Monday, September 30, 2013

Arriving on DVD Tomorrow -- PHINEAS AND FERB: MISSION MARVEL -- Review

Disclosure:  I was sent a review copy from the vendor in order to write up an honest review. The views shared are mine and mine alone.

Own Phineas and Ferb: Mission Marvel on Disney DVD - October 1, 2013
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After Dr. Doofenshmirtz’s latest "-inator" scheme accidentally removes the powers of some very well-known Marvel Super Heroes (Spider-Man, Iron Man, Thor, and Hulk), the heroes enter the world of Danville and team up with Phineas and Ferb to relocate their powers, defeat the Marvel Super Villains (Red Skull, MODOK, Whiplash and Venom) - who have also shown up to steal Doofenshmirtz’s power-draining technology - and save Danville from ultimate destruction! 

All Star Voices:            Vincent Martella (“Everybody Hates Chris”) as Phineas Flynn; Ashley Tisdale (Sharpay’s Fabulous Adventure) as Candace Flynn; Thomas Brodie-Sangster (“Game of Thrones”) as Ferb Fletcher; Caroline Rhea (“The Suite Life of Zach and Cody”) as Mom Linda Flynn-Fletcher; Richard O'Brien (The Rocky Horror Picture Show, Ever After: A Cinderella Story) as dad Lawrence Fletcher; Alyson Stoner (Step Up 3D, Camp Rock 1 & 2) as Isabella; Dee Bradley Baker (“American Dad!,” Star Wars:The Clone Wars”) as Perry the Platypus; Jeff "Swampy" Marsh (“Phineas and Ferb,” Rocko’s Modern Life) as Major Monogram; Dan Povenmire (“James Bond Jr.,” “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles”) as Dr. Doofenshmirtz; Tyler Mann (“Modern Family” “Weeds”) as Carl; John Viener (Ted, “Family Guy”) as Norm; Maulik Pancholy (“30 Rock,” Hitch, 27 Dresses) as Baljeet; Bobby Gaylor (“The Bernie Mac Show,” “Phineas and Ferb”) as Buford; Jack McBrayer (Wreck It Ralph, Despicable Me) as Irving; Drake Bell (“Ultimate Spiderman,” High Fidelity) as Spider-Man; Adrian Pasdar (“Heroes,” “Ultimate Spider-Man”) as Iron Man; Travis Willingham (The Guardian, Secondhand Lions) as Thor; Fred Tatasciore (“Ultimate Spider-Man,” “The Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes”) as Hulk; Liam O'Brien (“Marvel’s Avengers Assemble”, “Sofia the First”) as Red Skull; Charlie Adler (Aladdin, “Marvel’s Avengers Assemble”) as M.O.D.O.K.; Peter Stormare (Fargo, Armageddon) as Whiplash; Danny Trejo (Machete, Heat) as Venom; Chi McBride (I, Robot, Gone in Sixty Seconds) as Nick Fury & Stan Lee also guest stars as himself."

Creators and                      Dan Povenmire (TV’s “Family Guy” and “The Simpsons”)
Executive Producers:     Jeff “Swampy” Marsh (TV’s “Rocko’s Modern Life” and “The Simpsons”)

Episodes:                            1 - “Phineas and Ferb: Mission Marvel”
2 - “Fly on the Wall”
3 - “Sidetracked (Part 1 and 2)”
4 - “Primal Perry (Part 1 and 2)”
5 - “Backyard Hodge Podge”
6 - “Where’s Pinky”
7 – “Knot My Problem/Mind Share"
Run Time:                           Approx. 145-minutes of content

Rated:                                   TV-G

Aspect ratio:                      1.78:1 Widescreen (Enhanced for 16x9 Televisions)

Sound:                                  2.0 Dolby Digital

Languages/Subtitles:     English, French & Spanish


My Thoughts:

As I am writing up this review, the Phineas and Ferb theme sing is being sung in my head.  If you have young children and tweens who watch this show on Disney, then you have probably either heard them singly the catchy theme song, or have found yourself a time or two singing along to it when it plays.  As for the show itself, this is one animated series that my husband loves to watch with the girls.  While he is not a big fan of ponies and princess shows, he loves Phineas and Ferb, as it reminds him of shows like The Simpon's, Family Guy and a little bit like South Park.  

I usually end up watching this popular animated series with the girls after they finish their breakfast in the AM, and then my husband will watch the recorded version with them when he gets home, so that I can prepare dinner.  Even though the girls have already seen the episode, they love spending time with Daddy, as they snuggle together on the couch, to watch Phineas and Ferb.

So, when I was sent a review copy of  PHINEAS AND FERB: MISSION MARVEL on DVD recently, I knew three people in my house who would go crazy for it.  And, did they!  This past Saturday AM, while I was trying out a few new recipes in the kitchen, my husband and daughters, still in their pajamas, gathered up all the blankets and pillows that they could find and laid on the living room floor, to watch the seven episodes that make up this new DVD release.   Our kitchen and living room are one big open space, so I was able to watch them as I was cooking.  They kept letting out giggles and gaps as they watched their two favorite characters, Phineas and Ferb partner with popular Marvel Super Heroes, including Spider-Man, Iron Man, Thor, and Hulk, to help get their powers back.  While I would have thought this would have been more geared towards boys, as it dealt with Marvel superheros, my girls couldn't get enough of it.  And, that night, my husband surprised me and shared a few of his prized Marvel action figures with them.  Who knew he would be passing along these action figures to his daughters.  

The DVD was so good, that on Sunday, my husband and daughters sat to watch a few of their favorite episodes from this DVD, that was when they weren't reading the comic that came with the DVD. If you have a Phineas and Ferb fan in your house, or even a Marvel superheroes fan, you will want to make a point to pick up PHINEAS AND FERB: MISSION MARVEL when it arrives on DVD tomorrow.  And, with the holidays right around the corner, this would make for a great stocking stuffer idea. :-)

Disclosure:  I was sent a review copy from the vendor in order to write up an honest review. The views shared are mine and mine alone.

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