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A Photo Tells a Story...And, Looks Great Displayed in a Handcrafted Metal Heart of Haiti Picture Frame (Review)

Disclosure: This was a sponsored post from Everywhere Society.  In exchange for a personal post about the Heart of Haiti Initiative, I was sent a handcrafted picture frame from Macy' as a thank you for my time.  However, the views I share are mine and mine alone.

Since 2010, the folks at Macy's has been working with skilled artisans throughout Haiti to bring one-of-a-kind gifts to consumers here in the US, while offering those affected by the earthquakes by creating jobs, trade and markets for Haiti's important artisan craft industries.  "Heart of Haiti" represents the first collection of home decor handcrafts since the January 2010 earthquake. "Each item is designed by master Haitian artists exclusively for Macy's and made by hand by local artisans. The spirit and creativity of the people of Haiti is reflected in the vibrant colors and joyful patterns of each piece, and each purchase helps the Haitian artisans preserve their cultural history, restore their homes and rebuild their communities. Each and every piece is signed by the artist and comes with a certificate of authenticity. "

Recently, I was sent the Metal Palm Leaf 4" x 6" picture frame from the Heart of Haiti home decor line exclusive to Macy's to review.  

Heart of Haiti Picture Frame, Metal Palm Leaf 4" x 6"

(Originally $45.00, but on sale now for only $29.99.)

"Picture yourself beneath a tropical palm, in this hand-cut, carved and finished frame. Four large fronds crafted of recycled steel and complemented by rich textural detail exemplify the talent and resourcefulness of Haiti's esteemed artisans."
  • A fair trade collection in partnership with Full Circle Exchange
  • Recycled steel
  • Handcrafted in Haiti
  • Holds 4" x 6" photos
  • Dimensions: 11" x 12"
  • Because each item is a unique work of art, variations in size and color will occur
  • Artisans receive half the wholesale price for each item sold
  • Signed by the artisan

As I took the handcrafted metal picture frame out of the package, I couldn't get over the intricate detail of each of the palm leaves.  

You know how you come across picture frames on store shelves that look so beautiful that you could just display it without a picture.  Well, this is one of them.  

But, with so many pictures of my daughters filling our cameras, phones and scrapbooks, I knew I would be able to find just the right one, that would make this picture frame look perfect on display in our house. :-)

And so my search for the right picture began.  As I started to look through the loose photos we had in shoe boxes just waiting to be put into albums, it dawned up me...Right after Arabella was born, we stopped developing photos and adding them to the scrapbooks and shoe boxes.  Life with a toddler and newborn was just too crazy, as it is still with two toddlers. :-)  While we did find time to make canvas prints of the girls to display on our living room walls, I noticed that all the photos we had on the coffee table, end table and even the nightstand in our bedroom were filled with photos of Savannah, our firsthand.  How could I not have noticed this before?  I had to ask my husband if he picked up on this, but, he, too, has just been sleep deprived and flustered with the girls.  From colds to the terrible two's and three's, we are lucky if we give each other hugs and kisses in the AM and right before bed.  The last thing we would think to do is look at the photos around the house.

Needing to fix this, I knew that we would be developing photos of Arabella, and choosing just the right one to put in this beautiful handcrafted frame available exclusively at Macy's as part of their Heart of Haiti initiative.  It would take days to go through all the photos on the camera memory cards, saved phone photos, etc. But, I grabbed a few memory cards and browsed through them.  As I was looking at all photos of the girls, I couldn't get over how quickly they are growing up.  My husband and I keep saying how Arabella is racing to catch up to Savannah, even though there is a 15 month age difference.  They are the same height and weight, and are almost at the same developmental stages, with Bella already talking up a storm.  It is truly amazing how much the girls learn and charge over the course of a few months.  And, in just a little under a month, we will be celebrating Arabella's 2nd birthday...Oh, where did the time go. I miss holding my little baby girls cradled in my arms. :-(  But, I have enough photos and memories that will provide years of reminiscing and reflection.

After a few hours of tearing up looking at the photos of the girls, I finally found the photo of Arabella I wanted to print out and use in the Heart of Haiti metal picture frame.  Just like with Savannah, my husband and I had cameras placed all around the house, in case we had to quickly grab one and capture a "first" moment.  I was able to capture Bella pulling herself up, and posing for the camera, before she took her first steps.  This was an unexpected milestone, as she was only a few days shy of being 9 months old, when she took her first time.  Savannah didn't take her first step until a week after her 1st birthday.  As I sat at my computer looking at this photo, I couldn't help but smile as a proud mom, as I remembered that special moment, and how I was able to capture this treasured memory.  Pictures like these really put into perspective the joy of children, and how precious their baby years are.  I am blessed to be able to stay at home with them, and see all their "firsts."  But, for my husband and family and friends, photos like this one carry a wonderful story, I can't help but want to talk about. :-)  Come, on, all moms love to gush about their children -- even if they are off the walls -- at the end of the day, we still think of them as our babies, always!

Shortly after stumbling across the photo, I had copies made at the store, and couldn't wait to put in the picture frame.  Once done, I knew just the spot for it -- on my end table.  My husband had a picture frame filled with a photo of Savannah on his side of the bed, but mine was empty.  Now, we each have a breathtaking picture frame, that is filled with our proud and joy! :-)  And, each night when we go to bed, we can't help but glance over at each other's end tables to look at our girls, and then back at our end table before we turn out the light, as we rest up for a brand new day of firsts. :-)

With the holidays fast approaching, why not ask for a handcrafted metal picture frame from the Heart of Haiti online shop at Macy's to display a treasured family photo?  Or, pick one up to surprise the grandparents with a photo of the kids.  You never can have enough picture frames around the house, to remind you to slow down and enjoy special moments with your children, before they are all grown up.  Here are just a handful of other handcrafted metal picture frames from Haitian artisan, Mirtha Balan.

In addition to handcrafted picture frames, there are other wonderful home decor Heart of Haiti products available, including holiday ornaments, handwoven bowls, serving trays and so much more.  So, what are you waiting for?  Shop the online Heart of Haiti store at Macy's now, and find some one-of-a-kind handcrafted gifts perfect for everyone on your holiday shopping list, including those hard to shop for people -- The new Heart of Haiti home decor line features more than 40 home decor items including quilts, metalwork, jewelry and paintings all made almost entirely from recycled and sustainable items such as old cement bags, cardboard, oil drums and local gommier wood from Haiti. The newest collection for the Heart of Haiti line features product with earthy tones and would thrive with the help of a creative eye.

And, don't forget to mention the Heart of Haiti
initiative to family and friends, to help build awareness and help those still trying to rebuild from the devastating earthquakes in Haiti back in 2010.  Proceeds from purchases from this line go directly towards the artisans who make these amazing handcrafted items, to help them provide for their families during the rebuilding process.  I love when you can buy something that is unique, while also being able to the artisan in the process. Don't you?

Stay up-to-date on new product additions to the Heart of Haiti line, as well as other announcements about this exclusive Macy's initiative by follow Heart of Haiti on Facebook ( and on Twitter @HeartofHaiti.

About the Artisan, Mirtha Balan:

More about the Macy's Heart of Haiti Initiative:

"Macy’s Heart of Haiti upholds the belief that “trade not aid” is a powerful way to create sustainable work and much needed financial opportunities.  The initiative allows opportunities for artists to work with US designers, helping strengthen international artisan relationships and making their products viable in the US market. The Heart of Haiti campaign pays in excess of fair wage to the talented artisans who create the product, giving them the dignity of work and economic self-determination. "

 Disclosure: This was a sponsored post from Everywhere Society.  In exchange for a personal post about the Heart of Haiti Initiative, I was sent a handcrafted picture frame from Macy' as a thank you for my time.  However, the views I share are mine and mine alone.

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