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Stride Rite Shoes -- Helping Make Kids More Visible This Halloween #Sponsored Review

Disclosure:  I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Stride Rite. I received products to facilitate my review and thank me for my participation.


"Stride Rite shoes are getting in the Halloween spirit with fun themed shoes! They are offering themed shoes around some of the season’s hottest costumes like Spider-Man, Captain America, Star Wars, Disney Princess and Minnie Mouse, and with a breadth of brands including Stride Rite, Sperry Top-Sider, Keds, Saucony and Jessica Simpson, Stride Rite has the shoe to complement any costume.  Stride Rite wants to add the finishing touch to your child’s outfit while still giving them comfort of a shoe that fits just ‘rite.’ " 

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When did your children start going out Trick or Treating, or even caring about Halloween?  My girls are now at the age where holidays like this are to be celebrated. :-)  Last Halloween Bella was just starting to walk, while Savannah wasn't into dress up.  While they are still too young to eat all the candy they will be bringing home (a bonus for us parents, huh?), my girls will get to experience Halloween for the first time.  And, Thursday night can't come fast enough, as we have been practicing for a few weeks now what to say from "Trick or Treat" when they knock on the door or greet the candy giver, to "Thank you," after receiving the candy.  Bella like to throw in "Please" at the end of "Trick or Treat." :-)

Girls being girls, trying to decide what they wanted to be was the big deal this year.  Last year, I dressed Savannah as pumpkin and Bella as a blooming flower, to take photos for the scrapbook. But, Savannah being a big girl now, had to choose her own costume.  Or, should I say costumes...  She ended up picking up Tiny from Dinosaur Train, Angelina Ballerina tutu costume and Koko from Chuggington.  If she had found the Disney Car's Mater costume my husband hid on her at the costume store, she would have asked for that too, as she is all about Cars nowadays.  As for Arabella, she went with a princess light up costume.  She would have been content with one costume, but Savannah showed her a Thomas the Tank Engine costume, and she just had to have it, too. :-)  Luckily, there were a few pre-Halloween events this past weekend that we were able to take the girls to, so that they could get use out of their costumes, and experience what Halloween and Trick or Treating is all about. So far, they love filling their bags with candy, and getting to have 1 piece of candy a day.  We made a point to talk to them about the need for parents to check their candy before they eat it, and that loose pieces of candy or candy that doesn't look right, will be thrown out.  In addition to candy safety, I also talked to Savannah (as Bella is too young to understand right now), about being safe come Halloween night, when it will be dark out, and kids and cars will be out on the roads.  I told her we would be carrying glow sticks and flash lights to help light the way, as well as to let cars driving by know that we are sharing the road with them.  And, as a bonus to her many costumes, she will get to wear a new pair of light of shoes from Stride Rite. :-)  While Savannah is still indecisive about what she will dress up as on Halloween (if she could do a wardrobe switch a few times in the night, she would, just so she could wear all the costumes), one thing we know is that she will be wearing the new "Wishing Lights" shoes from Stride Rite, along with Bella.

Stride Rite is offering a wonderful selection of shoes to complement your child's Halloween costume.  From Lights ups, to character and princess shoes and even a fun selection of baby shoes, you and your child are bound to find a pair of shoes from this trusted brand. 

Thanks to the folks at Stride Rite, as well as Mom Central Consulting for selecting me for this fun Halloween Stride Rite Campaign, I was sent two pairs of Stride Rite shoes for the girls -- the first being the "Wishing Lights" shoes in the Aurora style, and the second pair sent was the Stride Rite Made 2 Play™ Kathryn (Toddler) sneakers.  

Usually the shoes we get from Stride Rite are true to size, but unfortunately, the size 8W "Wishing Lights" shoes were a tad too small.  I guess being a little sister has its perks, as Bella scored a new pair of light up shoes. :-)  Don't worry, I ended up going online and ordering another pair of these shoes in a larger size for Savannah, so that she could have her own pair of "magic sparkle shoes".

Stride Rite for Disney Wish Lights Aurora (Available in Baby and Kid Sizes)

$49.00 - $52.00

"With just a dash of fairy dust, she is magically transported in this Aurora sneaker. Featuring new Wish Lights technology with a heart-shaped princess gem that lights up white with every step. But, when the heart blinks pink, she can make a wish. The more steps she takes, the more wishes she can make. Plus, the special tiara hook & loop closure makes this sneaker easy to slip on and off while a mesh lining keeps her cool and comfortable."

  • New Wish Lights technology with heart-shaped gem that changes from white to pink light several times a day indicating when it's time to make a wish
  • Leather and sequins upper
  • Easy alternative closure
  • Mesh linings for breathability
  • Imported

The "Wish Lights" collection from Stride Rite come in sizes for baby, toddler and kids.  Styles available include Belle (pink/silver Mary Janes), Ariel (silver/Purple Sequins Mary Janes), Aurora (Princess Pink Sneaker) and Cinderella (Silver Sequins and Sparkles).  Depending on size and style, these "Wish Lights" Mary Janes or Sneakers cost either $49.00 or $52.00, which is the average for most Stride Rite shoes.

In addition to the Aurora Wish Lights shoes, I was also sent a pair of Stride Rite Made 2 Play™ Kathryn (Toddler) sneakers, which ended up fitting Savannah perfectly.  I ordered a half size up, just to give her some room this winter when she wears heavier socks.

Stride Rite Made 2 Play™ Kathryn (Toddler)

"Pretty patterns and pops of color meets rough and tumble in the Kathryn. Part of our Made2Play™ Collection, this leather and mesh machine washable sneaker features a dirt-shedding, non-marking outsole, anti-stink linings, reinforced durability at the toe and a convenient hook-and-loop closure for adjustability."
  • Machine washable; air dry
  • Dirt-shedding, non-marking outsole
  • Anti-microbial mesh linings for comfort and breathability
  • Reinforced toe for extra durability
  • Grip & Grab heel pull for easy-on/easy-off
  • Grip & Grab strap for a secure fit
  • Leather and mesh upper
  • Insole graphics designed to help kids put shoes on the correct feet
  • Available in medium and wide widths
  • Imported
I have to say that these shoes were made for play.  Just looking at them, you can tell that they are comfy on the feet. 

And, after doing the jump around test with them, Savannah agreed that they were.  Savannah's favorite feature, beyond the comfort of the shoe, was the Grip & Grab heel pull, as it made putting on and taking off her shoes a piece of cake.  One of the features I loved was the reinforced toe for extra durability.  Now that Savannah is more mobile and playing outdoors with ride on toys, I find that some of her shoes are breaking down in the front, as she is using the toe as a break.  Out of all the shoes we own, only the Stride Rite shoes are proving strong and being well made in the toe area, holding up to her rough toddler play style. :-)  And, I scored points with Savannah, when it came to picking out this shoe, as she loved the colors and feature of the Velcro closer along with the Grip & Grab Strap.  While Savannah is a big girl, she still struggles when in a rush putting her shoes on the correct feet.  But, I let her in on a little secret and showed her how these shows had a fun insole graphic that would remind her which shoe went on the left foot and which on the right.  Out of all the children's shoe brands we have owned, I have never seen this feature.  Now, Savannah doesn't have to walk around with the shoes on the wrong feet, or be stalled when getting ready, just to ask me which shoe goes on which foot.  She just peaks inside and sees the wheel gears graphics, which are on either the left or right side.

Overall, I am pleased with the two shoes that I was sent from Stride Rite to review with the girls.  And, unlike their mom, they are able to add another pair of shoes to their growing shoe collection. :-)  But, come Halloween night their "Wish Lights" shoes will be on -- no matter which costume they choose, and sparkling and twinkling bright as they go door to door saying "Trick or Treat" and "Thank You."  Why not get your children a pair of light up shoes from Stride Rite to make them more visible during Trick or Treating this Halloween.  They can choose their favorite character or match the shoes with their costumes. Either way, make sure you talk to your child(ren) about Halloween safety while out trick or treating, and when they come home with all that candy.  But, most importantly, have fun and take a lot of photos -- they are only small once! :-)
If light up shoes are not their thing, or they are too big for this fun feature, then why not check out new fall collection of shoes for boys and girls from Stride Rite?  So, what are you waiting for?  When heading out to pick up last minute accessories for your child's Halloween costume, make a point to stop and pick up a pair of Stride Rite shoes, too! :-)  My girls have already added a few of the new styles to their Holiday Wish List for Santa.  Come on, a girl can't have enough shoes! :-)

hundreds of styles starting at $29.99 

Disclosure:  I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Stride Rite. I received products to facilitate my review and thank me for my participation.

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