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Sponsored: Famous Footwear Has Your Entire Family Covered This School Year -- Including Us Moms #ReebokMom

Disclosure:  I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Reebok. I received a Famous Footwear gift card to purchase a pair of Reebok shoes to facilitate my review and to thank me for participating.

If you have kids in school, then you probably know how stressful it can be as a parent to get done all the back to school shopping, just in time for the new school year.  While many of us see the Back to School offers and signage popping up in stores as early as June, like the kids, we don't want to think about back to school shopping until we have enjoyed the nice weather and spent quality time as a family.  But, like I said in a previous post, summer seems to be racing by us each new year.  To me, if feels like summer just started -- but, then I am reminded that it is wrapping us, as I peer out the window and see the leaves on the trees already changing, as the cool breeze blows through the branches, while sending a quick shiver through my bones.

Thankfully, I was able to get my school clothing shopping down in one place this year, making it so much easier than having to drive to multiple stores in different towns just to find one particular item.  Because we will in a small town, the closest mall is almost 40 minutes away. And, while we are still lucky enough to have some mom and pop stores around, my family and friends rely on stores like Famous Footwear, to provide items for each member of the family.  

Because this was the firs year I had to buy school clothes for Savannah who is starting preschool, and my niece and nephew, who now live with us, I was not ready for all the walking and running around, that goes along with schools clothes shopping with kids entails.  I must have walked up and down all the aisles in the clothing stores half a dozen times trying to find the kids, who were off filling their shopping carts with clothing.  Then, once I found them and we reviewed what they chose the outfits that would make the shopping trip cut, we would then go around and try to return the unwanted clothes to their appropriate racks.  It was amazing how the kids were able to come home and run around like nothing had happened, while my feet ached, like I had just run a marathon.  After the first day of back to school shopping, I realized one thing -- I need new shoes.  While I was too busy trying to get lists ready for the kids of what they needed to start the school year off right, I neglected myself, and my need for a good pair of shoes. 

I have been exercising and trying to eat healthy, as a way to shed those final baby weight pounds, since I made my weight loss resolution on New Years.  So far, so good, as I have lost over 25 pounds to date.  But, the extra running on the treadmill and on the side streets in our neighborhood, wore out my old pair of sneakers, making my feet hurt more after a long day of walking and on my feet, because of lack of support.  When it came time to shop for shoes for the kids, there was only place I had plans to go -- Famous Footwear.  While this is the only shoe store around locally, without having to travel 40+ minutes, it has never disappointed us.  Not only does Famous Footwear offer name brand shoes at affordable prices, but they carry shoes for all seasons, and for every member of the family.  My husband makes a point to buy a new pair of running shoes every few months from here.  So, why hadn't I?  Like many of you, I always put my child's needs before mine, and sometimes forget to get things I need, like a comfortable pair of shoes.  So, in addition to getting all the kids their new pair of sneakers for back to school, I also made a point to look for new shoes just for me.  :-)

I ended up spotting and falling in love with these running shoes from Reebok:

Reebok Women's REALFLEX RUN Shoe 
Enjoy a comfortable run around your neighborhood wearing the Reebok Realflex Run running shoes.
  • Mesh upper in an athletic running style
  • Lace-up front, padded collar
  • Printed logo overlay
  • Textile lining, cushioning footbed
  • Flexible RealFlex outsole with forefoot flex grooves

But, when it came time to try on the shoes, I was disappointed to find out that they ran out of my shoe size.  They had it available in the Women's Zig Kick Black/White/Pink and Women's Sublite TR Blk/Gry/Cosmic Berry colors, but I really wanted the Women's Realflex Run Grey /Teal/ Cosmic P one.  

Reebok Women's Sublite TR ShoeReebok Women's Zig Kick Shoe

Unlike other stores who would call around to other chain stores to see if they had the item in stock, the folks at Famous Footwear do something even better.  They will order the shoes you want, and have them shipped directly to your door for FREE.  Yes, you read that right -- FREE!!!  I brought up the pair of Reebok shoes I wanted, and asked them to order a pair in size 7 for me.  They already had my information in the system as I am a Famous Footwear Rewards member -- Click here to learn more about this rewards program for frequent Famous Footwear shoppers:  Within a few minutes, I was able to have the girls' shoes checked out and payed for, and my order was being processed, with an expected delivery date of 3-4 business days.  

While I wasn't able to walk out with my new shoes, I was able to take advantage of Famous Footwear's annual "Buy 1 Get 1 50% off" sale, when buying new shoes for Savannah and Arabella.  They were also treated to new Mickey Mouse and friends socks, which were also B1G1 50%.  For two pairs of Disney princess light up shoes, and two 6-pack character socks, I only spent $49.  

Try beating that when you shop at a high end shoe store.  You will not be able to.  Don't think just because the store sells expensive shoes that the shoes are high quality. When I used to work and had to buy dress shoes and business casual walking shoes, I would spend upwards of $80-$100 on a pair of shoes, only to be disappointed with the overall comfort and support of the shoes.  

One of the perks of being a stay at home mom is being able to wear comfy sneakers day in and day out.  And, now, after having received my new pair of Women's Realflex Run Grey /Teal/ Cosmic P Reebok running shoes, I am ready to take on more shopping --- the dreaded Christmas shopping -- which is on the horizon.  In the meantime, as I prep my gift lists, I will enjoy breaking in my Reebok running shoes from Famous Footwear at the gym and while running around the neighborhood.  I have only had them for a couple of weeks, but have already noticed the difference.  Because I had recently lost weight, I never knew that my feet had gotten smaller.  Instead of being in a size 7, I was back to my pre-baby shoe size of a 6.5.  Because of the difference in size, I had to return the size 7 to the store and pick up a 6.5 -- which I also had sent to the house, as they were out -- guess the running shoe I picked was a popular on.  

I am loving my new Reebok Women's Realflex Run Grey /Teal/ Cosmic P running shoes, and love seeing the girls run and jump around with their light up shoes.  Savannah is proving to be a big girl by being able to put on her own velcroed shoes herself.  She even lends a hand to Arabella to help her get her shoes on and off daily.  We are one family who is definitely satisfied with our shoes, which we purchased at our local Famous Footwear.  Up next...winter boot shopping...and more great sales at Famous Footwear.

Are your kids still in need of shoes (either dress or casual) for back to school?  Why not head to your local Famous Footwear store to browse their current selection of shoes from baby up through adult sizes?  Not only will the styles available make you smile, but you will get even happier when you see the price, and how much you saved!  In the end, I was able to get a pair of Reebok running shoes for me (shipped directly to my door FREE OF CHARGE), along with a pair of shoes for Savannah and Arabella, with matching socks, for under $100.00.  What a deal!

What are you waiting for?  Head on over to the Famous Footwear website to browse their current selection of shoes for the entire family, learn about their current special offers and to use the online store locator to find a store near you --- .

Moms:  Don't neglect your feet this back to school season?  Why not treat yourself to fun new pair of running shoes from Reebok?  I am loving my new running shoes, and my feet have never felt better. Click here - now to learn more about the Women's Realflex Run Grey /Teal/ Cosmic P running shoes I purchased and am loving, as well as see Reebok's current shoe styles available for purchase online, or in stores.

Disclosure:  I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Reebok. I received a Famous Footwear gift card to purchase a pair of Reebok shoes to facilitate my review and to thank me for participating.

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