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Disclosure: I was sent a sample from the vendor in order to write up an honest review.  The views shared are mine and mine alone.

Are you familiar with the online shopping site, Shopping?  Don't worry if you aren't, as I, too, hadn't heard of them, until last month, when they reached out to see if I wanted to review one of their Halloween items, and offer my readers a giveaway (scroll down to enter my $50 Shopping giveaway).  So, what is Shopping?  They are a leading online retailer that offers a huge range of products, including; clothing, gadgets, health & beauty, toys & baby and so much more.  Besides their amazing selection of products for every member of the family and for all occasions, most of the products on their site can be delivered in 1 – 2 days, with numerous products being offered with FREE shipping.  How great is that?  One of the things I hate about ordering from online retailers, is how long it takes to ship and then arrive at my house.  Usually I turn to online retailers for the convenience and ease of shopping from home, as it just gets too crazy trying to get two toddlers ready to go out, and then deal with them acting up once we get to the stores. It is just so much easier, and less stressful.  But, when it comes to buying gifts for special occasions, or even decorations for certain holidays, you don't want to wait forever and a day for the items to arrive.  

Not being familiar with Shopping and their product offering, I spent so time a few weeks ago browsing their online shopping site.  Within the first few minutes, I couldn't get over how much stuff they had, and how affordable their products were.  Compared to other online retailers, I wondered to myself why I hadn't heard about them sooner, but was glad to finally stumble across this site, as I will be saving so much money with this one stop online shopping site.  And, with the holidays fast approaching, who doesn't like to save money.  If you love online shopping like I do, once you visit Shopping, you will see why my holiday shopping this year is going to be easy.  I will not have to worry about comparing retailers to find the best deals, or have to make trips to different malls or department stores to pick up gifts for everyone on my list, from babies to the hardest to shop for. Shopping has it all and the best prices, all in one place -- what more is there to ask for?  I am eagerly awaiting their upcoming Christmas store, which is sure to be filled with great ideas for family and friends.  But, in the meantime, I had a great time shopping from their Halloween Store, which is live now. Shopping’s Halloween Store features hundreds of items for all aspects of Halloween.  From decorating to costumes and candy to hand out to the treat-or-treaters, Shopping’s Halloween Store is here to meet all your Halloween shopping needs.  Oh, and did I mention that they have a clearance section with up to 80% off? 

Are you hosting a Halloween party for the first time, or looking to decorate your house indoors or out with fun Halloween decorations? Shopping’s Halloween Store has you covered.  For those looking to light up your yard, why not consider picking up the 3 lit pumpkins and multi-color ghosts, or add a little spook with this inflatable grim reaper?
Set of 3 Sparkling Orange Pumpkins Lighted Halloween Yard Art Decorations 1 of 1
Set of 3 Multi-Color Lite-Up 19 Ghostly Group Halloween Decoration Ghosts 1 of 1

4 Foot Halloween Inflatable Grim Reaper Yard Decoration 1 of 1

Hosting a Halloween party, or just want to decorate your tabletop, how about putting out these  skeleton head candle holders?

Set of 2 Skeleton Head Taper Candle Holders Halloween Table Top Decorations 1 of 1

The Shopping Halloween Store features many sale items like this plush spider decoration for less than $5, or these cute witch boot candy bowls for less than $3.  

Halloween Decor 12 Inch Orange Plush Spider Decoration 1 of 1 Witch Boot Candy Bowl 1 of 1

The sales are not only for decorations but costumes as well.  Check out this cute "plug and socket" costume for adults, for only $30:

 Plug & Socket  Adult Costume 1 of 2

The kind folks at Shopping recently sent along the 3 lit pumpkins for me to review, and I don't know who was more excited, the girls or I?  Prior to having children, my husband and I would pick up a handful of pumpkins and carve them.  We would also pick up corn husks, hay bales and other Halloween and fall themed decorations to spruce up the front and back decks, as well as add playful holiday fun to the front yard.  But, once the girls arrived, we just didn't seem to have the time, let alone the energy to decorate like we used.  Like I shared in an earlier post, we were so busy this year, that I didn't get around to taking down the Christmas tree until late April.  My husband and parents kept joking that I was leaving it up for Christmas in July.  While we didn't have time last year to do outdoor decorating for Halloween or Christmas, I told my husband this year, now that the girls are older and like all the decorations and lights, that we had to make a point to do something. 

After browsing Shopping, I had a running wish list of Halloween decorations that would be perfect for our house.  Top on my list was the 3 lit pumpkins that I was being sent to review.  Within a few days of putting in my review request, my order arrived at my doorstep.  As I took the pumpkins out of the box, both my daughters stopped what they were doing and ran to see the pumpkins.  I told them that they would have to wait until after dinner to see the pumpkins lit up, as it needed to be dark to fully appreciate them.  As the girls paced the living room, I could see that the wait was killing them.  So, I took the pumpkins into the guest room and put them on the window seat before drawing the room darkening curtains.  I called the girls in to see a surprise.  They rushed in, and once their eyes met the three lit pumpkins, they went crazy jumping and dancing around.  I have to admit that I couldn't stop smiling, as these pumpkins were a sight to see.  Varying in size, they had just the right amount of glitter on them, that when the string of lights that light them up, twinkled, they really make the pumpkins look nice.  While I am a fan of carving and lighting up pumpkins for Halloween, I have to say that I am now liking the light up option, as it is less messy and lasts longer, as these pumpkins will not rot and need to be thrown out.  

I knew I couldn't keep the 3 lit pumpkins in the dark guest room forever.  So, that night before it got dark, I took the weather resistant pumpkins outside and lined them up on the retaining wall next to our back deck.  The girls helped me place a few scarecrows we had picked up earlier in the week for outdoor decorating behind the pumpkins.  In a matter of minutes, or drab back deck, which was crying out for Halloween decorations was coming together.  And, once it got dark, the whole family in our pajamas gathered outside to see my husband flip the switch and see the 3 lit pumpkins from Shopping light up.  It really was a beautiful sight to see.  Even though our Halloween set up only included these 3 light up decorations, it was just enough to get us excited about Halloween and all the fun you could have with outdoor decorating.   You don't need to be having a Halloween party to deck your house out (either indoors and outdoors) with fun or spooky Halloween decorations.  And, when you shop at you Shopping, you will not break the bank when you visit their Halloween Store, for all your decorating needs.  Those who see your Halloween setup will think you spent a fortune.  Little will they know that you saved $$$ and earned Super Points (scroll down to learn more about this rewards program) shopping at the online shopping site, Shopping. :-)  

This past weekend, we were able to capture some great family photos, as well as photos of the girls around our mini Halloween display.  The backdrop of the fallen colored leaves made more even better pictures.  Now, to decide which picture to use for your Christmas card. :-)  Up next, shopping Shopping's Christmas Store for outdoor light up decorations to add color and a more festive feel for the holidays.  Savannah is asking for Santa and his reindeer, while Arabella wants penguins and cartoon characters.  I can't wait to see the yard all lit up with our Shopping finds.  My personal favorite yard decoration from Shopping is the 7' Airblown Inflatable Candy Shop House Lighted Christmas Yard Art Decoration, which available right now for only $119.99.

7' Airblown Inflatable Candy Shop House Lighted Christmas Yard Art Decoration

Too cute, huh?  I will be sure to share photos here and on my social media pages, so stay tuned. :-)

So, what are you waiting for?  Why not visit Shopping today and shop their Halloween Store.  Like I said, with many items shipping FREE, and most items arriving to your doorstep within 1-2 days of ordering, you will have your Halloween decorations in time to get out this upcoming weekend to decorate with the family, or have for your Halloween party and festivities.  I can't wait to hear what Halloween finds you stumble upon at Shopping, and how they will make for a more memorable Halloween, while saving your money. :-)

Happy shopping!


Thanks to the folks at Shopping, one lucky reader will win $50 in Super Points.  You can apply this credit to your order to receive items for free, or use some points to get a discount.  It is up to you on how and when you want to use your $50 Shopping Super Points, if you win.  

About Shopping's Super Points:

Rakuten Super Points are the site’s rewards program that help you to reward yourself every time you purchase from the site. You can save your Points up to get the things you want for free or you can pay for part of your order with Points to get a discount. You earn 1 point per every dollar spent, that's like getting cash back on every purchase. Learn more here.

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Disclosure: I was sent a sample from the vendor in order to write up an honest review.  The views shared are mine and mine alone.

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