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Tickety Toc: Tuesday #gno Twitter Party - Join Me and Others As We Talk About Child Development and For a Chance to Win Prizes

--- See You at the Tickety Toc Twitter Party Tomorrow Night  -- Sept. 10th at 9PM EST ---

"Watching your preschooler grow up is an exciting time for parents, as it begins a whole new period of “firsts.” First day of school, first time writing his or her own name, and first time saying the alphabet all the way through. But being the mom or dad to a preschooler also holds its own unique set of challenges since, as a parent, you hold the responsibility to ensure your child is developing positive social skills, too.

Every child must master some vital skills as they engage with others both inside and outside their home. Things like cooperation, a sense of responsibility, and getting along with siblings are just some of the social skills they’ll need in life. In addition, parents of kids this age face the tricky task of helping them stick to a schedule as they begin a busy day and then wind down again for the evening. Tickety Toc, the hit Nick Jr animated series from Zodiak Rights, can help as it provides wholesome entertainment for your little ones while also reinforcing valuable preschool concepts that are key to their healthy development as individuals.

Tickety Toc arrives on DVD for the very first time from Anchor Bay Entertainment this September 10, 2013 with “Chime Time Adventures.” You can read my review of this upcoming DVD release here:

Follow the everyday adventures of six-year-old-twins, Tommy and Tallulah, as they work to “chime the time” and keep everything running smoothly in Tickety Town. Through the twins’ madcap adventures in six engaging episodes, “Chime Time Adventures” explores teamwork, helping others and being resourceful to solve problems – all very important preschool concepts."

--- Tickety Toc Twitter Party -- Sept. 10th at 9PM EST ---

Join Tickety Toc, Mom It Forward, and our panel of experts as we chat about supporting your children’s growth and development. The party will be held on Tuesday, September 10 from 9-10 p.m. ET (8CT, 7MT, 6PT). Click here to see details about the giveaway and enter for a chance to win.

Party Details:

    What: Girls’ Night Out (#gno) Twitter party (Click here to learn about #gno!)
    When: Tuesday, September 10 from 9-10 p.m. EST (8CT, 7 MT, & 6 PT)
    Where: Party with us on your favorite Twitter Platform using the hashtags!
    Hashtags: #gno #TicketyTocDVD
    Topic: How to Support Your Children’s Growth & Development
    Who: Brand Panelist:@ticketytoc Community Panelists: TBD Moderator(s): @jylmomIF @Dadventurous @troypattee and @MomItForward
    Party Favors: Please click here to see more information about the giveaway.

    RT @MomItForward Join @ticketytoc #gno Twitter party 9/10 (9-10 ET) on child development (ad) #TicketyTocDVD PLS RT

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Hopefully I will see many of you there tomorrow night.  Should be great conversation!

Tickety Toc: Win A Special Tickety Toc “Chime Time Adventures” Gift Pack!

As a parent, you make sure to provide your children with everything they need to grow. Healthy meals, doctor check-ups, and a home full of love and laughter are just some of the elements that help your child flourish. But as preschoolers start to explore the world and its mysteries, it is also up to mom and dad to support their social development as an individual within society. Teaching them things like cooperating with others, making friends, and problem solving through words are all important.  How do you help your child keep growing and learning?
Tickety Toc, the hit animated Nick Jr. TV series from Zodiak Rights, follows the everyday adventures of two twins who demonstrate enthusiasm, commitment and positivity while learning to resolve conflicts and find their way out of trouble as they help to “chime the time” and keep things running in the wacky world of Tickety Town.  On September 10, 2013, Anchor Bay Entertainment  is releasing “Chime Time Adventures,” the first-ever six episode DVD collection that will bring your children along on twins Tommy and Tallulah’s hilarious adventures with their pals Pufferty, McCoggins, and Tooteroo.
Don’t forget to mark your calendar and join us on Tuesday, September 10 as we chat about children and their growth and development with Tickety Toc. Click here for more details about the party.
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