Thursday, August 15, 2013

New Faith-Based Family Movies From Bridgestone Multimedia Group (Review)

Disclosure: I was sent samples from the vendor in order to write up an honest review.  The views shared are mine and mine alone.


I guess you can say that one of the perks of being sick, along with your kiddos, is that when they are sleeping, you can either sleep, or catch up on missed television shows, a good book, etc.  For me, I used my "limited free time" watching some great family faith based movies that recently released from Bridgestone Multimedia Group.  If you follow my blog on a regular basis, then you have probably seen a dozen review of their movies, and how they are great to pick up and enjoy as a family, and open up dialog with your kids afterwards, to talk about what was learned by watching the movie, and how it can be applied to your life.  Usually, I like to hold off and watch these movies with my husband or niece and nephew, but I took advantage of the quiet time to watch them when the girls were sleeping these past few weeks, and am glad I did, as they were very entertaining and perfect for families.  

Since watching each of the following new Bridgestone Multimedia Group titles myself, I ended up watching them again with my husband and family.  Out of all the movies, my husband and I found ourselves talking about "Leaving Limbo" and posing the question of "What if? to one another.  What if something happened to one of us God forbid?  Would we move on and try to find happiness and love again with another?  Or, did we believe that there was only one true love in a person's life?  What do you think?  "Leaving Limbo" will have couples who watch this movie asking these questions and wondering what they would do, all while watching the lead character learn to forgive and move on, in hopes to find love again.  This really is a moving film, and those who reach for tissues frequently, will want to have a box on hand for this one. :-)

As for my niece and nephew, they are fans of the "Genesis 7" series, and were excited to watch Episode Eleven of this entertaining children's space series.  Another favorite of the kids' was "Boys of Valor," an action packed animated series, which came in a 4-DVD box set.  While the kids still have two DVDs left to watch, what they have seen so far, has been not only entertaining, but educational.  While learning about Christian values, young viewers also are literacy, math and science skills.  This is one inspirational children's series that I was happy to stumble upon, and will continue to share with the kids, and enjoy watching together as a family during our weekly movie nights :-)

So, if you are looking for a wholesome faith-based family film to share with your family, or to watch during your in-house date night with your spouse, why not consider some of the following recent Bridgestone Multimedia Group releases --

Leaving Limbo


"Monica Wyatt is a totally '80s teenager on the brink of a bright future when her dreams are destroyed by a car wreck that leaves her in a coma for 19 years. After miraculously awakening at age 38, Monica finds her once-perfect life in shambles and an unrecognizable world around her. As she struggles to fit into a world of Starbucks and cell phones, she attempts to win back the love of her life. In the process, she experiences a true wake-up call.

Based on the stage play "My Wonderful Coma" by award-winning playwright Sandy Boikian, who also directed the film, Leaving Limbo is a comedic drama that explores the topics of forgiving yourself and letting go of the pain of guilt."



"Three soldiers become unlikely friends after falling into enemy hands in this emotional drama that takes a very different look at war. One by one, Pvt. Aaron Phillips, Lt. Steven Hill, and Sgt. Bryan Monroe are taken hostage. Strangers to one another, each man has his own story and different levels of military experience. While Pvt. Phillips is on his first tour of duty, Lt. Hill has returned to active duty from the reserves, and Sgt. Monroe is on his fourth and final tour.

Trapped in a small and dank prison cell, the soldiers swap stories of their last memories of home, but time is running out, and all of their lives are hanging in the balance."

The Pledge 


"Tory Hedderman is a stereotypical, self-centered 16-year-old with an unpatriotic attitude and the motto, "If it doesn't have to do with me, why should I care?" However, when Tory is caught vandalizing a statue of a World War I vet, he is ordered to perform community service at a local veterans' home. There, he learns about the sacrifices that have been made for our country and how to open his heart to those around him.

Awarded the Dove Foundation's highest honor of five doves, The Pledge is an uplifting family drama featuring footage of real veterans sharing their thoughts on patriotism, freedom, and the attitudes of today's generation toward the true price of freedom."

The Covenant: The Story of My People 


"Filmed in Jerusalem, The Covenant: The Story of My People is a breathtaking musical drama that retraces the remarkable journey of the Jewish people from the calling of Abraham until the establishment of the State of Israel. Experience the pain of Egyptian slavery through the eyes of Moses' mother as she sets her baby in the Nile River, the loyalty of Ruth as she pledges herself to Naomi and her God, and the turmoil of the Jews in Babylonian exile.

Then, face the challenge with Esther as she risks her life to plead for her people and see the suffering of the Jews in Jerusalem under Roman occupation. In the centuries following, The Covenant brings you to the terror and tragedy of the Holocaust and the promised rebirth of Israel in 1948."



"Spiritual forces collide in this supernatural battle between good and evil. Jason (D'angelo Midili) is a young, successful artist, whose wife, Jessica (Natasha Sims), is pregnant with their first child. They are also filled with joy at the uncanny return of their mysterious friend Dee (Lisa Coronado). However, Jason is also tormented by Fear (Tucker Boggio), who continually whispers nightmares and horrific visions into his mind.

As Jason descends deeper into the dark places of his mind, the powerful angel Joshua (Philipp Aurand) intervenes. Then, spiritual warfare begins for Jason and his family in a faith-based thriller like no other you've seen before."

Genesis 7 - Episode Eleven: The Kuiper Belt 


"A sudden flash of light, an inexplicable power outage, and Donton's doubts about his faith confound the Genesis 7 crew in the eleventh episode in the children's space series. As Enoch, Donton, and Priscilla venture to the edge of the solar system, they cross The Kuiper Belt to the moon of the trans-Neptunian object Orcus, but while Donton collects samples that could determine whether its surface has ever been disturbed, Little G loses contact with the G7 craft.

Alone in the dark, powerless lander, Donton listens to a voice that speaks God's word and awaits his rescue, which gives him a chance to talk to Uncle Enoch to further confirm his salvation. As the crew continues toward the termination shock barrier to recover the ancient Voyager 2 spacecraft, a mole is caught trying to sabotage the mission back at Genesis Command and arrested for espionage."

Boys of Valor: Four DVD Set 


"A superhero team of brothers fights evil in four faith-based adventures for kids. Armed with faith lasers, special martial arts skills, and the power of the Holy Bible, the young and courageous Boys of Valor protect their friends and the community from dangers that range from the terrible Evil Bots to the bully on the street corner.

Throughout each entertaining episode, the brothers teach literacy, math, and science skills while instilling Christian values in young viewers. An action-packed animated series, the Boys of Valor: Four DVD Set is full of inspiration and entertainment for the entire family."

Volume One
"The Spirit of Division," "Anger," "Physical Science"

Volume Two
"The Rescue," "Mr. Gun Control," "Full Throttle," "Alphabet"

Volume Three
"Thankful Heart," "Multiplication," "Ninja Vanish," "On the Couch"

Volume Four
"Captain Doubt," "Positive Faith" 


The Lost Medallion: The Adventures of Billy Stone Blu-ray/DVD Combo Pack


"When Daniel Anderson (Alex Kendrick - Courageous, Fireproof) visits a foster home to drop off donations, he's roped into telling the kids a story. Daniel weaves a tale about 13-year-old Billy Stone (Billy Unger) and his best friend, Allie (Sammi Hanratty), who uncover a long-lost medallion and wish themselves back in time 200 years.

Billy and his friends jump off waterfalls, sneak through caves, and battle their nemesis, Cobra, on an island from which they cannot escape, unless Billy discovers the key to reclaiming the powerful medallion and gains a new understanding of faith."

My Thoughts:

My husband and I watched this new release last week, before watching it the other night with the kids night, and enjoyed it thoroughly.  Kids will love this film as it stars kids their own age who work together to solve problems, learn about the importance of teamwork and friendship, as they search to find a powerful medallion.  This movie, is filled with action and adventure, and will have kids wishing they were helping Daniel and Allie find this lost medallion and travel back in time.

As a parent, I loved the positive themes about perseverance and working together to accomplish a difficult task.  I could tell that the kids were enjoying themselves, as they were on the edge of their seats at times, all while rooting for Daniel and Allie to come out victorious.

This is definitely one family film worth checking out.  

Disclosure: I was sent samples from the vendor in order to write up an honest review.  The views shared are mine and mine alone.


  1. I've never heard of this company or any of the movies in this post, but they all sound like great movies! Living in Limbo especially sounds good, seeing as I was an 80's teen myself. I can't imagine going from teenager to almost 40 overnight, I would've missed some of the best years of my life! My family could really use some movies like these too. We aren't exactly religious, but I was raised by religious parents and although I attempt to teach my kids about God and the bible, with my side of the family gone I'm afraid that my husbands side manages to have far more influence over the kids than I do. I'm going to have to check out this company and their movies. Thank you so much for doing this review!

  2. I like faith (family friendly) movies. There just aren't enough of them out there. Never heard of these before, but now that I have, I most def will keep my eye out for them. esp Leaving Limbo, sometimes I need a good cry. Thanks!