  As I sat and watched the roasts with my father, I couldn't help but see the different form of comedy from my father's age and what we expect nowadays when it comes to celebrity roasts.  Today's roasts deal more with foul language, sexual orientation jokes, or merely low blows to celebrities, all to get a laugh out of people.  I talked with my dad in great detail during and after the roasts about how the different roast eras differed, and how I preferred the one done by Dean Martin.  They were more classy in a way.

Yesterday afternoon, my dad called to give a full report on the remaining roasts and extra bonus material.  If it wasn't for the girls fussing, my dad could have talked for hours.  He was so excited about what he had seen, and how it brought back wonderful memories of his early adulthood, watching these roasts for the first time.  He was so happy to have been able to see them again, and laugh just as much as the first time.  He said he would be bring the DVDs back at Thanksgiving so that we could finish watching them together.  I can't wait.  In the meantime, he is filling me in on what to expect, and some of the jokes shared, which will crack you up.

If you love roasts of today or of the 70's and 80's when they were hosted by Dean Martin and then Dom Rickles, you will want to pick up this 6-DVD Collectors Edition today.  And, at under $60, you can't go wrong, as it equates to around $10 a DVD.  This DVD set would make for the perfect gift for that hard to shop for person on your holiday list, as everyone loves to laugh, and these roasts will make you laugh so hard you smile. :-)


Disclosure:  I was sent a review copy from the vendor in order to write up an honest review.  The views shared are mine and mine alone.

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