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Life is An Occasion -- That is Why I am Taking the Hallmark 7-Day "Get Carded Challenge -- #Giveaway

Disclosure: I was sent an assortment of greeting cards from Hallmark as a thank you for participating in the "Get Carded" Challenge.  All views shared are mine and mine alone.

"No matter how much we rely upon technology to keep in touch with our friends and family, few things compare with the feeling of receiving an unexpected card and handwritten note in the mail. It doesn't have to be a message in the bottle or lengthy love letter - it can be a simple "hello," "I miss you" or "remember when..." What matters is you - the giver of a surprise delivery!
Point A to Point B
Over the years, customers have shared with us how good it feels to give and receive handwritten cards. That's why Hallmark is excited to bring back the Get Carded Challenge - a fun challenge designed to help you connect and reconnect with loved ones, whether it's a friend, old college roommate, neighbor, colleague, parent, sibling, significant other or your children.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to send seven cards in seven days to seven people who are important to you!"


I was excited when I was chosen to participate in the Hallmark "Get Carded" Challenge.  After hearing about it from fellow bloggers, and reading their posts about the seven people they chose to send their Hallmark greeting cards, only made me more excited to sign up.  The kind folks at Hallmark sent along 10 assorted greeting cards for me to send to family and friends.  Their instructions for the "Get Carded" Challenge were as follow:

How to Participate:

* For seven days, choose one new recipient and one new card. Just sign, seal and send, and you'll be sure to deliver a special memory to a mailbox in need! (And, you will have a few extras to send whenever you wish!)
* Share to whom you chose to send cards, how they responded and the impact this simple act had on your relationship. Who knows? This could lead to a long overdue IRL meet-up.

Sounds easy, huh?  I thought it would be.  But, as I waited for my assortment of Hallmark greeting cards to arrive, I tried to figure out who to send them to.  You would think 7 cards to 7 people would be easy, right?  But, in today's age of technology, I, like so many others, find myself quickly sending off an email or Facebook message to family and friends as a means to check in and see how things are going.  I have found over the years, that when it comes to sending out greeting cards, I only do this for Christmas and if someone is sick or has passed away. In the past, I was always sending out greeting cards...for birthdays, as a way to say "Thinking of You" or even "Missing You."  But, times have changed, and so has how we all communicate. While it is easier and quicker to send a text message rather than pick up the phone and talk to someone, or click "Like" on a Facebook update, I think we have lost the personal touch that sending and receiving greeting cards used to provide.  

I remember growing up, I would love to receive mail, especially greeting cards.  Relatives who lived far away would always send a greeting card along for my birthday, as well as occasionally surprise my brothers and I with Easter, Valentine's and other holiday greeting.  There was something about running out to the mailbox and sifting through all the bills and advertisement, just hoping to receive a greeting card. And, now that I have children of my own, they, too, love receiving mail.  My mom, who isn't computer savvy, prefers to hand write letters and send out cards for all occasions.  And, she makes a point to send cards to directly to the girls for the different holidays each year.  I love watching the girls' eyes light up when I tell them they have received mail.  I have to admit, I also get excited when I find a unexpected card amongst all the junk mail and bills.  It really does brighten up your day, when you see someone you know has taken time out of their busy schedules to not only think of you, but to choose a card that reminds them of you, and then sit down and write a personal message.  

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Happy Dots
So, when I heard about the 7-Day "Get Carded" Challenge, I knew that this campaign would be fun, but that it was also help me connect with family and friends I have either grown distant with, or have lost touch with over the years due to busy schedules, etc.  Once I was able to decide on the 7 people to send the cards to, writing a personal message was easy.  

Who did I send my 7 cards to?  I ended up sending them as follows--

1) My Mom -- While I send my mom cards for her birthday and Mother's Day, I never send one just because.  So, this was the perfect opportunity to let her know how much she means to me and the girls, and that I am thankful for all that she does.

2) The Mailman.  You are probably wondering why I would send along a card to the mail man.  As a blogger, I get a lot of mail and packages delivered weekly.  My mail man makes a point to bring large packages to the back door, so that I don't have to trek outside with the girls and lug them in.  While I thank him whenever I see him, I wanted to personally thank him again with a handwritten letter for his service, and dedication to his job.

3) Anne, an old co-worker -- This was a no brainer when it came to sending a greeting, as I still sift through cards she sent me for each and every day of my cancer treatment and recovery back in 2008.  And, when it came time to celebrate my 5 years in remission this year, I pulled a shoebox full of her cards, which I kept, and read through each and every one.  Not only did she take the time to choose cards based on our relationship and my personality, she included a personal note with each card, as she counted down the last days of radiation and chemo treatment with me.  Unfortunately, we have lost touch due to her work schedule and my becoming a mom.  So, I wanted to let her know that I still think about her and cherish our friendship.

4) My Paternal Grandmother -- I am lucky to have my grandmother still around, but due to Alzheimer's, she no longer know who I or anyone else is.  It is hard to visit her, as she thinks we are strangers.  But, I still love taking time to drive up and see her, and was able to send along a card and share photos of my daughters, who she would have doted over if she was in a better mindset.  While I don't expect a reply from my Nana, just taking them time to send my love and share photos of me and the girls, made me feel good, and think about all the memories I have with her growing up.

5) My college roommate --- I can't believe it has been 13 yrs. since I was in college.  Oh how the time has flown by.  If you went away to college, do you still keep in touch with your old college friends and roommates?  I stumbled across my freshman roommate on Facebook, and was happy to see that she was working in the field she went to school for and has 2 little boys.  If it wasn't for Facebook, I would never have been able to re-connect and catch up on all the years that have gone by.  I wanted to send along a card and share some of the fond memories of our time spent together freshman year, as we prepare to send out own kids back to school.

6) My best friend from elementary through high school -- If you were to ask me back in grade school if my best friend and I would still be best friends today, I would have said "Yes."  Back then, we were inseparable.  We were in the same classes and after-school clubs, and would take turns spending a weekend night at each other's houses.  But, when it came time to go away to school, we chose different schools.  She went to a 2-yr. school for accounting, while I went to a 4-yr. school for pre-medicine.  We chose schools that were in the same city, but lost touch once we arrived at our new schools, and began making new friends.  We found it hard to meet up during the week, or travel back home on the weekends together.  And, because she was only enrolled in a 2-yr. program, when she graduated, she moved to Boston to start her career, while I stayed to finish out my remaining 2 years.  As time pasts, we grew more distant, and ultimately lost touch as we traveled down different paths in life.  Our friendship went from best friends to saying "hi" via email or through acquaintances.  Oh, how I miss what we had, and hope that through my card, we will find time to reconnect and maybe get our friendship back in some way.  Only time will tell...but, I am hopeful. :-)

7)  Even though the campaign was to send to people you may have lost touch with, I ended up choosing  to send the final card to my daughters.  Knowing that they love to get mail, I knew they would get a kick out of the card which I sent to them.  And, when they receive the card, I can't wait to sit down and share what I wrote to them.  Having battled stage 2 cancer and lost so many close family members and friends to cancer, I don't take life for granted anymore.  And, I try to make a point to tell those close to me just how much they mean to me.  My girls are my world, and I wanted them to know this, through a card.  I plan to save this card and add it to their scrapbook, so that they can read it when they get older.  I know that during their teen years they may want their independence and think they will not need me, or that I don't love them because I will not let them do something.  But, I hope this card, will remind them that they mean the world to me -- to the moon and back. :-)

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I hope you will join me and Hallmark in taking the 7-Day "Get Carded" Challenge.  Can you think of 7 people you would want to surprise with an unsuspected greeting card?  I found it more difficult to choose who to send the cards to, than what to write inside.  But, when all was said and one, I had all 7 recipients chosen and their cards written up and ready to be put in the mail tomorrow.  I can't wait to see what their reactions will be when they receive the card. Maybe they will take a few minutes out of their busy schedules to call and say, "Hi" and catch up, or maybe they will send along a card.  Who knows?  All I know is that I had a blast participating in the Hallmark "Get Carded" Challenge, and loved being able to sit down and write out cards instead of sending an email or Facebook post, which always seem impersonal to me.  

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Once you complete the online interest form, Hallmark will review your request and reach out to you if you are chosen to participate in this fun campaign.  Participants will get receive a pack of 10 assorted Hallmark greeting cards to send to 7 people in 7 days.  In addition, you will be able to run a giveaway on your site, where one lucky reader will also win 7 assorted Hallmark greeting cards to send along to 7 people.

What a fun campaign, huh?  I thought so, and am so happy I was chosen to participate. :-)

Disclosure: I was sent an assortment of greeting cards from Hallmark as a thank you for participating in the "Get Carded" Challenge.  All views shared are mine and mine alone.


  1. I would have to send one card to my mom, who is not feeling well. She would enjoy getting this.
    twinkle at optonline dot net

  2. I would send one to my niece who will be away at school.

  3. I would send a birthday wish to my good friend. thankyou, ken [email protected]

  4. i'd send them to my mom.

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  6. I do follow on Pinterest as dipsy38
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  7. i would send a get well card to my cousin.ty;)

  8. to my Mother... I have not spoke to her in 9 months.

  9. I would send one to my mom!
    lizzy allen

  10. i'd send a card to my awesome niece!

    rafflecopter: daniel

  11. one of the people would be my niece, because she's so darned cute!

    rafflecopter: daniel

  12. My Grandma in Virginia, she's always thinking of us even miles away!
    Ashley Sifers

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