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Make Learning Your ABC's Fun w/ He's All Boy Alpha Card Flash Cards -- Review and #Giveaway

Disclosure:  I was sent a sample from the vendor in order to write up an honest review.  The views shared are mine and mine alone.

Alpha Cards

Last month, I shared a Spotlight on Mom post on Susan Levy, inventor of He's All Boy Alpha Cards.  But, due to the girls and I being sick recently, my review post had to be bumped out until today.  If you missed my interview with Susan, click here to read it now --

So, what are He's All Boy Alpha Cards, and what sets them apart from other ABC flash cards?  Well, you will have to see these fun and sometimes gross flash cards up close to really appreciate this mom and former school teacher's invention.  While I have girls, family and friends with boys always tell me how they struggle to get their children to buckle down and do their school work.  They say that when it comes to teaching them new things, including the ABC and adding words to their vocabulary, it is a constant struggle.  If you have boys, have you found this?  What did you do to make learning more fun for them?  Well, Susan decided to create these He's All Boy ABC flash cards, to "make recognizing, learning and remembering ABC's fun."
Each of the 26 cards (one for each letter of the alphabet) in this set will have boys especially laughing out loud, as they see pairings of words like "naked ninja" for the letter "N" or "Bear Booger" for "B," with an illustration of a bear picking his nose.  Before trying out with my nephew who is 6 yrs. old, I let Savannah and Arabella play with the Alpha Cards.  After spending one-on-one time with Savannah recently, teaching her the ABC's, this was a fun way for her to recognize the different letters, while learning new words that start with each letter.  Both my daughter kept laughing as they flipped over a new card in the 26-card ABC deck of flash cards.

From farts to poop and even spit, there is no holding back when it comes to the silly illustrations on each card.  Don't worry, they are not offensive or will have you blushing when you look at them prior to handing them off to your kids.  You will see that by creating silly words and hilarious illustrations around each letter of the alphabet, that boys will finally have fun learning and remembering their ABC's.  

As for my nephew, he loved the Alpha Cards, too.  He had trouble with remembering the correct sequence of "TUVWX," up until using these cards.  But, with the help of He's All Boy ABC Cards, he know can recite his ABC's in the correct order, each and every time.  And, when he is playing with the girls, and they are saying the ABC's, he is quick to remind them about the silly words and illustrations from this flash card deck.  So, not only is he learning his ABC's with this deck of cards, but he is also remembering what he sees and the new words he has learned.  When I asked him what he thought of these ABC flash cards the other day he told me that these cards made it easier for him to learn the ABC's compared to how he was being taught in school.  The pairing of the silly words made him stick to flipping through the deck of cards, and helped build his vocabulary.  

If you have a little boy in your life who struggles to grasp his ABC's, or are looking for a fun way to teach the ABC's to your child when the time comes, why not pick up the He's All Boy Alpha Cards today?  You will laugh alongside your child, as you both flip through the 26 cards and look at the silly illustrations, all while your child learns his ABC's.


Alpha Cards box
For only $11.95, you can pick up a deck of He's All Boy Alpha Cards directly from Susan's website,  In addition to the flash cards, a vinyl placemat and matching game are also available for purchase.  And, with the holidays right around the corner, these flash cards, or even the matching game would make for a great gift guide for that special boy in your life, learning his ABC's or how to read.


Thanks to Susan, one lucky reader will win a deck of He's All Boy Alpha Cards, to share with that special boy in your life.  To enter, please complete the entries on the Rafflecopter form below.  Good luck!

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